The Native American Sacred Hoop Dance ~ 9th. December, 2018

This is FATHER CHRISTMAS/ THE HEAVENLY FATHER GOOD LORD JEHOVAH/ FATHER SKY represented dancing the Hoop Dance or Raven Dance in the traditional Native American way as I am sure many of you have never seen HIM dance before in Britain.

The hoop is symbolic of ”the never-ending Circle of Life.” It has no beginning and no end.

Many tribal groups across North America used the hoop in Traditional Healing Ceremonies, and the hoop’s significance enhances the embodiment of Healing Ceremonies. Tribal Healers and Holy Men have long regarded the Hoop as Sacred and many have used it in their ceremonies. Visions and ailments were seen through some of these hoops by tribal Holy Men and Women.

Traditional wooden hoops are made out of Willow, to represent the BODY of THE EARTHLY MOTHER. Today, many contemporary Hoop dancers mark four symbols on each hoop when performing their Hoop Dance to symbolize the philosophy of seasonal changes, the four cardinal directions and four sacred colours.

During the Sacred Dance, you will see that the Hoop Dancer makes the symbol of THE MORNING STAR of LORD YESHUA, the Star of David to some, and by the end of the dance, you will see that the Sacred Hoop Dancer creates the symbol of a Sacred Medicine Wheel or the Celtic Cross of St. Patrick as it is better known throughout Britain, the symbol of the Protection of GOD DIVINE Universally, found in every Country of this World. We could sure use some Sacred Native American Hoop Dancers to go to California at this time to protect the Land there for MOTHER EARTH as in the traditional ways of old that the White Men band when they invaded the Americas and colonized it for themselves in the worst Human holocaust of all time.

Following these horrendous California wildfires that have been raging so out of control for months now, perpetuated by the strong Santa Anna winds there that come in off of the Pacific Ocean this time of year, I would imagine that the resident White Folks living there now are regretting their past ancestors actions against America’s first indigenous nation that protected it with their Traditional Spirit Medicines for Millennia, having paid such a heavy price of late financially losing their homes and all their possessions.

It is one heck of a very demanding way for FATHER CHRISTMAS to get fit ready prior to flying around all of HIS Twelve Universes of all Creation to bestow HIS DIVINE GIFTS of ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY in the True Spiritual sense of this Yearly happening every Christmas Eve to all of HIS loyal and devout Children and Followers of HOLY LAW!



I have just put the telephone down to an amazing telephone call to one of my Nazarean Essene Community members in Clearlake, Northern California. I was sent to that region of the World for the first time in April 2,000 by GOD to do three powerful Peace Ceremonies upon the land there in three specific locations around California to defuse the San Andreas fault line from destroying the huge city of San Francisco and many towns several hundred miles Northwards from there that was energetically preparing for ‘the big one’ as the locals called it that was almost ready to blow. As a trained Medicine Woman of GOD, I always get given the best jobs!

The minute that I put my foot on the tarmac of San Francisco Airport for the first time in this my present lifetime, having just stepped off of the plane, THE EARTHLY MOTHER of GOD came to me and said, “Get out of here! I am worried about you!” Having just been directed by LORD JEHOVAH to go there, I thought to myself, “Great! Welcome to America!” Regardless, I carried on and did what GOD had sent me to do in the area and sure enough, the San Andreas fault line was de-fused and San Francisco is still there today in existence as a result!

During that American visit, I made friends with several of the residents in the Clearlake area of Northern California and have remained close friends with them ever since. They started to learn my Native American/ LORD YESHUA Nazarean Essene teachings with me as my apprentices as the years went by, coming to Britain to study here with me and by my flying out to the States many times to achieve this. Having seen their lives transformed in wonderful ways through them, two of them opened a Nazarean Essene Centre there with me based upon LORD YESHUA’S & LORD QUETZALCOATL’S teachings that I had shared with them in a very beautiful location.

They have been saying the Essene Holy Communions thrice daily there with other members of their Community ever since, and Jody White Swan has since been ordained as myself as a Nazarean Essene Minister and now leads this Light Centre for THE MASTER.

I have been a bit concerned about them all because I have had no contact with them since these horrendous wildfires broke out about four hours drive North of San Francisco, an area I know quite well now and a very beautiful area of the Country, with the National Redwood Forest situated near to there. I heard tonight thank goodness, that they were all safe. They had been surrounded by these horrendous wildfires, our member’s homes, the worst in North America’s history, as close as the ridge above them, but they courageously stayed with the land and kept doing the Holy Communion Prayers religiously there strictly obeying HOLY LAW and doing our sacred practices faithfully. Their neighbour’s homes were going up in smoke all around them, some 20,000 homes apparently, and as the fire was starting to make its way down the hill where their house, our Nazarean Essene Centre was situated, LORD YESHUA suddenly appeared standing between the huge toweringly high 100 foot wall of flames and the Centre and protected it and our other members homes living locally in that area apparently and prevented them from being raised to the ground like the rest. HE heard their loyal Nazarene Essene Prayers and stepped in personally to protect HIS own Nazarene flock and devout disciplined followers.

Our Nazarean Essene Community members are all still very a traumatised from this terrifying experience that could have taken all of their lives, let alone their homes and possessions, but they had their Faith in place SO STRONG, and were so devout in all the Holy Practices that I had taught them over the past 18 years, it saved the day for them all and despite all the horror and shock of what has happened to them all, their homes I understand have become the centre of a healing and counselling Sanctuary for all those that lost everything. They have been thrust full time back into one of the traditional roles of the Nazarene’s, as the Therapeutae of GOD. Never underestimate the POWER of PRAYER to SAVE! This is a perfect example of that when you live HOLY LAW STRICTLY! Miracles HAPPEN!

If you could send a few healing Prayers their way to add to mine, it would be greatly appreciated by all I know. Many thanks and peace be with us all I pray.

Rev. Sister Dominic, ‘The Magdalene.’

Hurricane Diana Hits Glastonbury ~ 29th. November, 2018


Hurricane Diana came through Glastonbury last night with terrific power. Lots of trees down in Glastonbury Abbey grounds and I spent several hours here at the Centre repairing the carnage done to the back garden. Garden chairs hurled at least four feet into the air and thrown ten feet across the lawn with other items. The heavy garden bed got the same treatment, as if it weighed nothing. I can barely lift it!! It says a lot for the terrific power of the wind that kept me awake for most of the night.

Grandfather’s Prayer ~ 27th. November, 2018

This lovely Prayer was posted up by one of my elderly now lovely Chippewa Native American Medicine Teachers, Whitewolf.

“Grandfather! Grandmother Fire.

Forgive us for what we have not understood about how to live in Balance with You and the Natural World as the Creator gave that World to All of us Earth Peoples to Share.

With Humility and 😢 I ask to come back in Balance. Help me and help each of us to give up what we need to give up and what we need to accept and understand that
‘ the people may live.”

2018_23 June_Whitewolfs Worry Stone

The Teachings & Practices of the Brotherhood of the Essenes are Nothing at All to Do with the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel ~ 27th. November, 2018


I spent several hours this afternoon trying to help a lovely local lady here in town make sense of a very bad experience that she had come into contact with through a curious friend of hers, wishing to know more about the ‘Essene Brotherhood.’ Unfortunately, what she made contact with, was nothing to do with the Essenes!

I wish to make it quite clear to the whole World’s many Peoples, that a group that have been meeting up in Glastonbury Town Hall here in Avalon every Summer Solstice since 1920 calling themselves ‘The Brotherhood of the Essenes’ and terrorising this town’s lovely people since then, are NOTHING to do with my Glastonbury based ‘Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel’ that has its origins in Northern Israel, that LORD YESHUA THE MESSIAH studied with prior to HIS historic Ministry of great fame, known as ‘The School of the Prophets.’.

Time and time again, as in today, I find that People from Avalon and beyond find out that I am a practising Glastonbury based Essene Minister recoil at that statement, having personally suffered by attending one of this particular groups dark ceremonial rituals in the past. The Essene Order is a LIGHT of GOD DIVINE based very ancient Holy Order, older than this very Planet itself Universally.

Please let me make it quite clear to all Peoples, that ‘The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel (Avalon)’ group based here in Glastonbury, Somerset, are NOTHING to do with this other un-GODLY, black-robed, non-Essene Dog worshipping, sword carrying, crowns on velvet cushion carrying practising group that come here from London to hold their meetings on the Equinoxes and Solstices each year. They have no association with any of the strictly practicing Essene Holy Orders of the Nazaraeans, Ebionites, Manichaeans, Ossaeans or Arthurian Avalonian World Sects within the Holy Essene Orders.

They have done and continue to do untold damage to the good name of LORD YESHUA and HIS Pure Divine Nazarean Essene Teachings of GOD and the devout aesthetic truly practising Essenes that have lived and died to protect these very ancient timeless All-Holy Truths of Heaven, that ever Protect, Heal and Save all Life and Beings of GOD’S many Worlds of Creation Universally through the DIVINE POWER of GOD’S LOVE.

Peace be with you all. Shalom.
In Truth and without prejudice,
Rev. Sister Dominic

The Fabulous Glastonbury Frost Fayre ~ 25th. November, 2018

It was the famous Glastonbury Frost Fayre today and I spent I wonderful day meeting up with friends, looking at the amazing stalls of Christmas goods, incredible handmade crafts, homemade very unique clothing, and homemade preserves and chutneys, breads, cakes and mulled wines. Every form of music was being played around the town from Christmas Carols sung around the Glastonbury Christmas Tree in the Market Place, to Irish tin whistle and drum, to blues, to African drumming, to acoustic guitar etc. etc. and several different groups of traditional Morris Men dancing. One man was just walking up and down the High Street like a Glastonbury Angel smudging everybody there with Native American Sacred Sage incense. That just made my day today and it lifted everywhere that he went vibrationally.

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As always, everybody of all Faiths and none get together as ONE and have a really good time partying! A wonderful day out amidst the many thousands of people that showed up today to just share of their incredible GOD Gifted unique talents.

After the black heavy cloud of doom and gloom that hung all over the main town of Glastonbury created by Halloween participants, it was wonderful to see the LIGHT of CHRIST flood back into the town today, for where JOY exists, there we find GOD, and such was the brightness of that CHRIST LOVE LIGHT today, at one point I was delighted to have the legendary KING ARTHURE of Avalon join me at one point today to celebrate in the festivities with me. I lovely surprise for me today and totally unexpected!


This YouTube video from the States confirms what LORD YESHUA spoke to me directly last May (2018) to share with the Worlds Nations.

I asked LORD YESHUA having watched this great video tonight what HE was returning to our World for this next time? HE as always very graciously replied, “The FULL SOUL is to be GATHERED UP! That was the SPIRIT that I took in the LAST EVENT last May 2018. THAT, is in the NEW UNIVERSE, the SPIRIT! I come to collect the REST! I ASSURE you, I am COMING!”

“Prepare ye the Coming of the LORD.”

Peace be with you all I pray.

Rev. Sister Dominic, The Magdalene.
x x x

A Magdalene Teaching Trip to Mexico in the Spring 2019 Approaching ~ 19th. November, 2018

To end this year’s residential stay of lovely people coming to visit this Nazarean Essene Centre, were Emilio and Cristina from Mexico. They have invited me out to stay with them in Mexico to run some Magdalene and Quetzalcoatl teaching workshops there next Spring (2019). It is over a thousand years since I lived in Mexico last and somewhere that GOD has insisted that I visit during this lifetime to lead certain ceremonies for HIM-HER in GOD’S name.


If we have any other Nazarean Essene Community members in that part of the World that would like me to come and put on some teaching workshops for them also, please contact me as soon as possible so I can make plans in incorporate you all in my spiritual journey back to my once homeland and a place very dear to my heart. Thank you.

Peace be with you all.

Rev. Sister/ Grandmother Dominic ‘Grace White Star’

The Foolishness of Humanity Celebrating Halloween/ Samhain ~ 19th. November, 2018

I tend not to venture out of my healing sanctuary here in Glastonbury on the evening of Halloween/ Samhain unless I really need to, as the Satanic energies invoked by all of its very foolish and ignorant participants around the World make the vibration of the Planet sink to great depths of highly unpleasant negativity and depravity to Spiritually evolved people like the members of this lovely international Community. If people knew the dangers of participating in this Satanic Death Ritual every year to themselves and their families, they would never partake in it again!

This Death Ritual LORD MIKAAL the ARCHANGEL (St. MICHAEL) teaches us that it had its origin 38 Million Years ago when Satanail was cast out of Heaven by GOD for committing the first sin against GOD. In his twisted hatred for all life, he pledged to destroy all life in GOD’S many beautiful Worlds of Creation Universally and has been doing that at every opportunity systematically, as we all are aware of creating all the negative traits of Human thinking to enter into our minds e.g. hatred, war, jealousy, murder, rape, incest, anger etc. within the twelve beautiful Universes of GOD.

These days, people tend to think of Halloween as a big marketing push to enable people to attend a Halloween party or to go trick or treating on and to remember the dead.

In reality, its intention is quite different and much more sinister. Satanail (Satan) gifted this ceremony to his demonic servants of this Earth that gave their full allegiance to him (having totally lost their minds), to celebrate the captivity of those poor people’s souls that had died on this Planet that he had succeeded into breaking GOD’S HOLY LAWS and as a result were condemned to the horrors of Hell, instead of ascending up into the exquisite Heaven Worlds upon their deaths. When you partake in this Satanic Death Ritual, you open your Mental Body of your own free will for little black fishing hook looking lines of Satanic communication cords to enter into your Being, where his black warlords and demonic servants can then start gradually start drip feeding you non-TRUTHS until such time as you lose your ability to reason things out for yourself, and chaotic thoughts of self-harm, depression and eventually self-suicide can enter your head. Suicide is against the HOLY LAW of GOD ~ “Thou shalt not kill!” and that LAW includes killing yourself and your own innocent Children entrusted into your care and guardianship! When you cease to be one of GOD’S “Pure in heart” as LORD YESHUA taught us all about, you bar yourself from entering into GOD’S Heavenly Kingdom through your own doing and you get sent down! Satanail and Lucifer his father smile, as another servant of theirs is then admitted gleefully into the legions of Hell, and they both celebrate YOUR OWN SOULS DEATH at the next Halloween/ Samhain Satanic Death Ritual Ceremony!

Halloween Pumpkin

Don’t dance with the Devil at this time of Satanic madness that has overrun our Earth but keep your hearts ‘Pure’, ONE with CHRIST!

On the evening of Halloween this year here in Glastonbury, I had a really strong impression to go and open the front door, despite it being a really cold evening and look outside. I took a photograph of what met my eyes in the doing thereof. Sure enough, the normally lovely CHRIST energy of the town had plummeted through the floor as usual, as Halloween madness swept over it, triggered by the knock-on effect of the many participants on the Spiritual Planes of life. As I looked, the whole town was visibly shaded in a dark gloom of really heavy dense foul energy that was really palpable to the higher super-sensory senses, but when I looked to the right out of my front door, Chalice Hill, where the HOLY GRAIL was received by ARA the GOOD (a former incarnation of St. JOSEPHUS the ARIMATHEAN and the legendary KING ARTHURE of BRITON) from LORD YESHUA and LORD FRANCHALAH (the ARCHANGEL GABRIEL) was lit up like a Christmas Tree! I couldn’t believe my eyes!


The message was made instantly very clear to me as to why I was directed to go and step out of my front door by GOD. Glastonbury is the Throne Room of GOD and the capital city of LORD JESIAS/ the MASTER YESHUA Ha MASSIACH on this Earth our current home, and no matter what Satanic Death Rituals of self-harm that the local people were partaking of at this given moment in time this Halloween, here in Glastonbury, the Planetary Heart Chakra, and also around the World, the DIVINE LIGHT of GOD’S POWER and GRACE was SUPREME and all of the World’s peoples partaking in this Demonic Death Ritual could not extinguish it, for the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD I AM RULES over ALL! Protect your ETERNAL SOUL and the SOULS of those you LOVE. It is the ONLY thing of any REAL VALUE to you in this World. BE at PEACE and KNOW GOD.

“v. 1. And I stood on the sand of the Sea, and I saw a beast ascending from the Sea, which had ten horns and seven heads, and upon its horns, ten diadems, and upon its heads the name* of blasphemy. 2. And The Beast that I saw was like a leopard, and its feet like those of a wolf and its mouth like that of lions, and the Dragon gave its throne, its power and great authority to it. 3. And one of its heads was as if it had been crushed to death and its mortal wound was healed, and all The Earth marveled after The Beast. 4. And they worshiped the Dragon that gives authority to The Beast, and they worshiped The Beast saying, “Who is like this Beast, and who is able to war with it?” 5. And a mouth that speaks great things and blasphemy was given to it, and authority was given to it to work forty two months. 6. And it opened its mouth to blaspheme before God, to blaspheme The Name and the dwelling of those who dwell in Heaven.

7. And it was granted to make war with The Holy Ones and to conquer them, and it was given authority over all generations, peoples, languages and nations. 8. And all the inhabitants of The Earth will worship it, those who are not written in The Book of Life of The Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. . 9He who has an ear, let him hear. 10. Whoever leads into captivity goes into captivity and those who murder with the sword will be killed with the sword. Here is faith and the endurance of The Holy Ones.”

(The Revelation According to St. John 13: 1-10. The Aramaic Bible.)

Rev. Sister Dominic, ‘The Magdalene of GOD.’