Help Offered for Sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from Military Combat Zones ~ 13th. October, 2018


When the Falklands War was raging in the South Atlantic, I was then working in the operating theatres in Basingstoke Hospital. When the RFA Sir Galahad naval boat was bombed by Argentine Skyhawks and seriously caught fire, there were too many wounded military personnel for the local military hospital to deal with, my hospital took their overflow of these badly injured and very badly burned soldiers and Naval personnel caught up in the attack. I saw first hand the effect of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome had upon them in those modern day battlegrounds, that I knew only so well in KING ARTHURE’S day and as Joan of Arc. We just have different ways of dishing it out to our brave men these days.

If any military personnel are still struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and want me to help them get rid of it with them, they are welcome to contact me here at the Centre to put them through the same healing process as this brave ex-Marine that came here this week. I know that I have a lot of military personnel that follow this Facebook page in various parts of the world and if enough of you contact me, I will arrange a special healing prayer fast workshop for you all to attend together to help you all to free yourselves of this nightmare major trauma of modern warfare. I have worked with soldiers still traumatised by the Vietnam War as I said and the Falklands War with 100% results so far to date.

You know where to find me if you wish. Peace be with you.
Rev. Sister Dominic

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