Our Fifth Nazarean Essene Gathering & Potluck Garden Party ~ 22nd. June, 2019

20190622_151940I hope that those of you that have received our new quarterly Newsletter format on our Nazarean Essene Mailing List enjoyed what landed into your mailboxes! I have received several pleased comments to date from some of you regarding its new layout, but ten e-mail addresses bounced back and so if you have not received yours as yet and would like to remain on our e-mail list, please get in touch with me at nazareanessene@gmail.com. Many thanks. We have our new friend Kathleen from Mexico to thank for helping me set this new project up! “Thank you Kathleen!” I couldn’t have done it without you!
For the sake of those that didn’t receive it, I will enclose part of it here for you.
Saturday, 22nd. June, 2019, saw our
Fifth Annual Nazarean Essene Thanksgiving Service
and Potluck Vegan Garden Party here in Glastonbury.
After a week of torrentially heavy rain, thunderstorms and deep floods in parts of the U.K., THE EARTHLY MOTHER answered our Prayers and appeared with just one hot sunny blue-skied perfect Summers Day to allow us to hold our lovely reunion day for our Community here in Avalon upon.
We performed our traditional Nazarene Foot Washing Ceremony in remembrance of LORD YESHUA among each other, that HE commanded us to repeat that HE performed upon HIS Disciples during the Last Supper at St. Mark’s parent’s house in Jerusalem prior to HIS Crucifixion as a sign of HIS Humility and Service to all Life. We then entered into the Temple one by one in silence, honour and respect, as LORD YESHUA had so directed us.
The Temple looked beautiful, with the fragrant roses that our members had gifted to the Centre on the opening and dedication day of the new JESIAS Temple of the Silver Rose at the Summer Solstice of June 2014 upon LORD JESIAS’ request. Spirit wove the energies for us prior to our entering within and you could literally feel Their presence there.
Two of our members had been told by Spirit to expect something very special to happen on this day and my goodness, They weren’t joking! We had the whole of the Hierarchy of Heaven present with us in the Temple. The energy was utterly indescribable it was so blissful. I AM, THE HEAVENLY FATHER, THE EARTHLY MOTHER, LORD JESIAS (LORD YESHUA), THE CHRIST WORD (THE SOLAR LOGOS), and all 13 ARCHANGELS of GOD came, with all the Heavenly Host. It is so very, very rare to have such a highly evolved body of CHRIST and MESSIANIC BEINGS collected together in one place, we truly were so very very blessed and honoured by their presence. In 60 years of my Mediumship, I have never seen such a company of such highly respected High Councillors of GOD in one place together joining with us in Ceremony. I still don’t know exactly what took place fully that incredibly powerful day in the history of our Earth, but the HOLY GRAIL was lit up so brightly as I have never witnessed IT radiate the CHRIST LIGHT BEFORE! It was TOO BRIGHT to LOOK upon as IT usually is for me! I could only glance at IT for a split second and then had to turn my vision away very quickly so as not to damage my Spiritual Vision. It was relayed back to us afterwards, that the energy in the Temple was felt as far away as Scotland and the U.S.A.!
Our friend John Morrissey, a professional Storyteller, gifted to us a wonderful true spiritual story about the Creation story of the Divine Birth of LORD JESIAS/ THE MASTER YESHUA, as taught by LORD MIKAAL/ St. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL, THE DIVINE ROUND TABLE of GOD, the Solar History of Glastonbury in relation to Its Landscape, and the HOLY GRAIL. Everybody really enjoyed it.
I have been looking at beginning the three-year ‘The Way of the MASTER Nazarean Essene Healing Course’ again by people’s request and will be running this in this Autumn 2019 for those interested. More information will be announced soon. Too much happened this Spring Spiritually for me to take on board anything else as I had originally planned. Probably the greatest thing since the Crucifixion happened on this Planet in which I played the main role and I just had to go with it and drop everything else at that time for LORD YESHUA to fulfil HIS Divine Plan for all Humankind. 
It was lovely to see everybody and catch up with their news. Thank you to everyone for coming and for making it such a special and enjoyable day!
PEACE be with you ALL! Shalom.
Rev. Sister Dominic, ‘The Magdalene.’


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