My Meeting of a SUPER-COSMIC ESSENCE BEING for the First Time. 3rd. June, 2018.

It has been one of those amazing miraculous life-changing days today. Wow is all I can say at present. At 3:15 p.m. G.M.T. this afternoon, I had an unexpected Solar Communication from so far an advanced Cosmic BEING that I have never connected to before, what was said just blew me away. HE-SHE was so advanced, HE-SHE was BEYOND ALL FORM, material, spiritual or soul level. HE-SHE told me that I had now completed my transition period following THE SECOND COMING event long prophesied that took place two weeks ago that had taken place through LORD JESIAS’S/ THE MASTER YESHUA’S magnificent re-appearance Vision I was gifted by GOD and that any CHRIST-less energies that had been left as residue within my bodies had been removed now.

HE-SHE told me that currently, normally only between four to six people on our Planet each millennia earn this Divine Right of GOD by purifying their whole Being to be allowed to communicate with this SUPER-COSMIC ESSENCE and the Lord Quetzalcoatl my soul-half was the last one to do it 1,300 years ago. GAUTAMA BUDDHA and LORD YESHUA achieved it before Him. It left me feeling very very humbled and incredibly blessed today.

20180602_180828 (1)

This GREAT SUPER-UNIVERSAL ‘ FORMLESS BEING’ told me that I was today going to enter into a new higher form of Spirit Medicine having earned the right to ascend into this new far more risen Dimension of GOD.

This DIVINE ESSENCE BEING exists up at at least THE LORD CHRIST I AM’S level of existence and carries a very gentle and peaceful vibration to HIM-HER. HE-SHE then sadly said, that with the falling of our Planet Spiritually, the People had long forgotten about HIM-HER and HE-SHE was obviously very very pleased that yet another ‘Earthling’ had followed the ‘Nazarean Essene Way of THE MASTER YESHUA’ that HE Taught so beautifully, to follow in HIS Silver FOOTSTEPS to follow in the timeless, all-sacred trail that HE blazed for us all to tred.

I then went out into the garden to try and ground myself after this life transforming Communication from beyond all Stars and sat on the side of the fishpond wall. I sent a thought out to I AM asking if what had really happened today, the 3rd. June, 2018 was Real and True, and as I looked up, an adult Buzzard flew to me and circled above my head for about five minutes, the Prayer Bird. It was the first one that I had seen this year in Glastonbury.

Then my eyes were taken across to see something on the other side of the fishpond by Spirit that I had been sitting with my back to until then. I couldn’t make out what it was and so I got up to go and have a closer look at what they were showing me. It turned out to be a chrysalis attached to a pond reed of a newly emerged Dragonfly. In Spirit Medicine, ‘Dragonfly’ represents ‘Transfiguration’. My life truly had emerged into a new inter-dimensional re-birth and been transfigured fully this day. I had the confirmation that I had asked for from the GODHEAD that what I had experienced today in this new Dimension of GOD and way beyond was REAL! A sharp new learning curve awaits for all of us that made it through now it seems. Fun!

20180602_180206 (1)20180602_180218

Peace be with you all.
Maitreya Grace White Star

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