7/8-Day Nazarean Essene Prayer Fast LORD YESHUA’S Way here in Glastonbury ~ August 2019

Angel Wings Tea Light Holder-1000x1000

I have had a lady come and request me to guide her through a Nazarean Essene 7/8 Day Fast as LORD YESHUA used to practice 2,000 years ago in August 2019 from Friday, 16th. August beginning at 6 p.m. prompt until the evening of Saturday, 24th. August, 2019. I know the brain cells are turning and thinking that’s 8 Days. That is true. That is because it includes a rest day afterwards to ground yourself back into your Physical Body, it is such a highly intense Spiritual Ceremony that it also has the additional blessing of wiping all of your past life karma away to wipe the slate of your life squeeky clean!

Currently I have another twin-bedded bedroom available if any of you would like to take part in this life changing Angelic Ceremony of GOD our almighty CREATOR SPIRIT that 1-2 people can use to share in this all-sacred timeless practice of our ETERNAL MASTER. I have had several requests over the past few months from you asking when the next Nazarene Fasting Retreat was going to be and so now you know. It’s first come first served as always.

Please book on-line for our Centre to book your place if interested or call Rev. Sister Dominic direct here at the Centre on +44 (0) 1458 837801.

Much love to you all and Peace be with you.

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