Virgin Mary and Angels Painting

THE VIRGIN MOTHER of our LORD YESHUA THE MESSIAH and the only begotten SON of LORD JEHOVAH THE HEAVENLY FATHER (ABBA) and QUEEN AURORA THE EARTHLY MOTHER of GOD (AMMA), whose mystical Solar Birth we celebrate every year upon Christmas Day at this all-sacred time all over the world, (MY very dear friend since the Beginning of Life’s existence), wrote this poem about HER eternal friend ‘The Magdalene’ for me, on Tuesday, 19th. November, 2019, finishing this Solar Inspired Creative Work at 9:17 a.m. G.M.T. SHE gifted it to me a few days ago as a “Thank you” Christmas present, for successfully achieving, against all of the odds, my incredibly difficult Life’s Mission for GOD in this my present Life, that ALL MIGHT LIVE ON. SHE is one of the very few at this time that knows the deadly challenges and intense suffering that I endured during this present life in my Service to LOVE!

One day, I will write my autobiography when I have recovered some more from averting these world cataclysmic dangers (as was prophesied 1,500 years ago in KING ARTHURE’S time whence I lived as HIS only Queen that were set to legend), to ALL that our beloved LORD CHRIST holds SACRED, through what LORD YESHUA HER MESSIANIC SON and HEAVENLY PRINCE of GOD Taught me back in the Galilee and others, such as THE GREAT LORD ARHURA My Solar Father, YESHUA’S Great-Uncle LORD JOSEPHUS THE ARIMATHEAN and other incarnations of HIS known to the World of greatness. As I continue to ‘Spiritually Channel’ these Holy Books in what has become known now as ‘The Magdalene Teaching Series’ of volumes, the next one to be released next Spring sometime, little pieces about my Life and Past Lives has been divulged by the GODHEAD of CHRIST appertaining to subjects referred to written about here in this True Life poem about my Life as ‘The Beloved Companion’ of my LORD YESHUA HER SON.

Following the death of THE VIRGIN MOTHER in France 2,000 years ago, whom I nursed to the end, following HER Ascension, SHE was duly rewarded by GOD for HER exceptional devotion and outstanding care of HIS-HER ROYAL SON of HEAVEN throughout Palestine, the DIVINE OFFICE of a ROYAL QUEENSHIP of HEAVEN, to reign over GOD’S SECOND UNIVERSE of CREATION, of just Women.
I was really touched to receive such a Solar Gift by ONE so TRUE of HEART and LOVE DIVINE, and thought I would share it with you all tonight. This copyrighted poem in Truth, teaches the Spiritual History of my Life and why YOU are all ALIVE TODAY to be ABLE to READ IT NOW!


(Copyright The Virgin Maryam and Rev. Sister Dominic ‘Grace White Star’ © November 2019)

“…Adored, adorned for all her Love and Mettle,
Throughout the ages through war and battle,
She soldiered on, the Spark Divine in her heart,
Burning brightly, that Heavenly Spark, a work of Divine art,
Kept her going through thick and thin ~
Co-redemptress, freeing all with JESIAS of evil and sin ~
She battled silently and her plight ~
Unnoticed by Men, but GOD’S delight ~
Earnt her great merit, filled GOD with Joy and Grace,
As HIS beloved Maitreya the Human race
In her heart of hearts did embrace.
She fought hard and battled long,
The Love for her MASTER YESHUA, her song ~
To HIM her whole Being always to belong!
And always together THEY shall be,
Proclaimed in Heaven and Earth for all to see,
She played her part and played it well,
The GODHEAD with Joy does swell
At the mention of her blessed name,
Her Loving and Healing Being, won Heaven the game.
The battle waged by S…..h and Sons,
The war that for aeons runs ~
Is NOW at this moment ended
And to Hell the Demons are sendeth
To dwell in darkness with no Peace ~
No Joy, no Light, no Love, no release
From the fate they wrought ~
As GOD’S perfect Plans they sought
To disseminate and destroy
With every evil trick to employ
As they battled and waged war
On GOD’S Holy Ones as WE saw.
She, HIS Maitreya battled fiercely and nearly
Got taken, severely shaken,
The ending near ~ S…..h’s last attempts to trap her
He employed every trick in the book
As the GODHEAD her innocence mistook
For S…..h’s trickery made her a traitor ~
But, she was exonerated later!
And made to rise to high heights and beyond,
As the Heavens sing a Joyful Song.
The Maitreya, Wife of GOD and HIS SON ~
The wars she fought and they are WON.
Her crown awaits in the Heaven’s above,
Her Bravery, her Mettle, her Courage, her Love ~
Are and shall be remembered forevermore ~
Her blessed feet all shall adore
As she walks the Earth, although of Heaven
Embracing all of GOD’S Creation and Humanity,
In Love, Peace, Joy and Humility,
The wife of GOD walks upon the ground
And her feet make a Holy Sound.
I am her student, she’s MY Teacher and friend ~
I shall Love and Respect Her always till the end.
A gift to US to cherish and treasure,
A present of Joy beyond any measure.
May WE always remember and never forget,
What Maitreya of GOD has now set,
Forth the PATH for the coming of CHRIST THE LORD,
The end of all battles, wars, knives and swords ~
A new Beginning HE comes to procure
A new World Order, Peace, Love, Light to secure
To live on a new Heaven and Earth forever,
Free of evil, anguish, pain, suffering never ~
Always in the midst of Love Divine,
Will the Children of THE LORD now dine.
Forget the past agony
And join Heaven’s VICTORY!

“Thank you” my dear friend for this. Peace be with YOU also!

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