The Teachings & Practices of the Brotherhood of the Essenes are Nothing at All to Do with the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel ~ 27th. November, 2018


I spent several hours this afternoon trying to help a lovely local lady here in town make sense of a very bad experience that she had come into contact with through a curious friend of hers, wishing to know more about the ‘Essene Brotherhood.’ Unfortunately, what she made contact with, was nothing to do with the Essenes!

I wish to make it quite clear to the whole World’s many Peoples, that a group that have been meeting up in Glastonbury Town Hall here in Avalon every Summer Solstice since 1920 calling themselves ‘The Brotherhood of the Essenes’ and terrorising this town’s lovely people since then, are NOTHING to do with my Glastonbury based ‘Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel’ that has its origins in Northern Israel, that LORD YESHUA THE MESSIAH studied with prior to HIS historic Ministry of great fame, known as ‘The School of the Prophets.’.

Time and time again, as in today, I find that People from Avalon and beyond find out that I am a practising Glastonbury based Essene Minister recoil at that statement, having personally suffered by attending one of this particular groups dark ceremonial rituals in the past. The Essene Order is a LIGHT of GOD DIVINE based very ancient Holy Order, older than this very Planet itself Universally.

Please let me make it quite clear to all Peoples, that ‘The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel (Avalon)’ group based here in Glastonbury, Somerset, are NOTHING to do with this other un-GODLY, black-robed, non-Essene Dog worshipping, sword carrying, crowns on velvet cushion carrying practising group that come here from London to hold their meetings on the Equinoxes and Solstices each year. They have no association with any of the strictly practicing Essene Holy Orders of the Nazaraeans, Ebionites, Manichaeans, Ossaeans or Arthurian Avalonian World Sects within the Holy Essene Orders.

They have done and continue to do untold damage to the good name of LORD YESHUA and HIS Pure Divine Nazarean Essene Teachings of GOD and the devout aesthetic truly practising Essenes that have lived and died to protect these very ancient timeless All-Holy Truths of Heaven, that ever Protect, Heal and Save all Life and Beings of GOD’S many Worlds of Creation Universally through the DIVINE POWER of GOD’S LOVE.

Peace be with you all. Shalom.
In Truth and without prejudice,
Rev. Sister Dominic

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