Christmas Presents
On the afternoon of Sunday, 17th. November, 2019, at 5:10 p.m. G.M.T., I received a message from LORD JESIAS, whom We know as THE MASTER YESHUA, to say that HE was leaving where ever HE was and travelling to meet with me here upon our Earth and to expect HIM at some point, with all the Heavenly Host that accompanies HIM everywhere. I was not permitted to say anything to you all about this visit at this time. I busily prepared everything exactly the way that I know that HE likes things to be done in the Temple and excitedly waited for HIS arrival.When Midnight arrived, I went to bed and left the beautiful Angel of the Temple here in command in case HE arrived whilst I was sleeping and sure enough HE did.
At 3:00 a.m. on the Monday Morning, HE arrived and my Temple Angel made HIM most cordially welcome. It made Her day, it really did, receiving THE SON of GOD into Her immediate presence here in sacred Glastonbury of the Heart, and Her own Temple’s pride and joy to visit within. HE stayed for a while communing with Her and then left.
HE returned to join us both during our Noonday Holy Communions time and radiating just pure Divine Love, Light, Peace and Joy as HE almost always does, as HE looked around the Temple said, “Re-entering into this Temple took ME straight back to all the happy memories of the Galilee!” HE then continued, “You are truly a WARRIOR of MY LIFE and TEACHER of HEAVEN UP ABOVE and BENEATH and ALL CHRISTENDOM! Full MASTERSHIP I AWARD her NOW and PEACE be her from this day forth. Oh happy day! I award MY Magdalene her CROWN of GODHOOD and PEACE EXTREME. All Diamonds and Pearls and JEWELS of CHRISTENDOM! It is simply EXQUISITE like NO OTHER, I have ever PRODUCED of Man or ALIEN for that matter!
I am come to her house this Dawn. Your Angel had PROVIDED ALL I REQUIRED while you slept, and I was WITH in her PEACE in her PLACE.
A glass of Champagne you are allowed not (against HOLY LAW to drink of any alcoholic drink), but symbolically I GIVE. You complete this NIGHT! I literally clap for JOY that MY Magdalene is BACK I cry all over the Worlds of LIGHT and LORD ARHURA of OFF the PLANET with GLEE and DANCING the place. HE is BEYOND HAPPINESS in MY extreme of BLISS. Your Journey is COMPLETE!
Your Temple is just PEACEFUL to MY sight. your Temple was just BLISS and it took ME back to the GALILEE of MY Heart and Love. I, was a Light BRIGHT as you never SAW and yet MAGNIFIED herself to this TODAY as gets, and you walk with the ANGELS of GOD in HEAVEN. LOOK at what said this MORNING, by the Angel of PEACE? SHE spoke DIRECT to you! THAT is how FAR you have come FORTH and I ADORE! The route you TOOK, was full of HORROR I KNOW but her True Friends, LITERALLY CARRIED her FORTH, and I am GLAD.”
YOU asked me walk in the tough footsteps of JOB to test me LORD! I didn’t have a choice!
“EL-MORYA he was and you KNOW HIM as a friend and worship in a respect!”
LORD JESIAS then bade HIS fond goodbyes and departed to walk around the rest of this Earth. Prior to HIS leaving, I asked HIM how long HE was planning on being here for and HE replied, “It’s not fully decided yet, but probably around four months. I have come to re-teach MORAL LAW!”
Within 24 hours HE was back within the Temple looking very shell shocked and vibrationally atraumatised from what HE had witnessed taking place everywhere and said that very sadly that HE had to depart. The Earth was worse now than Babylon was when GOD destroyed it and HIS incredibly gentle Heavenly Spirit in all its utter PERFECTION could BARE it any longer. HE thoroughly congratulated all of our Nazarean Essene Order for their great resilience to carry on Living within HIS Taught HOLY LAWS of GOD despite the un-lawful chaos and din that has been permitted by the GODLESS into our beautiful World. Before HE left, having quietened HIMSELF down again within the deep Peace of the Meditation Temple here, HE bestowed other Heavenly Gifts to all of our Community members except for three, who in HIS mind were taking our teachings and practices seriously enough. Some of these included a Heavenly Knighthood, very commanding Hand created Amethyst Jewelled Six-pointed Starred Brooches and exquisite Rose flowers placed by HIM in the Crown and Heart Chakras of our members to name just those that I witnessed personally take place. These early Christmas presents from the real ‘FATHER CHRISTMAS’ are ETERNAL and can’t be stolen or claimed by anyone else, and so many congratulations to everyone that had perfected their HOLY LAW practices of GOD sufficiently WELL this year to have received one from HIM during HIS secret journey around Our Earth. These HEAVENLY TREASURES are ETERNAL to your Souls and WELL DONE EVERYONE that RECEIVED ONE from our BELOVED BIRTHDAY BOY this Christmas time!
Thank you also to ALL MY FRIENDS that have helped me during my life of walking this impossible LIFE PATH that GOD Gifted to me to walk this life around to order to fulfil HIS DIVINE PURPOSE NOW, a story, that has yet to be written one day!

“It came to pass then, when JESUS had heard these words, that HE said:
“Well said, Mary (Magdalene), blessed one, who shalt inherit the whole Light Kingdom.””

(LORD YESHUA Ha MESSIAH’S Prophecy to Me 2,000 Years ago fulfilled. The Pistis Sophia. Chapter 61.)

Peace be unto you all.
The Magdalene of GOD, your Dominic.

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