A German Language Audio CD is very Kindly being Created of KING ARTHURE Speaks Through The Looking Glass for Us. Part I ~ 17th. August, 2018

Although my dear friends Angelika and Werner were here on holiday to stay officially, Spirit asked me to ask her if she would consider translating the new KING ARTHURE Part 1 Audio CD into German for John and I while she was travelling around Cornwall and Wales after she left here in Glastonbury, and being the true star that she really is, agreed. She managed it and made a special unscheduled return two day trip here to Glastonbury with Werner to professionally record it in German for us also and so in a few months time, we will be able to release a German version for all our Nazarean Essene Community in Austria, Germany and Switzerland to listen to and practice Meditation wise. Something for our friends in Europe to look forward to.

Thank you again Angelika and Werner, especially in all that extremely hot sunny weather that we have recently had here in Glastonbury and generally in Britain.

Peace be with you.

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