The Fabulous Glastonbury Frost Fayre ~ 25th. November, 2018

It was the famous Glastonbury Frost Fayre today and I spent I wonderful day meeting up with friends, looking at the amazing stalls of Christmas goods, incredible handmade crafts, homemade very unique clothing, and homemade preserves and chutneys, breads, cakes and mulled wines. Every form of music was being played around the town from Christmas Carols sung around the Glastonbury Christmas Tree in the Market Place, to Irish tin whistle and drum, to blues, to African drumming, to acoustic guitar etc. etc. and several different groups of traditional Morris Men dancing. One man was just walking up and down the High Street like a Glastonbury Angel smudging everybody there with Native American Sacred Sage incense. That just made my day today and it lifted everywhere that he went vibrationally.

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As always, everybody of all Faiths and none get together as ONE and have a really good time partying! A wonderful day out amidst the many thousands of people that showed up today to just share of their incredible GOD Gifted unique talents.

After the black heavy cloud of doom and gloom that hung all over the main town of Glastonbury created by Halloween participants, it was wonderful to see the LIGHT of CHRIST flood back into the town today, for where JOY exists, there we find GOD, and such was the brightness of that CHRIST LOVE LIGHT today, at one point I was delighted to have the legendary KING ARTHURE of Avalon join me at one point today to celebrate in the festivities with me. I lovely surprise for me today and totally unexpected!

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