Glastonbury Miracles Room New Audio CD Public Launch Evening ~ 12th. September, 2018

Hi Everyone.

John Morrissey and I launched KING ARTHURE’S new Nazarean Essene ancient Briton history and HIS Autobiography new Audio CD last night at The Miracles Room in The Glastonbury Experience in the High Street last night. I led the Arthurian Essene Meditation with the group which attended also afterwards and the Divine subject matter of GOD’S HEAVENLY TRUTHS revealed from returning these DIVINE TRUTHS back to the group opened some interesting doors within those present, leading to some quite deep Spiritual conversations and revelations being brought into the Spiritual Storywheel Circle. Everybody left with a lot of newly acquired DIVINE CONCEPTS of TRUTH to think about on their way home. It was a lovely evening and also sold some of KING ARTHURE’S new Audio CD as well to spread these DIVINE TRUTHS out further into the World to help further manifest World Peace!

Peace be with you all.

ARA The Good Audio CD Front Jacket Sept 2018

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