A New Magdalene Teaching Audio CD of LORD YESHUA’S Holy Communion’s & Morning Star Solar Breathing Technique ~ 11th. November, 2018

Messianic Seal of Jerusalem_Blue and Gold Card

For nearly 40 years now, my Student Apprentices have been asking me to document or record for Humanity, a very ancient noonday Nazarean Essene Holy Communions practice with the Hierarchy of Heaven, that is older than the Earth itself. This teaching has always been taught quietly by word of mouth from the Beginning of time until today, due to the sheer Sacredness of this Solar Art. Finally, I have been given the go-ahead by the GODHEAD to share with our Nazarean Essene Community and beyond, to those people that are serious about fast-tracking their lives in a spiritual manner.

I spent all yesterday afternoon and evening with John Morrissey teaching very ancient secret doctrine inner circle ‘LORD YESHUA and Magdalene’ Nazarean Essene teachings into a professional sound recording microphone to produce now yet another teaching CD of ‘The WAY of the MASTER, LORD YESHUA’ as I have been directed by I AM now to release into the World as a part of my Apocalypse Wisdom Teaching Practice series.

I have also recorded today a Nazarean Essene Meditation CD if anyone is interested in buying them in a little while from this Centre.

Microphone Image

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