The Desecration of a Historically Sacred Site in Cornwall, the Legendary Tintagel of KING ARTHURE of Briton ~ 2nd. October, 2018

The following day, we were up bright and early and back down near Merlin’s tourist cave. I sat in the same place and over a matter of hours, received yet another chapter to yesterday’s to go into KING ARTHURE’S next autobiographical book Part II. The historical and Sacred Nazarean Essene Teachings of GOD were just pouring out from HIM and it was a wonderful day yet again.

I felt sad with HIM at what the National Trust were about to engage themselves on with the construction of this hideous unnecessary modern bridge in a week’s time and so took some last photographs for the history books of how it currently naturally looks following the rock fall around 500 years ago that separated the now island from the mainland, before the builders work erecting it starts. Then sadly, we had to make our way home as I had guests checking into the Centre here in Glastonbury that I had to be there to meet.


20180924_102927 (2)20180923_151034 (2)

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