The Sacred Holy Thorn Tree of LORD YESHUA Cut Down ~ 23rd. May, 2019

23 May 2019_Image Wearyall Tree Stump Gone

Sad news for you all. At some time on Thursday, 23rd May, 2019, the already badly attacked Holy Thorn Tree on Wearyall Hill was finally destroyed by the owner of the land that it grew upon! The Council just having banned a man’s application for Planning Permission to build six new 3-storey townhouses upon Wearyall Hill due to its developments close proximity to one of the two most sacred of all Trees in the World connected with LORD YESHUA, have just recently announced this. And now this! It’s unbelievable and everybody in Glastonbury is in shock and just horrified at this action. Hopefully, he will plant a replacement cutting from the Mother Tree at his own expense having done such a terrible thing to a pilgrimage site to people so adored by the whole world over.

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