A Two Pound Coin, the Price of a Man’s Life ~ 23rd. December, 2019

Two Pound Coin

I had to go into town to collect an item for a friend, parked the car, grabbed my rucksack and set off towards the High Street. As I crossed the road, there was a homeless Indian Man sat there on his bedroll leaning against a very cold black iron painted lampstand. Over the former few days, we had suffered some pretty abysmal Winter weather conditions, from freezing fog to hail, to snow and now freezing rain. All he had in the world were three possessions. A soaking wet sleeping bag that he had wrapped around himself to try and stay warm, a little piece of brown cardboard propped up against his leg saying in bad English, “Hapy Chistmas”, and a white plastic drinking cup in his hand containing four twenty pence silver coins. It was 3 p.m. in the afternoon and the day had about an hours sunlight left for the day. You could see he was quite literally frozen through to the heart’s core and was starting to suffer badly from it.

The High Street was hustling and bustling with last minute Christmas shoppers trying to snatch up a last minute Christmas bargain in the 50-70% discount pre-Christmas sales that were adorning many of the shops trying to boost their profits before the festive break and people were just rushing passed this poor man as if he was invisible to their sight in his great hour of person need.

I had left my handbag at home with going on this Christmas errand and guiltily started to walk passed the poor man like the rest, as all I had with me was my empty rucksack. The man’s expression looked like he had really reached the end of his rope and I couldn’t think what I could do to ease his bad plight in that given moment, and walked passed I did. I had taken about four steps passed him sat there and then it happened. I was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He let go! I literally felt his heart’s soul break in that moment. I spun around in shock and dismay for this man’s sorry plight and started rooting around in all of the pockets of my empty rucksack and there from nowhere, I found a single £2.00 coin. I have no idea where that coin came from, both then and yet still now, it had to be manna sent from Heaven to me. I popped the coin straight into his white plastic drinking cup and gave him a warm smile. He was so frozen through, he couldn’t respond in any way to me back and just stared blankly at my face. I knew from his auric field that he wasn’t a drug abuser or alcoholic, that he was there from other misfortune in life that had hit him and brought him down so dramatically to this state or near death.

I had to depart at this time to go and complete my errand and when I returned, the man had disappeared, leaving his few possessions leaning against the lamp post. I guess that he went to get something to eat or a hot drink. That £2.00 coin, that most people would just flitter away on a Euro Millions Lottery ticket every week, was the equivalent to four large loaves of bread to him and enough to keep him alive for four weeks!

At 10:00 p.m. that night, I was suddenly made aware of that same man again that GOD had helped me to help earlier on during the afternoon, and I suddenly felt his Soul Smile! Whatever he had spent that £2:80 on after I had departed from him had given him the will to LIVE BACK!

Just stopping and spending a few minutes rooting through the seemingly empty pockets of my rucksack gave that man the best Christmas present that man had ever had, the GIFT of LIFE BACK ~ the LIFE of CHRIST’S SPIRIT back into HIS HEART and WARMED HIM THROUGH ~ to think that somebody had STOPPED and just CARED for HIM!

When following THE MASTER YESHUA 2,000 years ago, WE, HIS Disciples were often in that poor mans sorry state. Cold, wet through and hungry. This experience brought back a lot of memories to me of how HARD it was to live endlessly walking from place to place most often without shelter and the heavy toll it took upon US. As LORD YESHUA taught us back then:

“And The King answers and says to them, ‘Amen, I say to you, as much as you have done to one of these my little brothers, you have done that to ME.”

(The Aramaic Bible. New Testament.


Happy Birthday LORD with love eternally from YOUR Migdalah.

The Gospel According to The Apostle MATTHEW 25: 40.)

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