LORD JESIAS’S (the former MASTER YESHUA’S) Christmas Address, THE SON of GOD, to HIS Magdalene & The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel U.K. (Glastonbury on the Isle of Avalon) 25th. December, 2018 ~ Gifted 1:55 p.m.-3:10 p.m. G.M.T.


“I am here to show the Lightworkers Their TASK. How heavy is the heart of SOME! I regret much. So innocent and so damaged by the harsh, the cruel, the neglectful, the powerless to stop such INNOCENTS being killed in cruel Lands like Syria and the rest, of tragic consequences. It was not Their FAULT those Beings, those Children of THE SON of GOD in HEAVEN! It was CRUEL what was done, all across MY own HOME COUNTRY and now I REPAY Them, those INNOCENTS, with the Breath of MY BEING and MY HOUSE is GIVEN to Them to repair Their Beings of LOVE. All INNOCENCE DISREGARDED and CRUELLY SLAUGHTERED in MY FACE of GOD. I saw what DID and it NEVER comes BACK to Them, what They LOST, those cruel Beings of HORROR. They will NEVER enter MY KINGDOM, like those cruel JEWS of MY TIME and day in JERUSALEM, MY horror field of destruction and death ~ and yet ~ a Light shone, the Star of MY LIFE. It hung OVER Her, MY Magdalene, and some of MY PEOPLE, and It grew more, into a Peace of GOD in Lands about.

I came Her, to MY Magdalene once, up in Scotland ~ the Isle of Mull (1). ~ and saw your resonance field, and regret not coming sooner IN than I DID. I SAW you were in GRIEF and I mistook for another place.”

(“What do YOU mean by that comment LORD JESIAS?”)

“That is none of your concern! For now I look and see the TEACHER unfold in Her as was in MY Day in Jerusalem that was Wise and beyond measure. A SAINT! in those times of Jerusalem and death of Romans. All cause was SANCTIFIED in Her Justness. I regret not the POWER I GIFTED to Her, MY MAGDALENE. She has EVER held debt (2). NOT in OUR CAUSE! She was morose at bits and justly so. She had good reason and yet She rose ABOVE it, and more did She UNCOVER to MY claim. You are the Wisest of the LOT and I ACCLAIM Her, MY Magdalene of old and now.

You will EVER RIVER the PATH of LOVE, and I determine NOT, any other course. Never regret that You are HERE, in MY Land of GLASTONBURY. You are It’s cause and effect to all Nations of MY HEART. I come more, than I ever did NOW!”

(“That’s True!”)

“MY LIFE is HERE again, in Her Temple of GOD (3). All risen, in the depths of smirch and decay (4), and rose ABOVE, to the Glory of Love in CHRIST!

You are a TREASURE in MY HEART and never fear TECHNOLOGY that comes in (5). It will not DAMAGE. All roar of GOD is in PURSUIT of the Man that DOES this! His HELL is COMPLETE! No OTHER, shall ENTER this KINGDOM of MY GOD on HIGH. I am THE LAW of LIFE and you regret NOT, to SPEAK to ME.”

(“I have never regretted to speak to YOU LORD!”)

“I KNOW this and you are COMPLETE in your BEING! Bring the REST! They lack MUCH, and INNOCENCE, is not SAFE in this Time. All lack MUCH, and death pursuits is a GAME to SOME of cruel INTENT. It NEVER comes BACK to Their HEADS, what They did. It is TOO LATE! I COME in MY PRESENCE and REVEAL IT to Their HEADS and damn Them CLOSED for EVER (6)! MY resurrection NOT, will not be REVEALED to those cause. They will be left and made a target for the REST, to BEAUTIFY of GOD and reveal Their EVIL to Them that They have caused to HEAVEN and Mankind of Britain in Your Land, and in MY Nations ABOVE in MY LAND, for all AFFECTS Her, MY CABINET of GOD up on HIGH in MY LAND of LIGHT and GOD’S GOVERNMENT of THE CHRIST where You SIT from now on in MY NAME (7).

I have ANNOUNCED! You are DOMINIC of MY FOURTH FIELD of THE STAR (8) of MY NAME of THE MORNING, the Light of David and Isaiah, Melchizedek and Samuel the Prophet. You are the reign of MY HAKHANH and the ROSE of MY Warm (9) LOVE. You are the Sweet Breath of the ROSE and ITS FRAGRANCE of MY SPIRIT and LIFE, and you Knew, when to Rise and Fall. NOW, is the RISEN. The Past is not YET! It COMES, and all Hell FIRE will break loose, on Those that do NOT the Will of GOD! They will favour NOT in MY SIGHT, when that is ALLOWED to come IN, of MY RETRIBUTION, of SINS that have OCCURRED and not been REPAIRED. It comes BACK on Them TEN FOLD, and some, a HUNDRED SUCH! I am DETERMINED, to LAW ABOUND on MY PLANET of this EARTH and ALL shall AGREE with MY Virgin The MAGDALENE, or be swept back OFF It! It is an OFFENCE, to war THE GOD of HEAVEN, as some DO and all must LEARN, the WAY of CHRIST in BLISS and EVER AFTER.

All Beauty will unfold, before the Sights of Men and a new Time begins, of Love, and Power, and Sweetness, and Goodness, and Clapping, and Singing, and Joy, all praising HEAVEN. I have seen it in the STARS. Your Prayers have been Heard, and all Grace will FOLLOW! It is BEAUTIFIED, the Pain of this LOVE, that once stood GLORIOUS, in Yanini (10) in Heaven, forth which stood MY Temple of Love in the HEIGHTS of HEAVEN of Avalon’s Field of abeyance to GOD’S HOLY LAW and Praise. Adoration NOT! It was DEVOUT, to a DEGREE, UNKNOWN to this Land and ERA, and yet you catch a glimpse at Times in your Head, and it comes back through Her ACTIONS from that long lost TIME of Peace and Grace and Oneness with Eternal Beings that are Risen to the Stars and BEYOND, up to MY Lands, of the Risen FEW! Far fewer make it to MY REALM than is SAID! I am a Fascist of PERFECTION! One atom of DISTRESS and GONE that Being from MY SIGHT. I will not HAVE it in MY Kingdom, that is PERFECT for EVER to view MY GOD for all REASONS that COUNT! An imperfection causes BLURRING in MY FIELD and it CAN’T be DONE, not only to protect, but to admire the rest of GOD’S Creational Worlds of such BLISS as to you can’t be DESCRIBED! Nothing can be DONE ~ there is no such LANGUAGE TOO describe It. It is EXQUISITE to say the least and that hardly BEGINS to DESCRIBE! I count the Days that I was BORN and I am GLAD. I WITNESS what is DONE by MY GOD, MY FATHER-MOTHER-SON of THE MESSIAH, and GLORIFY HIM-HER as MYSELF, in this FIELD of GOD in HEAVEN.

KNOW! That if you WORK (11), you can COME, like an ESSENE of THE NAZARENE, and follow MY Magdalene Rose, to the Heart of All That IS! She is a Risen Flower in MY PRESENCE and Kingdom of Grace, and Her Star has SHONE in the Heavens UP ABOVE this night to MY Grace.

Her task was SEVERE, that which She has truly done in MY SIGHT and GOOD LORD ARHURA’S, MY BROTHER upon HIGH, that sits at MY side, GOOD KING ARTHURE of olde, and now HE is acclaimed in Her Right, to unfold to such glorious heights of Peace and Grace as She has untoward attained through endeavour and darned HARD GRAFT! I NEVER saw a Woman work this MUCH, and attain Grace at these HEIGHTS! It is impossibly DONE, and now She is LAW abide, through the rough and the smooth, the fixed and the impermanent, the Sweet and the sour, the Grace and the FOUL, the STENCH and the Sweetness of HEAVEN, to be MY Queen (12) BESIDE ME for EVER MORE. No Man can TOUCH what She DID! No Man can SURVIVE!!! I could not, and I am THE SON! This is GRACELESS, what She DEFENDED (13), and now it is acclaimed, as a POWER of GOD! Further will be told in the FUTURE of Her, but not YET. MY Sweet has an ordeal to CONTAIN at this Time. Her Path is SWEET! That is ALL that REMAINS! The rest must follow in Her FOOTSTEPS, or not SURVIVE. I know it sounds HARSH, but it is TRUE! It must be PERFECT what comes BACK, or barred It IS, from entering HEAVEN and MY World of Grace, of the Kingdom of GOD. I CELEBRATE this Day every year in MY World, as I get to know who truly LOVES! Those innocents come back to MY HEART, and REMAIN! I come to gather Them up! And Sweetness BEFALLS Them from MY HEART. They are encaptured in the Atruhm (14) of MY SOUL. I embrace you, each one, and MY Magdalene especially, who’s hard road has been a task beyond Men’s ability, in all ranks and Angels UP ABOVE and restore Her MY Sweet and the rest of Her Order of Love of MY Nazarene.

The World will grow much worse in places and yet MY dearness, is forever heard, in the Hearts of MY Communities Members of Her Avalon group of Souls beyond the scope of most in this World. They care not for Themselves or others. They are callous and brutal and desecrate the Plane to which They have COME. Their absence will make no OFFENCE, to what UNFOLDS as instructed by GOD MY FATHER on HIGH, JEHOVAH by NAME, and Grace SUPREME! I CANNOT find Words to DESCRIBE HIM; all POWER and BEAUTY INTERTWINED. A LEADER, like Men have never KNOWN. You knew once (15) ~ on MORE OCCASIONS I see now ~ in different venues of Life in this Plane. HE adores you and you have KNOWN this.”

“Yes LORD.”

“You are Graceful! That Honour is RARE. That is the Blessing you RECEIVE, for the WORK that you DO in OUR SIGHT of Grace, ever DEVOUT, and ever Blessed by THE STARS of LOVE and CREATION. All MANIFESTS, in ONE that is DEVOUT and can be ATTAINED. Follow MY LEAD, as SHE has in HER TIME and achieved Her goal in SIGHT, for EVER, MY BEING, in Her WILL. It is not HOPELESS! Follow the GRACE in Her to MY comfort and listen NOT, to the dirty filth of some Preachers of your PLANET. She listens, and it horrors, what is SAID. One time, She nearly EXPLODED in the CAR (16)! from what a Man SAID to Her on the radio in the CAR. I have never SEEN Her so ANGRY. She was ready to ROAD RUN Him with Her Motorcar! had He been PRESENT in that moment in Her place. She lost it COMPLETELY in those few seconds, and I took full CONTROL of to PROTECT Her ’til She had cooled off. In Her Heart, She never DID! It STILL makes Her cross whenever She thinks BACK! Men like that are like a time bomb. They explode in certain PARTS and damage MILLIONS, all planted by Samanah, good ‘Lucifer’ of old and now NO MORE. He is ANIHALATED for EVER MORE and CANNOT come BACK and attain what he had of greatness as a SON of MY HIGH COUNCIL upon HIGH. His Seat is forever taken by GAUTAMA BUDDHA the Wise COUNSELLOR and Grace EXTREME unfolds HIS Kingdom, as once was BLACK by his (Samanah’s) distress. It is now Golden Grace, the Colour of HIS Robe up on HIGH and forever MORE this.

I must go and attend. MY other Servants are ADMIRE you and I must close Call. Be at Peace MY Sweet and know that you are loved beyond MEASURE. ALL, are WELCOME in MY KINGDOM, if They follow MY Teaching, and The Magdalene is THE LAW of MY HEART and the REST that are RISEN. Love to all Doors (17), that follow MY Praise of one so True. The Great Peace, be unto you ALL of Her COMMUNITY and FRIENDS. Merry CHRISTMAS to you all and SYRIA, be BLESSED, MY HEART of DAMASCUS where I trained as an Essene in the Past, or near TO I should say. Brother Phillip was MY Teacher as you know, Good old Isaiah back then, your FATHER of GOD in other Times and now.”


“In Friendship I should have said. Blessings to Her and all Sweet Angels ABIDE with.”

(“Happy birthday LORD and Peace be unto YOU.”)

“MY Blessings are RECEIVED and I THANK Her in Her Communities sense, as Her will commune with Them all I KNOW. Blessings to Her Order and Sweet It IS, and I LOVE to DEATH, your HAPPENINGS, to Her in AVALON ~ MY HEART. The Glory of GOD is with Avalon NOW and EVER will REMAIN such. NOTHING, can EVER reproach It, or ABUSE It AGAIN, for I have MY MAGDALENE in control, and all is BLISS! Amen to that.

MY Sweet, I leave! GOD Bless!”

(“Thank YOU for coming again to YOUR Avalonian Nazarean Essene Temple today my LORD to SPEAK with me.”)

“It is MY PLEASURE, to visit MY ORDER MY GIRL! Just LOVE and all will be TRUE that COMES IN.”


Footnotes to LORD JESIAS’S/ MASTER YESHUA’S Christmas Address Today.

1). This was during my divorce case about 1995 when a dear friend took me up to the Isle of Mull to get myself centred again in the peaceful beauty and deep tranquillity of that magical island.

2). Accrued personal karmic debt through breaking the Universal HOLY LAWS of GOD like the majority of Mankind now on this Planet.

3). The JESIAS Temple of the Silver Rose here in Glastonbury, Somerset, England.

4). LORD JESIAS / LORD YESHUA commanded me to move to Glastonbury in Avalon in Spring 2012 to come and remove 500 years + of pagan witchcraft and Satanism energies from this legendary ever sanctified Mystic Isle of which LORD JESIAS has ever been Its High Priest since this Planet started to take solid form some eight million years since, that was severely damaged the Light-Love matrix here and beyond to all parts of our World inter-dimensionally.

5). This is a reference to 5G wi-fi that lunatics are trying to bring to Glastonbury. 3G is severely damaging to Human health and all forms of Life creating 25 new forms of modern day illnesses in the 10-40 year old age bracket permanently plugged into their mobile phones, ipads, laptops etc.

6). These repeatedly cruel Beings to others, both of Humanity and the Nature Kingdoms, forfeit Their Divine Right to Eternal Life and to enter the Heavenly Kingdom of GOD in Heaven, and are cast down into Hell eternally for Their crimes perpetrated willingly of Their own freewill. They literally condemn Themselves to eternal horror beyond measure.

7). This is a reference to the fourth Seat in THE MORNING STAR all-ruling Universal HIGH COUNCIL of GOD’S GOVERNMENT in the Spirit World, controlling the fourth Scarlet Red Hakhanh CHRIST RAY of Divine Mysticism for GOD, known as THE ROUND TABLE of HEAVEN, that KING ARTHURE based HIS Round Table upon in Briton 1,500 years ago. This high office, was formerly held by THE LORD FRANCHALAH, named for some unknown reason to me as THE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL that announced the coming of LORD YESHUA to THE VIRGIN MARIYA HIS Mother 2,000 years ago. A highly revered Solar Teacher to me for many millennia and a very dear friend then and now.

8). “I, YESHUA, have sent MY Angel to testify these things among you before the assemblies. I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Root and The Offspring of David, and his Companion*, and The Bright MORNING STAR.” (The Aramaic Bible. The Revelation to St. John 22: 16.)

9). It is one of the holy tasks for GOD that the Fourth Solar Lord of GOD’S High Council does, to place the Warm Essence of LOVE into all the other eleven major Solar CHRIST RAYS of the Universe throughout Christendom, through the divine action of the HAKHANH Ray of THE MORNING STAR upon THEM. It is the action of this Fourth CHRIST RAY that makes all Humankind warm-blooded Beings.

10). ‘Yanini’, was the first name ever given to the whole Planet Earth in the very beginning times in the Universal Solar Language. THE ETERNAL NAZAREAN ESSENE LIGHT TEMPLE of THE LORD JESIAS, who we know of as THE MASTER YESHUA Ha MASSIACH from HIS incarnation 2,000 years ago here was centred in Glastonbury, on the mystical Isle of Avalon in Somerset, England. This was the most highly spiritually evolved era of Humanity ever to exist upon this Planet, an era that lasted three million blissful years in perfect Peace lived in GOD and HIS-HER Garden of Eden in pure divinity and blissed out perfection.

11). Spiritually work, healing yourself, divinely teaching yourself and helping all life about you to do likewise in the Nazarean Essene ‘Way of THE MASTER.’

12). There is no marriage in the Heavenly Kingdom and so please don’t go interpreting the Heavenly gifted royal solar office of ‘Queen’ in the same way as it is spoken about upon Earth. LORD JESIAS, THE MASTER YESHUA had no need of a ‘wife’ in Earthly terms or Heavenly terms either for that matter, for HE was far to advanced divinely to require such to HIMSELF as Earthly Men.

13). This is a reference to the ‘19+1=20 Ceremony’ written up fully in the last chapter of  Maitreya’s first 1,000 page Native American inspired spiritual training book ‘Listening With Light. The Gospel of GOD by Dominic White Eagle Star’, that saved the life of all Beings on this Planet from total destruction against all the odds.

14). ‘Atruhm’ is the universal silver coloured divine substance of which everything in all of GOD’S many Worlds of Creation are composed of, a Heavenly substance of which Mankind and all of its many scientists have not yet discovered. It is controlled by THE LORD JESIAS, THE MASTER YESHUA, THE UNIVERSAL LORD of LOVE and LIFE, and the only begotten SON of GOD for GOD, and nothing in Creation can exist or live without It. Everything in all of Creation has its origin in It.

15). By following in the silver footsteps of LORD JESIAS in the ‘Nazarene Way’ of my RABBONI YESHUA in this life, I have been deeply blessed to receive many Divine Visions Clairvoyantly of LORD JEHOVAH and the hierarchy of Heaven.

16). This event happened when I was stuck in a motorway traffic jam on the M4 motorway heading up to London following an accident. I was listening to B.B.C. Radio 2 on the  car radio when an incredibly Spiritually ignorant Man called Richard Dawkins came onto the show to promote an extremely World damaging book to all Humankind that He had unbelievably written called ‘The GOD Delusion.’ In my former incarnation of Joan of Arc, I was known to have a fiery temper. I have an extremely long fuse, but if I blow, leave the Country! It is extremely rare that I blow my fuse, but on this occasion, I did, like I have never done in my entire existence to my current knowledge. I lost it completely as LORD JESIAS stated here, as HE did once in the Temple in Jerusalem when HE overthrew the money exchangers tables in rage. Had the man been stood in front of me at that moment listening to him speak, I have no doubt whatsoever that I would have killed him there and then. NEVER have I heard such lying blasphemies said about my beautiful all-loving, eternally living GOD in HEAVEN. He lit the blue touch paper like no Man I have ever met in this World or other. This extremely foolish Man has to finally find the courage to open his own heart, his own eyes and his own ears to explore the World into which he has been born, so that he may become fully ‘Conscious’ like the rest of Humanity. When he does this, he will become the most apologetic man to his CREATOR GOD and all of Humanity on Earth for the damage he has done to millions of Souls incarnate at this time! He cannot run away from himself for ever! He has to start to learn how to ‘LIVE’ as well, like the rest!

17). ‘Doors’ here in Spiritual language symbolically is referring to the ‘Spiritual Door of the Heart’ that all Mankind must learn to ‘knock on to enter into the Heavenly Kingdom of GOD’ and be re-born through as LORD YESHUA spoke of 2,000 years ago.


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