A Magdalene Teaching Trip to Mexico in the Spring 2019 Approaching ~ 19th. November, 2018

To end this year’s residential stay of lovely people coming to visit this Nazarean Essene Centre, were Emilio and Cristina from Mexico. They have invited me out to stay with them in Mexico to run some Magdalene and Quetzalcoatl teaching workshops there next Spring (2019). It is over a thousand years since I lived in Mexico last and somewhere that GOD has insisted that I visit during this lifetime to lead certain ceremonies for HIM-HER in GOD’S name.


If we have any other Nazarean Essene Community members in that part of the World that would like me to come and put on some teaching workshops for them also, please contact me as soon as possible so I can make plans in incorporate you all in my spiritual journey back to my once homeland and a place very dear to my heart. Thank you.

Peace be with you all.

Rev. Sister/ Grandmother Dominic ‘Grace White Star’

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