Spiritual Soul Coach Dominic ‘Grace White Star’ ~ 19th. June, 2018

Spiritual Soul Coach Dominic ‘Grace White Star’

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Since I was 17 years old and Spiritually Awakened People started to recognise me for who I am universally, they have been saying to me,
“Oh, I wish I lived closer to you, so I could come over and have a chat with you! You have so much Divine Knowledge and I just love to sit and listen to you teach and share your vast wealth of Spiritual Life Experiences with me. I learn so much each time, about myself and how to deepen my Understanding of my own My Life conditions and the Inter-Dimensional Spiritual Realms that are so integral to my own existence and growth. You’ve opened so many doors for me, making my life change for the better both Mentally, Physically, Emotionally as well as Spiritually. I have never felt so Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Motivated!” Since I moved to Glastonbury, on the all-sacred mystical Isle of Avalon running the Living Waters Truth Centre Bed & Breakfast & Spiritual Retreat Centre and The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel U.K. (Avalon), those requests have been coming in even more frequently each day, from our guests here, by e-mail and over the telephone.

As a trained and long accepted Grandmother, High Plains Spiritual Leader Woman, Medicine Woman and Spiritual Elder within the Native American Indian Essene traditions; an ordained Minister within the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel and the Franciscan Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking; a Registered Nurse; a highly qualified Holistic Complementary Therapist in many, many modalities; a Counsellor; a Spiritual Medium and Trance Medium; and a multiple published Authoress, I am now in a position Spiritually to share that Wealth of Cosmically Divine and Earthly acquired Knowledge that manifested in GOD electing me to be HIS newly elected Lord Maitreya and HIS new ‘Messenger of GOD’.

It is a great honour for me and very humbling also to sit in such a revered place by so many within the many beautiful Realms of HIS incredibly perfected and perfectly balanced inter-connected Worlds of Creation. My impossible life-long Divine Mission for GOD upon this Sacred Planet of THE HOLY GRAIL now having been achieved, and the COMMAND by the GODHEAD having gone out to all the Spiritual World Leaders Universally to now start sharing many Sacred Teachings, that until now had only been taught underground and by word of mouth and set to memory, are now able in some respects to be shared with the main populous. Obviously, some will still remain hidden, until all of the ‘Light Working’ populous are fully ‘Awakened Spiritually’ and ‘Risen’ into their more advanced Crystaline Bodies that they have been evolving slowly and steadily each day during their many lives until now, in preparation for what has now manifested in our World following The Second Coming of CHRIST, that took place last month (May 2018) ready to use in this new Higher Dimension of Life that has been prepared for us, that prepared themselves and were ready to ‘step into It’ when CHRIST ‘Called HIS Chosen Flock Home’ following Judgement Day having taken place back in July 2010. This once in the history of all Creation mammoth event now having taken place, has freed me up to try and get as many more people “Ascended up to the new Higher Dimensional Realms of GOD” as possible, an option that was not originally in GOD’S Divine Plan for Creation, but HIS-HER Love for all of HIS-HER Creation is infinitely greater than any Human Being can concept and the LAW-breakers have been given a second chance during their life time left remaining to make it through to experience what the first wave of blissed out Light Beings are now experiencing already.

As the former Nazarite Essene Magdalene of LORD YESHUA and the Benedictine Essene St. Clare of Assisi, the founder of the Clarissa, Poor Ladies, or Poor Clares as they are now known, I have it deeply ingrained into every atom of my Being not to charge for all the Divine Teachings that GOD THE FATHER-MOTHER-SON and I AM THE LORD CHRIST have taught to me over the past 40 million years, but lack of funds financially walking in that timeless ancient and sacred manner in the modern World of today is seriously hampering my ability to share the Divine Truths and Wisdom of the GODHEAD with all of Humankind in the now as the newly elected Lord Maitreya, and this new way of online Soul/ Spiritual Life Coaching through modern technology and digital online communication techniques I hope will help to get that flow going out into the World to feed once more the starving Hearts of Mankind. I have a flood of Divine Teachings that have been given to me to manifest into this World by GOD and I pray that this new online venture will help to open the doors to get them to you. This is my ardent prayer. It will also allow me to travel the World more internationally and do much important work Spiritually speaking within other Lands.

My purpose as a Spiritual Elder in offering you my Time and my Experience is to assist you to Understand who you Really Are: to Open your Heart to the Depth of Love and Light that can Manifest through YOU as you start to Self-Heal and find Inner Peace, Joy and Beauty within the Centre of Your Own World.


I will be running one-to-one Soul/ Spiritual Coaching Sessions through https://www.zoom.us and here on my https://www.facebook.com/livingwaterstruthcentre and https://www.facebook.com/nazareanessene.co.uk web pages. These private and strictly confidential sessions can be shared with you through these website platforms no matter where in the World I am teaching at any particular moment and with your support, launch a vast array of new DIVINE TEACHINGS into this World as we now journey at greater and greater speeds into this new Dimension and Golden Age of GOD on HIGH. I also pray that it will help to fund the new Maitreya Spiritual Trust to be set up to protect for eternity these newly now being revealed apocalyptical Ancient Wisdom Teachings that have been hidden for all of this time (and before) in the hidden scroll of the Prophet Daniel now re-opened by myself.

Soul/ Spiritual Coaching Sessions initially will be for 20, 30 or 40 minutes, but through Facebook possibly for up to an hour. My Divine Teachings will ever remain FREE, for no Man can set a price on DIVINE LOVE. IT is PRICELESS. HOLY LAW will not permit it of me and EVER is it MY WILL to OBEY my GOD’S UNIVERSAL HOLY LAWS that I SERVE and ALL LIFE of HIS-HER CREATION.

Appointments are by prior arrangement only.

PEACE be with you ALL and may the LIGHT of GOD’S GRACE, DIVINE LOVE and INFINITE WISDOM now flow into Your Life’s Path in greater and greater amounts. This is my ardent Prayer this Day. Let the LIGHT SHINE, the LIGHT of CHRIST! Amen.

Rev. Sister/ Grandmother Dominic ‘Grace White Star.’

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