Merry Christmas to All of our Lovely Nazarean Essene Ever Growing Community Worldwide. Peace be with You! ~ 25th. December, 2018

Christmas Decorations

Merry Christmas and a very inspiring, peaceful and abundant New Year I wish for each and every one of our lovely ever-growing Worldwide Nazarean Essene Community of Friends!

Thank You, each and every one for your presence, interesting contributions, your friendship and your support over the past 12 months and I wish each and every one of you, a deeply beautiful, blessed and holy ever precious CHRIST-mas Festive Season.

I send Love, Kindness and Compassion to everyone from here in beautiful Avalon, the ever-sacred home of the HOLY GRAIL and LORD JESIAS’S pre-Adamic Light Temple and Nazarene Order to all of our fellow Beings co-habiting this beautiful World of ours.
May all Beings everywhere be happy and free. May all Beings be Blessed. Please continue to keep in touch with one another and with us next year!

PEACE be unto all the Heavenly Angels of THE HEAVENLY FATHER, THE EARTHLY MOTHER and to THE CHRIST SON, and to You ALL!

Merry Christmas, One and ALL! Peace be with you where ever you are this Christmas period.

In Love and Light Everlasting,
Rev. Sister Dominic.

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