After an evening and early morning like no other in the history of all Creation, all of the 12 massive Universes of GOD THE I AM were swept by the union of all of the GODHEAD, Universal Ruling SOLAR LORDS, the HEAVENLY HOST, and all of the ARMY of GOD, assisted by GOD’S Light Workers incarnate in all places at this time of all Darkness and evil forces that were seriously at work to destroy all Life Universally throughout CHRISTENDOM.
This morning, for the first time in 38 million years, our World became a very different place. CHRISTENDOM was returned to Earth.
Glastonbury also had been swept of all demonic and Satanic energies practised by a few groups still foolishly here in town. All was perfectly still, peaceful and sweet energetically as it has never existed in my lifetime now. All of the Dark places were LIGHT and not only LIGHT, but BRIGHT. The DIVINE PEACE was so palpable, I couldn’t even speak until 2:00 p.m. for fear of breaking its stillness and PURE DIVINE LOVE ESSENCE and GODLY PERFECTION of GRACE.
Today, has been a day for gathering the injured in the Spirit Realms and of the Earth, and for resting, healing and restoring Them as much as is possible at this time. The ARMY of GOD fought incredibly bravely as They always do and were successful in Their campaign to rid all that is not of GOD in HEAVEN’S Creation from existence in all forms and Being, riding behind LORD JESIAS/ YESHUA and GOD’S HIERARCHY. I cannot speak more now, I am too exhausted, but this was a GREAT DAY in the DIVINE UNIVERSAL HISTORY of ALL LIFE.
PEACE now be WITH YOU eternally, the LIGHTWORKERS and LOVERS of GOD.
Rev. Sister Dominic

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