Your Help Required for a Quick One Click Survey for St. Bartholomew The Disciple. 13th. April, 2019.

As you are all aware, I have spent the last two years receiving a huge Spirit Manuscript in Glastonbury Abbey from St. Bartholomew Nathan’a-el of His Holy Gospel. He was sadly beheaded before He could write It and so for obvious reasons, It never arrived in the New Testament of the Bible with the other Synoptic Gospels. He gave me the transcript of this Gospel of His during my last lifetime as St. Bernadette of Lourdes and upon my death, it was taken by the Catholic Church and never seen again, surprise surprise, as half of the Dead Sea Scrolls back in 1947 once found!

Having typed up already 600 pages of It, I am now trying to get It into some format as easy to read for you all as possible. As His friend the Magdalene, several times He has said to me in the manuscript, “You can explain that because you know it already” to save on my precious time with Him doing this work and to cover more ground of the unknown history of LORD YESHUA that the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325 edited out or rewrote altogether to make our LORD YESHUA’S teachings more pagan to please the then reigning Emperor Constantine in Rome at the time that commissioned them to do this work. As a result, I have to add quite a lot of commentary explaining the main body of His huge autobiographical Holy Gospel into this next Book explaining certain statements He has made at times. This has given me therefore, a dilemma.

1). To keep the main body of His Gospel as one block, and to place all my commentary in the back of the Book, so the reader has to keep flitting backwards and forwards in the Book to comprehend fully the deeper meanings of what St. Bartholomew is teaching about, or

2). To insert a running commentary throughout the manuscript narrative so you receive it as you read it, in a way breaking up the flow in some senses of the Gospel.

Therefore, I am throwing it out to all of our lovely Nazarene Community to ask you all in the way of a survey to see which way you would prefer me to set it out for you all to enjoy the most. Can you please answer 1). or 2). for me. Please go to our Facebook page to enter your reply. Many thanks.

Peace be with you all in these very exciting apocalyptical times.

Rev. Sister Dominic, the Magdalene.

Arms Outstretched

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