FIGHT NOW to PROTECT all that is HELD SACRED, the LIFE of GOD in OUR WORLD ~ and OUR LIFE’S CONTINUANCE. 22nd. April, 2019

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For everyone who does what is hateful, hates The Light and does not come to The Light, lest his works should be convicted. “But he who does The Truth comes to The Light, so that his works may be revealed, that they are performed by God.”

(The Aramaic Bible in Plain English. The Gospel According to St. John 3: 20-21.)

2,000 Years ago, LORD YESHUA Taught the very same HOLY LAWS of HIS Heavenly FATHER-MOTHER in the Galilee of Israel that LORD ‘I AM’ THE LORD CHRIST Spoke of yesterday in HIS Easter Sunday Address to the World. Sadly due to either the lack of understanding or sheer annihilation of LORD YESHUA’S perfect Nazarene Essene Teaching by the early Church Fathers at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D., it was all edited out of the Holy Bible leaving Humanity floundering about in the dark of confusion ever since and disconnected from Their Divine CREATOR GOD. All that Time was lost since to turn this Planet around and to bring it back from hanging over the Cliff edge, back to the HOLY LAW of GOD to make Life ever sustainable again. We still have Time if we all step up to the plate.

Our all-loving GOD has given Us all One last chance! Don’t blow it. PLEASE all PULL TOGETHER and then We can still do this and turn it all around. Our Children, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren and those as yet still left unborn are COUNTING ON US to fight for Their FUTURES! Only 6,000 People survived on this Planet after GOD destroyed Atlantis and I NEVER want to die under those horrific circumstances again, engulfed by a molten Lava Stream.

This World is still BEAUTIFUL and is WORTH PROTECTING NOW, EACH and EVERY ONE of YOU! LOVE the LIFE that GOD has GIFTED to YOU as LORD YESHUA has always Taught HIS Nazarene Community to do and PROTECT ALL THAT IS SACRED! It is GOD!

“And Jesus himself sat down in their midst and said: “I tell you truly, none can be happy, except he do the LAW”.

And the others answered: “We all do the LAWS of Moses, our Lawgiver, even as they are written in the holy scriptures”.

And Jesus answered: “Seek not the law in your scriptures, for the LAW is LIFE, whereas the scripture is dead. I tell you truly, Moses received not his LAWS from GOD in writing, but through the LIVING WORD. The LAW is LIVING WORD of LIVING GOD to living Prophets for living Men. In everything that is Life is the LAW written. You find IT in the Grass, in the Tree, in the River, in the Mountain, in the Birds of Heaven, in the Fishes of the Sea; but seek IT chiefly in Yourselves. For I tell You truly, all living things are nearer to GOD than the scripture which is without Life. GOD so made Life and all Living things that they might by the everlasting WORD teach the LAWS of the true GOD to Man. GOD wrote not the LAWS in the pages of books, but in Your heart and in Your Spirit. They are Your Breath, Your Blood, Your Bone; in Your Flesh, Your Bowels, Your Eyes, Your Ears, and in every part of Your Body. They are present in the Air, in the Water, in the Earth, in the Plants, in the Sunbeams, in the depths and in the heights. They all speak to You that You may understand the Tongue and the WILL of the Living GOD. But You shut Your Eyes that You may not See, and You shut Your Ears that You may not hear. I tell You truly, that the scripture is the work of Man, but Life and all its hosts are the work of our GOD. Wherefore do You not listen to the WORDS of GOD which are written in HIS works? And wherefore do You study the dead scriptures which are the work of the Hands of Men?”

(The Essene Gospel Of Peace, Book One.
Transcribed by ‘Edmond Bordeaux Székely’.)

“PRAY THE WORLD WILL LISTEN.” THE LORD ‘I AMS’ Easter Sunday Address to MAITREYA DOMINIC, The Universal Messenger and ‘Magdalene’ of GOD, in The JESIAS Temple of the Silver Rose, Glastonbury in Avalon. 20th. April, 2019. 12:45 p.m. – 14:25 p.m. G.M.T

(This is hopefully the most important and serious article that you will ever read in your Life. Please share it with everyone upon the Planet quickly. Thank you.)
Heart Shaped Earth
“I come to Teach. ‘I AM.’
You are the First, EVER, to ACHIEVE, what You have DONE! It is more, than the REST, and I am deadly SERIOUS. I simply Love YOU! No OTHER has THIS in the whole of MY EXISTENCE. MY Words are STUCK, I feel so COMPASSIONATE. What You did for LORD YESHUA of late, I can resurrect NOT in MYSELF, and yet You DID, through Your Love and Compassion for Her, ‘The Magdalene’, Herself, of a Past Time. You went in and RESOLVED, what was not KNOWN of Her at that Time, and went back to RETRIEVE, all the REMNANTS of LORD YESHUA that were lost, and felt within Her existence as yet, and collected HERSELF as such. That was not KNOWN in OUR Time of Life. NONE, has such DONE! Rosie (My Birth name) is a MEDICINE WOMAN of GOD, for EVER, in THIS capacity, and such, She Loves and Works for EVER. You DID, what no other KNEW, for it had NEVER been TOLD, to not One certain Being!, and yet You divulged, in Her capacity as a Medicine Woman, to KNOW this stuff which was unsaid and unfelt in Her Domain.
No HALLEUJAH to YOU! It was all STRESS, that THIS was not DONE, after all this Time had PASSED, and NO ONE DID! Not all those Priests and Monks and PARAFINALIAL WAVERS in MY direction of CHRIST, and yet see Her, One morsel of a WOMAN, and She DID, in MY capacity of Love WITHIN. You KNEW Her, like no other WOMAN CAN! She simply looked BACK to Herself as ‘The Magdalene’ and did what DONE, and now CHRIST LIVES!!!, a Life RENEWED and so CONTENT, as You can’t EXPRESS!!! HE is simply more AGILE than HE was. HIS left FOOT, had caused such ANGUISH, from all those NAILS through ~ the TEARS never stopped FLOWING! It was a cause of much CONCERN in the SPIRIT! WE Knew GREAT HEALING TECHNIQUES from ALL of the Stars FIELD, and yet NONE had WORKED, until NOW. You DID it, by the LAW of GOD, in a way not KNOWN to the Star PEOPLE. You are a Maitreya beyond, and all ACCEPTS without a doubt. There were dubious DOUBTS, a WOMAN for this, for One had NEVER been HAD, and ACCEPTED by the lot of THE CHRIST, but full well have They AGREED in this matter, and MY HEART flies out in Your DIRECTION for EVER, as THANKS.
HE never KNEW Her, in THAT sense as LORD YESHUA. HE was more CONSUMED with HIS WORK and that was INTENSE ~ all those Nails through HIS HEAD and Daggers in HIS LOINS from Walking about. The Thoughts of Men can be EVIL as such, as You have shown in Your Teaching experience of Love’s Medicine in MY Light of CHRIST. You were NEVER the way I THOUGHT. You were little and powerless as ‘The MAGDALENE’ and yet, You rose to great HEIGHTS, ABOVE LORD YESHUA in that FACT, and yet it returns NOT. HE, is the Grace She LIVES. All Her Life, She Served, and yet You Teach NOT in this Time. This must be DONE! Commence in MY NAME. I COMMAND and all will yet flow as it did for LORD YESHUA! HE was a MASTER of sorts in ways, that CANNOT be EXPLAINED. THE SON of GOD has peculiar GIFTS that only HE Knows, and that is UNIQUE, as YOU have, in some terms. MY Medicine, HE has not ACQUIRED, and that is why You were sent as ‘The Magdalene’ to HIS rest. HE Saw NOT Your Path. HE was simply UNAWARE of, simply wrapped up in HIS FIELD as HE WAS, for fear of those Priests, as the Holiest AMONG THEM! They were AWARE of and that scared Lord Caiaphas, that black Witch of Death. He FOREVER practised those Black Arts of King Solomon as I Watched, and Death it brought to His Life. His end, was in Jerusalem that Year. NO DEATH to MY SON DONE! That was DIS-allowed! YOUR Life was remained, as the rest! The DISCIPLES were GREAT! MATTHEW and THOMAS, JAMES and JOHN, and little PETER of Faith, and yet HE grew, and a massive Man BECAME! I was Wise not to discontinue HIM, when HE REJECTED MY SON after Lord Caiaphas’ bash! That Man was evil as gets. His Heart BLACKENED through those Black Arts of DEATH. He never RECOVERED and never WILL. All those Sanhedrin, except Nicodemus and the Wise old ARIMATHEA all went to Death (Hell) for corruption of SOUL.”
“Like VIPERS They were”, St. JOSEPHUS The ARIMATHEAN has just called to Me while typing up this Manuscript now.”
“MY LAW is NOW! NOT in those old dusty Books of the PROPHETS. IT Lives. IT contains Her, ALL that EXISTS. IT is not LOOKED at in the Past, in TEXTS and such like. I am ALIVE! I LIVE for each BEING! I am His or Her ESSENCE if You like. I am the war that EXISTS in the Heart and SOUL of Her, each Being that I brought among Them, the People of GOD. I Live and yet They close the DOOR on MY FACE, and I Love RICHLY, to DEATH in SOME PARTS, and yet They not RECEIVE, on a part of Their Computers and TECHNOLOGY and Listening devices. They Hear not a Sound that has been SAID from MY HEART THROUGH Them. This was the war, LORD YESHUA faced and yet it is more TECHNICAL of sorts in YOUR TIME! Now it is all ELECTRONIC noise and TRAFFIC noise that blocks the Heart out of Man. He is DEAD to US, the Wise of Old, the Star People, the rich SOLAR LORDS of wealth and treasures beyond MEASURE, and yet They Look not, and turn on Their T.V. sets, to play GAMES. So POWERLESS! So USELESS to Her, the SPIRIT of Their BEING, dear Divine MOTHER of MY Life up ABOVE, in the Stars of MY Heaven.
HER Life on this PLANET is COMPLETE! SHE has HAD it! SHE can’t take MUCH. HER tipping point is now in PROGRESS. It should have HAPPENED, but it DIDN’T! One Star Child held BACK, MY MAITREYA, in 2010. You were profound in Your PRAYERS and I LISTENED, and MY HEART broke, to HEAR Her Words of Truths MEANING, and I REJECTED that COLLAPSE at that point, after all You DID in that WYOMING CEREMONY with the Elders of the World.”
(The 19+1=20 Ceremony in May 2004 with Traditional Medicine Elders and Spiritual Leaders from all over the World that I lead with Bennie Blue Feather, the Spiritual Leader of the East Wind River Shoshone Indians. THE EARTHLY MOTHER of GOD had fled our Planet never to return. SHE could no longer take, any more of the daily constant Pain and denial of HER all Loving existence anymore. In that Historic cataclysmic Peace Ceremony, We proved HER collectively, that the Spiritual Elders of the World still REMEMBERED HER and HONOURED HER BEING with our constant Love, and as a result, SHE returned to Earth, our only home Planet, and SAID, “That if You can Teach all the World’s Peoples to Love ME as YOU have proved that You Love ME, I will return and Life will become sustainable again! The Spiritual Elders and Wisdom keepers of this World have remembered and kept our promise, but not enough people are LISTENING to our WISE WORDS of WISDOM, and now WE are back passed the 11th. Hour again facing our whole Planet’s destruction from the LACK of HER GRACE DIVINE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT!).
“I had CALLED them to Her to meet and most ATTENDED. A few not and that is their disgrace. I shall recommend not in FUTURE! When I call, They ATTEND!!! That is an OUTRAGE by Her, some of Your PEOPLE of Your Earth! They Know NOT, who They do, in Their SERVICE to GOD. I AM THE ‘I AM’ of MOSES and the rest. I Speak not to MOST. They Hear not MY VOICE, for I care not for some ~ MY LAW-breakers and the weak of evil PART. They meet recompense for Their ACTIONS. Their lot is KNOWN and yet They DO! They are so FOOLISH, beyond measure to SPEAK. I am THE LAW of GOD, of Heaven and Earth of ALL PLACES and ALL abide by MY RULES or SUFFER! That is the REGULATION for this PLANET or SUFFER the CONSEQUENCES. This Planet, is REGULATED by Rules of MY CAUSE, and when ONE ACTION is caused, it ANTAGONISES the main frame of MY EXISTANCE and structure weakness occurs, of which You are EXPERIENCING in the CLIMATE, from all those CHEMICALS You have placed up in the AIR ~ all those Chem’ Trails that DECIMATE and FRACTURE MY structure of Light and Peace and GRACE up ABOVE, that PROTECTS Her, Your BEING, and all PEOPLES of this PLANE, as DIVERSE as It IS! It has blown holes in Its matrix and now the Sun gets to places It should NOT! That is MAN’S doing, not MY Life of LOVE, that duly Lived to LOVE. I am not WITH, when You SHATTER MY STRUCTURE. You DECIMATE It all, that was ENTRUSTED to You and to hold ETERNAL. ‘Care-takers of the EARTH’ I made, and You are SURELY Its DESTROYERS!!!
I have not LEFT, but I have come CLOSE, to One WOMAN, ‘THE MAGDALENE’, to tell the TRUTH to the WORLD of what is ABOUT to happen unless You ADJUST! Her terms are ABSOLUTE! I have no ADJUSTMENT in Her. She did, all I SAID, and She stands, in Grounds so HOLY, everyone SPEAKS of Her when They APPROACH. Just WATCH what She does and MIMIC Her, or COLLAPSE. That is MY WARNING this EASTER. It is so SERIOUS to Her, Your WORLD as It stands. It is near collapse POINT in MY next BREATH if I DEMAND!
You are the chosen Sons of MY World to have been KEPT for this place. You were Gifted all sorts to RESURRECT the old medieval parts not GOOD and to REPAIR the main frame of LIFE and yet You chose to abandon ~ NOT to ~ when You had the equipment to govern and RULE of the SPIRIT as ‘THE MAGDALENE’ did and HAS, and now REIGNS in CHRIST and all Planes of Rulership as a new SOLAR LORD of GRACE as MAITREYA and the new LORD DOMINIC, over the new FOURTH DIMENSION, that brings far greater purpose than She ever HAD.
earth artwork, by sam hadley.-Internet Copyrighted Shrunk 2
She is Gifted with ALL SORTS of which She is not yet ATTUNED. It is all NEW for Her. So MUCH has She DONE for MY LIFE, I cannot yet SPEAK. I am in Her debt for ever MORE, and ALL MY DOMAIN is. It will be RETURNED, that KNOWLEDGE, of what She DID, for it is HISTORY of GOD and so profane, I can’t yet ADJUST. A MIRACLE She pulled OFF and all LIVES to Her CREDIT, and yet She is meek and just SMILES, when People ASK Her about what HAPPENED? She CANNOT Speak HERSELF yet, for what happened. It so over RULED Her BEING, in all RESPECTS! Her Life was EXUDED with such PRECISION, such delicate and fine, in the Ethics of LAW of the Divine Woman, that Her matrix re-built what was LOST to Her World and the Network ABOUT Her fabric of substance, and it RICHOCETED to the rest of the Planet. None but NONE has this POWER but HER.
Other Worlds are not OPEN to Her, Your Beings of this DOMAIN. They close Their DOORS to Her, to Teach what is FELT by OTHERS in the Universe of this 12th. Sector of the Planets of MY DOMINION in THEIR DIMENSIONS of GOD’S GRACE. They cannot ACCEPT what Mankind has done and is DOING to Their World, and Theirs will not suffer such Thy have determined for Their own self-protection. Mankind must learn now or LOST be in this Planet.”
(“In this planet?”)
“You have Four Dimensions on this Planet of Beings, not just YOUR Domain of One! See? It COLLAPSES to OTHER BEINGS of Your SELFISHNESS! They REPARATE! but Yours NOT and YOURS threatens it ALL! This MUST be DONE! ‘The MAGDALENE’ will LEAD, from all I TELL Her, but this is so SERIOUS, it MUST be done NOW, or else I CONCLUDE this World with the rest that have collapsed, and as a Freemason, I will begin a new BUILD, as MY MAGDALENE has, for Her RETURN, so SPECIAL, You can hardly IMAGINE! Just EXQUISITE LOVE for Her in MY NAME of GOD in CHRIST, THE LAW of HEAVEN and ALL PLACES. NEVER was One such as ‘The MAGDALENE’ and I can never REPAY Her for Her EFFORTS in this Life, to resurrect the whole of CHRISTENDOM in MY NAME and ABOVE in the STARS.
This is COMPLETE, this TEACHER. Please Listen to Her VOICE. It is a last claim to LIFE! Your Dominion is Your own! Rule WISELY of Her and Care-Take the Earth, MY Friend and Heaven of old. Peace be with, MY MAGDALENE. The LAW of GOD is ABOVE You and walks at Your side and in Her Heart and Breast of GOD.
More will YESHUA Speak in a Time. HE still rests and RELAXES, from what WAS, and now HE is RESTORED in MY Faith and GRACE, and Bliss unfolds to HIS whole BEING, that was so TORTURED by those Romans and Jews of Chief Caiaphas, that Witch of Satan and Solomon.
I close, for MY Path is OTHER at this Time and I must ‘Adieu’. Farewell and treasure take of MY Earth, for It is Rich in much of the Soul and Heart MY SWEET. I Love. Pray the World will LISTEN!”
“And the seventh angel sounded.
And I saw a mighty being come down from Heaven,
Clothed with a cloud;
And a rainbow on his head,
And his face was as is it were the Sun,
And his feet were pillars of fire.
And he had in his hand a book open:
And he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth,
And he cried with aloud voice, which was wondrous to hear:
‘O Man, would you have this vision come to pass?’
And I answered, ‘You know I would do anything
So that these terrible things might not come to pass.’
And he spoke: “Man has created these powers of destruction.
He has made them from his own mind.
He has turned his face away
From the angels of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother,
And he has fashioned his own destruction.”
And I spoke: “Then is there no hope, bright angel?”
And a blazing light streamed like a river from his hands
As he answered, “There is always hope,
O thou for whom Heaven and Earth were created.”
And the angel gave to me the book,
And I opened the book, and I read therein
What had always been, what was now, and what would come to pass.
I saw the holocaust that would engulf the Earth,
And the great destruction
That would drown all her people in oceans of blood.
And I saw too the eternity of man
And the endless forgiveness of the Almighty.
The souls of men were as blank pages in the book,
Always ready for a new song to be there inscribed.
And I lifted up my face
To the seven Angels of the Earthly Mother
And the seven Angels of the Heavenly Father,
And I felt my feet touching the holy brow of the Earthly Mother,
And my fingers touching the holy feet of the Heavenly Father,
And I uttered a hymn of thanksgiving:
“I thank thee, heavenly father,
Because thou hast put me at a source of running streams,
At a living spring in a land of drought,
Watering an eternal garden of wonders,
The Tree of Life, Mystery of mysteries,
Growing everlasting branches for eternal planting,
To sink their roots into the stream of life from an eternal source.
And thou, Heavenly Father,
Protect their fruits
With the angels of day and night,
And with flames of Eternal Light lighting every way.
But again the voice spoke,
And again my eyes were drawn away
From the splendours of the realm of light,
“Heed thou, O man!
You may walk on the right path
And walk in the presence of the angels,
You may sing of the Earthly Mother by day
And of the Heavenly Father by night,
And through your being course the golden stream of the Law,
But would you leave your brothers
To plunge through the gaping chasm of blood,
As the pain-wracked Earth shudders and groans
Under her chains of stone?
Can you drink from the cup of eternal life
While your brothers die of thirst?”
And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying:
“Lo, the mountain of the Lord’s house
Is established in the top of the mountains
And is exalted above the hills;
And all people shall flow to it.
Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
To the house of God;
And he will teach us of his ways,
And we will walk in his paths:
For out of the Holy Brotherhood shall go forth the Law.
Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men,
And he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people,
And God himself will be with them, and be their God.’
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;
And there shall be no more death,
Neither sorrow, nor crying,
Neither shall there be any more pain:
For the former things have all passed away.
Those who made war shall beat their swords into ploughshares,
And their spears into pruning hooks:
Nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
Neither shall they learn war anymore:
For the former things have passed away.
And he spoke again: “Behold I make all things new.
I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.
I will give to him that thirsts at the Fountain of the Water of Life freely.
He who overcomes shall inherit all things,
And I will be his God, and he shall be my son.
But the fearful, and the unbelieving,
And the abominable, and murderers, and all liars,
Shall dig their own pit which burns with fire and brimstone.”
And again my vision changed,
And I heard the voices of the holy brotherhood raised in song,
Saying, “Come ye, and let us walk in the light of the Law.”
And I saw the Holy City,
And the brothers were streaming to it.
And the city had no need of the sun,
Neither of the moon to shine on it:
For the glory of God did lighten it.
And I saw the pure river of the Water of Life,
Clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God.
And in the middle of the river stood the Tree of Life,
Which bore fourteen kinds of fruits,
And yielded her fruit to those who would eat of it,
And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
And there shall be no night there;
And they need no candle, neither light of the sun,
For the Lord gives them light:
And they shall reign for ever and ever.
I have reached the inner vision
And through thy spirit in me
I have heard thy wondrous secret.
Through thy mystic insight
Thou hast caused a spring of knowledge
To well up within me,
A fountain of power pouring forth living waters;
A flood of love and all-embracing wisdom
Like the splendour of eternal light.”
(From the Dead Sea Scrolls. Extracts from ‘The Essene Book of Prophecy.’)
1st. Image Copyrighted to Dominic ‘White Eagle Star.
2nd. image Copyrighted to Whitewolf Switzer.
3rf. Image Copyrighted to The Beloved Community.


For the first time since LORD YESHUA commanded me to move to Glastonbury to continue on HIS Nazarene work for HIM in 2012, HE didn’t appear in the Temple today to speak to me. Concerned, I went to see HIM instead in HIS First Universe of GOD. When I saw HIM, HE said that HE “,..couldn’t speak. HE was at REST!” For the first time since HE Visioned HIS own Crucifixion as a young Child in Nazareth, HE was. I could literally feel HIS intense Peace had returned back to HIM.

Yeshua Overlooking Kidron Valley

I then went to visit LORD JEHOVAH to speak with HIM instead for an update on yesterdays mammoth events and HE couldn’t speak to me either ~ literally.

Jesus Mary Stone_Small Image

“I and the FATHER are ONE” LORD YESHUA Taught. Healing the MESSIANIC SON yesterday very powerfully affected HIS Heavenly FATHER-MOTHER also as I had expected, but all is well and that is ALL that matters. DIVINE PEACE has TRULY been restored back to Christendom Universally within the HOLY TRINITY of the MESSIAH of GOD once more. All praise and glory be unto GOD for that one!.

In Light and Love Ever After,
The Magdalene

LORD YESHUA Completes the Fifth Stage of HIS Crucifixion Resurrection Tonight. 19th. April, 2019.

As St. Mark wrote in His Synoptic Gospel 15: 25 and v. 34, LORD YESHUA hung on that cross of horror for six long agonising hours and suffered, like no other in the history of all time.

Following the major personal healing of the Magdalene spoken about earlier today in February 2019, commencing during her Noonday Essene Holy Communion Prayer time today, she initiated the sixth stage of LORD YESHUA’S RESURRECTION process that began a week prior to HIS death at Golgotha, in Bethany, her brother Elʿāzārs (Lazarus’) home. Normally there are three stages to a Human Beings death, but with LORD YESHUA being
Solar, in HIS case, there turned out to be five. Having worked with HIM to achieve this in the Heaven Realms on and off all afternoon, I got word from GOOD LORD JEHOVAH HIS HEAVENLY FATHER just after 19:00 hours tonight, that the fifth stage was finally successfully completed. A full account of today’s historic events will be written up in St. Bartholomew’s new Holy Gospel to be released hopefully later on this year.

Thank you all, for dropping what you were doing at very short notice to assist me with this process through the gift of your love to HIM so unconditionally today when this life-changing need of HIS suddenly appeared today on my Spiritual radar. It was greatly appreciated by us BOTH!

Following this final fifth stage of HIS Crucifixion event being completed tonight finally bringing HIM full circle back to HIS HEAVENLY FATHER-MOTHER GOD on HIGH ~ THE MESSIAH ~ HE went to HIS own Heavenly Temple in the Spirit Realms and gave thanks unto GOD for HIS SAFE DELIVERANCE and COMPLETION.

Tonight, just before 21:00 hours G.M.T., I had a very strong impression to walk up my road to Wearyall Hill, the site of where the original Holy Thorn Tree of LORD YESHUA’S had once grown before being cut down by a lunatic. The Sacred Tree Trunk was adorned with more Prayer Ribbons and Spiritual Trinkets than I have ever seen in my life there over the past 45 years. Caiaphas and the Romans cut down LORD YESHUA’S Physical Body by nailing HIM to a ‘Tree’ just over 2,000 years ago; a lunatic in Glastonbury on the 8th. December, 2010 cut down with a chain saw the Holy Thorn growing very happily still upon Wearyall Hill here in Glastonbury, on the Sacred Isle of Avalon HIS ministry walking stick; but this day, the 20 th. April, 2019, HE proved HIS superiority and governance over all existence, both Spiritual and Physical and conquered it all through HIS Divine Mastership and Heavenly Royal Command finally, above the very worse that Mankind could do to any Being in any shape or form and stand erect, supreme as our True all ruling SON of GOD and MESSIAH of ALL that HE IS!


Looking at all the many thousands of multi-coloured Prayer Ribbons blowing gently in the warm Spring breeze here in Avalon this misty evening, even the desecrating severe sabotage of HIS HOLY TREE, so representative of HIS PHYSICAL BODY and DIVINE PRESENCE upon this Earth now in our time, despite the Jews and the Romans best attempts to kill HIM and all of HIS Disciples, and HIS pure and perfect Nazarene Essene ‘WAY’ of Life that HE taught throughout the whole of HIS dear sweet LIFE and MINISTRY WORK 2,000 years ago, NOTHING could stop and silence the great and ever continuing outpouring of peoples love and hearts towards HIM, our eternal LORD of LOVE and LIFE, and all of Humanities only ‘Key to enter into Heaven.’

5. Thoma said to him, “Our Lord, we do not know where you are going and how can we know the way?” 6. YESHUA said to him, “I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Way and The Truth and The Life; no man comes to MY FATHER but by ME alone.”

(The Aramaic Bible. The Gospel According to St. John 14: 5-6.)


NOTHING is more POWERFUL than our ONE TRUE ETERNALLY LIVING and ALL RULING GOD on HIGH. Shalom LORD this Day at last to YOU with the love of your Magdalene and all of your loyal Essene Friends, x


As we remember today past historical events with a heavy heart and also great gratitude, this year brings Good Friday and Passover together on the same day.
GOD’S COMMANDMENT: Leviticus 23:5 says that Passover is to be celebrated on the 14th of Nissan at twilight.
LORD YESHUA’S OBEYANCE of GOD’S COMMANDMENT: Matthew 27:62 tells us that Yeshua died on the day of preparation for the Passover, which is Nissan 14.
YESHUA Lambs and Deer_Corbert Gauthier Artist.jpgA beautiful picture this Good Friday and Passover Day by Artist Corbert Gauthier. 
Very powerful personal recent Spiritual events relating back to my life as the Magdalene of YESHUA at the Crucifixion came up within me last February, having carried LORD YESHUA, THE VIRGIN MOTHER and HIS DISCIPLES through this time of horror and utter disbelief energetically of what was happening during these events through my GOD-Gifted gifts of Solar Spirit Medicine. It has sent me reeling in every level of my Being re-living it all again but has also allowed me to complete certain tasks in the now, that through my eventual exhaustion at that time I couldn’t complete. I had to help HIM through HIS Resurrection process of which the World currently knows not. This is why I have not been able to answer many of your e-mails as I normally would of late.
Letting certain things go now from the Passion event ripped a large hole in my heart chakra and I have had to seriously rest to remain on this Planet to complete my life’s work now, having been given Psychic Surgery from the GODHEAD. I have just had to step back and rest until now.
I have spent this morning helping LORD YESHUA recover from that event also. HIS Spirit and Soul Body recovered from HIS horrific ordeal but HIS Mind Body never did from the worst trauma to ever hit any Being that ever lived, and that is what I have been working on with HIM today. Easter is a time that HE has always hated ever since that event, with the banning of crucifixes in any shape or form Worldwide upon our Earth. HE will not visit any Church in our World that contains one! That is how incredibly painful that Roman symbol of torture and death that HE endured is! As a result, while the World walks carrying crosses up the Via Delarosa in Jerusalem sticking more nails and spears into HIS precious gentle Mind of Love, I am going to ask all of our lovely Nazarean Essene Community Worldwide instead, to radiate your deepest Heart-Felt LOVE back to HIM, in HIS time of need now to support me to help HEAL HIM in HIS MIND BODY TODAY! This is the best PASSOVER PRESENT that WE can collectively Gift to HIM ~ HIS ETERNAL PEACE of MIND, NOW and for ALWAYS! Thank you all.
As HE proved to us ALL, there is not a Tomb in the World that can contain HIM, for as THE MESSIANIC SON and LAMB of GOD, HE is ETERNAL, ONE with the RISEN SPIRIT of HIS FATHER-MOTHER GOD. Only HIS Physical Body died that Day, but HIS DIVINE PARENTS on HIGH were Crucified WITH HIM at that barbaric event as THEY bore WITNESS to It, and so if we can come together collectively as a NAZARENE WORLD ORDER of HIS loyal and devoted ESSENE BRETHREN of LIGHT and LOVE, we can help to not only HEAL our priceless RABBONI YESHUA, but likewise, also bring a Healing to HIS HEAVENLY FATHER and EARTHLY MOTHER today also.
“This is how we know what real love is: YESHUA gave His life for us.”
(1 John 3:16)
Today, it is time to gift OURS back to HIM to HEAL our heroic FRIEND and ORDER’S ETERNAL HIGH PRIEST!
I felt drawn to go out into the garden today and found my Holy Thorn Tree in full bloom, that grew from HIS Ministry Walking Staff that HE gave back to HIS GREAT-UNCLE St. JOSEPHUS The ARIMATHEAN prior to HIS Crucifixion. HE gave a prophesy when HE did so, that wherever It took root, HE was to continue to build HIS Nazarean Community and Ecclesia. It did this upon Wearyall Hill, here in Glastonbury, where HE had walked and played as a Boy with JOSEPHUS, and where HE directed me to establish HIS new Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel back in 2012. Unlike the English Hawthorn, LORD YESHUA’S Hawthorn flowers twice a year at the time of Passover and Christmas. Three times people have seriously tried to kill LORD YESHUA’S Holy Thorn Tree but the LIFE of OUR RISEN LORD can NEVER be KILLED, for HE LIVES ETERNALLY, as will all that truly FOLLOW HIM and follow strictly the Vegan Essene ‘WAY of CHRIST.’
Happy Passover everyone. Shalom!
Rev. Sister Dominic/ ‘Grace White Star.’

The Notra Dame Cathedral Fire & the Benedictine Essene St. Joan of Arc. 16th. April, 2019

I am sure that the hearts of all of our lovely Nazarene Essene Community internationally are united as One in sending out love and our support to the people of Paris at this time, following the devastating fire that took hold of Notra Dame Cathedral last evening. A Cathedral that I have visited many times since a child with probably the most beautiful stained-glass windows in the World, with a close second at St. Anthony’s Church in Compiegne.

Following my death at the stake in Rouen Market Place in A.D. 1431 aged 19 years, having been set up at my mock trial for heresy as a ‘Witch’ for being more ‘Spiritually Gifted’ as a Medium than my disconnected pro-English accusers, a quarter of a century later, my dear mother Isabelle in 1456 succeeded in attaining an appellate inquiry approved by Pope Callixtus III at which she spoke in Notra Dame Cathedral, who threw out the charges against me and declared me a martyr. In 1803, Napoleon Bonaparte made my former incarnation of Joan of Arc a French national symbol and just over a century later I was beatified in Rome. In 1920, nearly 500 years after her death, I was canonised by Pope Benedict XV in St. Peter’s Cathedral.

This major fire yesterday was symbolic on Earth materially of a Universally major event that happened in CHRISTENDOM Spiritually, of which I am not at liberty to speak about yet, that happened at the same time in Heaven.

Photograph Copyright of Fabien Barrau/ AFC 15. 03.19…/16/photo-gallery-notre-dame-f…/FRANCE FIRE NOTRE DAME_15 April 2019

Your Help Required for a Quick One Click Survey for St. Bartholomew The Disciple. 13th. April, 2019.

As you are all aware, I have spent the last two years receiving a huge Spirit Manuscript in Glastonbury Abbey from St. Bartholomew Nathan’a-el of His Holy Gospel. He was sadly beheaded before He could write It and so for obvious reasons, It never arrived in the New Testament of the Bible with the other Synoptic Gospels. He gave me the transcript of this Gospel of His during my last lifetime as St. Bernadette of Lourdes and upon my death, it was taken by the Catholic Church and never seen again, surprise surprise, as half of the Dead Sea Scrolls back in 1947 once found!

Having typed up already 600 pages of It, I am now trying to get It into some format as easy to read for you all as possible. As His friend the Magdalene, several times He has said to me in the manuscript, “You can explain that because you know it already” to save on my precious time with Him doing this work and to cover more ground of the unknown history of LORD YESHUA that the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325 edited out or rewrote altogether to make our LORD YESHUA’S teachings more pagan to please the then reigning Emperor Constantine in Rome at the time that commissioned them to do this work. As a result, I have to add quite a lot of commentary explaining the main body of His huge autobiographical Holy Gospel into this next Book explaining certain statements He has made at times. This has given me therefore, a dilemma.

1). To keep the main body of His Gospel as one block, and to place all my commentary in the back of the Book, so the reader has to keep flitting backwards and forwards in the Book to comprehend fully the deeper meanings of what St. Bartholomew is teaching about, or

2). To insert a running commentary throughout the manuscript narrative so you receive it as you read it, in a way breaking up the flow in some senses of the Gospel.

Therefore, I am throwing it out to all of our lovely Nazarene Community to ask you all in the way of a survey to see which way you would prefer me to set it out for you all to enjoy the most. Can you please answer 1). or 2). for me. Please go to our Facebook page to enter your reply. Many thanks.

Peace be with you all in these very exciting apocalyptical times.

Rev. Sister Dominic, the Magdalene.

Arms Outstretched

Our Annual Summer Gathering

Just to give all of our lovely Nazarene Essene Community Members the heads up, our Annual Gathering this year will be held here in Glastonbury on Saturday, 22nd. June, 2019.

For further details, please contact Rev. Sister Dominic at or telephone +44 (0) 1458 837801

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