St. Matthew the Disciple Re-Appears Here in Glastonbury ~ 2nd. October, 2018

About three weeks ago now, there was a knock at the door by a man asking to buy one of KING ARTHURE’S autobiography books from me (Part I) about HIS amazing incarnation to prepare the World for the coming of LORD YESHUA to Britain and Glastonbury in particular. He had been led to the Centre twice before to try and obtain one and found me out on both occasions, but Spirit insisted that He obtained one. Well on this occasion He found me home and I invited Him in.

We started to chat and I soon realised that He was a very old re-incarnated friend from 2,000 years ago, St. Matthew the disciple of LORD YESHUA that I had lived very closely with following our LORD for the three years intensive Essene Teaching and Healing Ministry of The Nazarene our beloved Rabboni YESHUA all that time ago.

A few days later He had planned to drive down to Tintagel one of my favorite homes of Arthurian days and I asked if I could accompany Him on the trip. He immediately agreed and on the way down, KING ARTHURE came through to me and told me that this man had once been born to HIM as HIS Son. Things were starting to make sense of these Spirit initiated events.


We arrived down in Tintagel just after lunch and made our way down to Tintagel Island. Due to my knee injury of late having got better, I wasn’t going to risk climbing up the very steep deep steps on this occasion to re-connect to ARTHURE in His settlement that He built personally on Tintagara/ Tintagel Island and so I settled down on a very windy wooden bench in the bright cold sunshine overlooking Merlin’s tourist cave to tune in. He arrived very quickly having spotted me walking down the path towards the harbour and over the next two days, HE gifted me another two chapters for HIS second autobiographical book of HIS amazing very courageous lifestory.

All the time I was listening to KING ARTHURE’S incredible tale, Engineering Surveyors were working beneath where I was sitting and up at the Castle ruins sites on both the mainland and the island taking careful measurements. When I later asked in the booking office later on what it was all about, I was told that they were shutting down the whole site to the public a month early at the end of September to start erecting a new stainless steel bridge above the current wooden bridge and that the site would remain closed until probably next Easter! They showed me an artists impression of what this newly to be erected finished bridge would look like. It looked terrible and totally out of keeping for such a naturally beautiful site as the very Sacred Nazarean Essene Tintagel Island. They said that it would be floating up in the air and wouldn’t meet in the middle to allow it to sway in the strong winds there!! No way will you get me going on that thing even if it is costing them three million pounds! Apparently the two halves of the metal bridge are already made and will be air lifted by helicopter into position! Good luck for with the very strong winds that blow there at times, that will be an almost impossible task and Spirit have not given Their consent for this construction work to take place there. KING ARTHURE is absolutely HEARTBROKEN at their plans to do this to HIS most favourite place and much-loved home on Earth! But they were going ahead with it anyway, to make it easier for the 3,000 visitors a day to get on and off of the very holy island!

Having had one eye on their activities all afternoon while listening in and writing frantically to keep up with HIM speaking to me, at the end of my first Spirit Channelling stint with HIM there, The National Trust were about to close down the site for the day, and so we re-grouped and made our way back up the hill to try and find some accommodation for ourselves for the night as things had happened so spontaneously for the visit, we hadn’t made any arrangements to book anywhere for the night. We ended up at Tintagel Youth Hostel but they only had one three bedded bedroom left. My new, very old friend of knowing this time around and new acquaintance of only three days very apologetically asked me if I would mind sharing a room with him for the night. Much to His amazement, I replied, “No!”. I had known Him for 2,000 years and He was like a brother to me, having cooked and camped with Him for three years solidly in the retinue of THE MASTER as the Magdalene, HIS beloved companion. I just laughed! He then saw the funny side of what He had just asked me and laughed as well. That night, there was the most beautiful sunset over the sea at Tintagel looking out from where we slept that night.

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