Much Loved Willow Sadly Suffers a Stroke, One of the Centre’s Old Cats ~ 17th. August, 2018

Some sad news. Willow suffered a Stroke yesterday afternoon and lost all mental faculties, co-ordination and control of her legs. As a terrified feral cat that I rescued from being shot by a Herefordshire farmer aged about 6 months old at the time living in his barn with about 30 other feral cats and as wild as they come, taking 2 years to be able to stand in a room with, without teeth and claws being sunk into me and turn her around with love, now aged 18 years old, and having lost all of her 9 lives and many more besides, this toughest of all cats that I have met in my life (and that is a lot!) through CHRIST’S Healing Ray has done it again.


As far as she was concerned it seems, she wasn’t going anywhere! The blood clot in her brain has been dislodged caused by her Heart Failure and today she was tired but walking around as if hardly anything had happened. Yesterday afternoon, I was waiting for her last breath! A month ago, she collapsed with 60 mls. of fluid in each of her lungs and had to have emergency surgery at the vets to drain it out of both sides of her chest from her sudden onset of Heart Failure to keep her breathing! She really is a tough nut this cat and is doing her best to grow her fur back as best she can from that event before the Winter comes.

She is now on anti-coagulants to try and stop her forming any more blood clots and I know she is now living on borrowed time as the original blood clot can’t be dissolved having been thrown into her blood circulation somewhere but every day extra is a gift for her and me, and all the love in the world has turned her into the biggest loving lap cat you could ever wish for. She had never had a human owner before I was told by Spirit ~ I was the first ~ and that is why she took so long to turn around, but with all things, Love always wins in the end!.

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