Good News & Bad News ~ 21st. September, 2018

The bad news is that I have had to cancel unexpectedly our scheduled annual Nazarean Essene Gathering here in Glastonbury for our ever growing international Community here this Saturday on the Autumn Equinox due to having a bad fall last Saturday in which I ended up flying through the air and spread-eagled across the floor much to my son’s shock badly twisting my weak knee putting me onto crutches. When I was left paralysed in August 1998 as a Nursing Sister, I was assaulted by a patient on my ward, I was told by an Orthopaedic Consultant that I would never walk again and spend the rest of my life in bed. The former Joan of Arc doesn’t take diagnoses like that and told him where to shove it. I made my mind up that I was most definitely going to walk again and as you all know that have met me, after a twelve-year intense journey of self-education at a higher level into Spirit Medicine of where I was currently at that time, I now walk again against all of the odds! Using my 25 years of Nursing medical knowledge, Complementary Therapy knowledge, Native American Medicine and Nazarean Essene knowledge I healed myself, other than a weakness still in my left knee that just gives out without warning.

I had a healing treatment of this new to the U.K. (from ancient China origins) Bi-Aura Healing Energy Treatment last Tuesday and while the therapist was working on my lower back area relating to my knee controlling nerves, I had a vision of a past life that I knew nothing about in the time of the Trojan War.

Trojan War

I had various things called to me relating to that time period over the years but never had the chance to follow through at the times to make sense of them until now and then bang, in this Vision it all started to unravel itself! I had been captured and was being lashed repeatedly very hard by a strong man with a long braided half inch wide brown leather whip down to the spine. Apparently, I kept running away from him and it was his way of punishing me this mind control freak. The nerve damage to my recurring left knee issues originated there it seems 3,300 years ago in ancient Greece! Three hours later, I was taking my bra off getting ready for bed and felt a rough, really raised sore area on my back where I had seen myself being whipped in this Spiritual Vision of GOD. I looked in the mirror at what I could feel with my hand and a half inch wide red very inflamed two inch length of quite raised skin had suddenly appeared from nowhere upon my back following this healing energy treatment and the trauma energetically from that very painful experience of my past life through this treatment had now been able to be released. Three days later it is still there visibly being released little by little from my Being inter-dimensionally and physically, but at least it is finally on its way out of me.

20180918_232727 (1)Church of FlagellationCJ Jerusalem

The site of the Flagellation of LORD YESHUA in Jerusalem

When I speak of my many past lives that elevated me to the role of the recently elected Lord Maitreya, I usually speak about the more famous pleasant ones that people have heard of, I don’t speak about the living Hell ones where I was burnt alive several times, beheaded in Alexandria by the Emperor Maxentius and also in France on the guillotine, starved to death, hacked apart by a Viking raiders sword, flogged to the point of death like LORD YESHUA, and crucified in a similar fashion to LORD YESHUA, and lived lives where only warfare was known from start to finish of it. The Spiritual Path of Maitreya has not been a bed of roses sitting cross-legged on a Holy Mountaintop surrounded by a group of students living the life of perfect Peace as so many people seem to think, anything but! If only! You have to truly LIVE LIFE to the FULL to be able to walk in all Humbleness, Love and Compassion for all Life. That road is not easy to follow, no matter what Life throws at you, believe me. It takes great DISCIPLINE, FAITH and TRUST.

As we start to go into what the Native Americans call “Bear Time”, the time that the Universal Spiritual Energies start to take us within to the ‘Inner Worlds’ of the Spirit instead of the ‘Outer Worlds’, what some people call the “Time of Shadow Working” here in Glastonbury, it is the time to really look back at all that has taken place to you this year and to reflect upon it, to make sure that all has been thoroughly learned and completed from this year’s Spiritual Teachings and Life Experiences that have come your way, before starting to look Spiritually at what lessons you have coming to you next year in 2019.

Don’t you just love the Nazarean Essene Way that LORD YESHUA taught us to follow? It explains so much to us all! We all have these past life traumas embedded into our auric fields and if very severe, deeper still within our Light Matrixes and we must actively work energetically with the Heavenly Light Kingdoms to get them released and then vibrationally healed to make ourselves fit to enter into The Golden City of GOD.

As LORD YESHUA said to St. Luke, “Physician Heal Thyself.” I am!

Peace be with you all.

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