The Universe’s Divine Gifts so Freely Given to Us ~ 13th. December, 2018


I have just had another amazing day. The Earthly Mother asked me to go for a walk in Glastonbury Abbey today. Before I left home I sent a wish out to the universe for a particular spiritual psychic drawing to manifest to me to illustrate a new book I am working on for GOD at this time.

I was in the Abbey walking for about 45 minutes and was then reminded to go and collect a DVD of the Temple opening day ceremony here back in 2014 that I had lent to a lady in town that was curious about our Nazarene Order. When I walked into her shop a lady was already there talking to a friend of hers. She saw the DVD in my hand and asked to have a look at it which I did. We got talking and it turned out that she was in possession of something FAR BETTER than I had asked the universe for about an hour earlier. A spiritually manifested photocopied photograph of what I had asked them for! Better than I could have dreamed of via an 80-year-old man that had lived and died in Glastonbury! That is what I call prompt service! Thank you GOD.

More about this true story later on!

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