How to Successfully Heal Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome LORD YESHUA’S Nazarean Essene Way ~ 12th. October, 2018

I had a lovely young man, an ex-Marine knock on the front door at the Living Waters Truth Centre here in Glastonbury a week last Thursday guided by Spirit as is usually the case, asking to purchase a copy of KING ARTHURE’S Nazarean Essene history of Britain and autobiography, ‘ARTHURE Speaks Through The Looking Glass. Part I’. I invited him in and found him my last copy of my editions kept here as they have been flying out of this Centre all Summer to members of our Essene Community and beyond.

We got talking and I soon realised that I knew him from several past lives, fighting alongside my husband Moses 4,500 years ago, as an Essene Brother in the lifetime of our LORD YESHUA, and as a senior officer serving in Sir Galahad’s band of KING ARTHURE’S Roman Legion 1,500 years ago. He had served as a Royal Marine in Afghanistan and Iraq during the bad fighting there, and had other tours of duty also. This very spiritual former Ossean Essene was suffering from nearly 5,000 years of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from doing his duty as I AM called him, a “Warrior of GOD.” I taught him how to do a Nazarean Essene Seven Day Prayer Fast in the ‘Way of THE MASTER’ and other things, and supported him through it, through all the ups and downs, and I am delighted to say that completed it tonight to the last letter with all the ‘i’s’ dotted and all the ‘t’s’ crossed.

Earlier in the week, I had been told by I AM THE LORD CHRIST that when Judgement Day took place back in 2010, this lovely young man’s name had been left out of the Heavenly Book of Life because he hadn’t managed to clear all of his karma from all of the fighting he had had to do from various lives life circumstances upon numerous battlefields through time. I was told, that if he completed his seven day fast as I had taught him to the letter until 6 p.m. tonight, he would earn the Divine Right for his name to be re-entered into the Book of Life that we all answer to when we pass back to the Spirit Realms at the end of our lives here in this dimension. I am very delighted to say that he DID complete it and I AM kept HIS Promise to him ~ he has earned his right back to enter back into the Heavenly Kingdom upon his death and regained back his right to Eternal Life in Heaven. I am so proud of this courageously brave young ‘Rainbow Warrior’ tonight, you can’t imagine, letting go of all that lot mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, every which way, but his faith in his Prayers to GOD to support him was so strong he came through to his eternal victory and glory tonight.

It is days like today, that make walking this Path that LORD YESHUA Taught me as ‘The Magdalene’ to share with all Humankind so worthwhile.

Peace be to him and with you all this Shabbat.

Maitreya Dominic ‘The Magdalene.’

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