Prostrations ~ 31st. December, 2019

This was sent to me by my old friend Tim in Kathmandu tonight. I thought it was worth sharing with you all and when you have done all of these, we can start to say a prayer for ourselves.
How to start 2020
Prostrate to the mountains, they are taller than you,
Prostrate to the ocean ,it is deeper than you,
Prostrate to the sky, it is vaster than you,
Prostrate to the river, it is more flowing than you,
Prostrate to the wind, it is more free than you,
Prostrate to the child, it is more innocent than you.
Prostrate to the Earth and find your place again.
Prostrate to Love and restore your heart’s fire.
Prostrate to intelligence, you are not so smart.
Prostrate to kindness maybe some comes your way.
Prostrate sincerely whilst feeling remorse.
Prostrate to accept the way that things are.
Prostrate yourself and forgive them all.
Prostrate in reverence to the Supreme and the Sacred.
Prostrate to the past for having you in it,
Prostrate to the future that all might be well,
Prostrate in the present, this now, where you can.
Prostrate to your mother for giving you life,
Prostrate to your father for the gift of his seed.
Prostrate to your ancestors then fight for the Planet.
Prostrate to the beggar and his sovereign heart.
Prostrate to the enlightened and ask for their help.
Prostrate yourself and relinquish your ego.
Prostrate from your heart, finding humility.
Prostrate to those beings greater than you.
Prostrate to Life and admit defeat.
Prostrate to the Plan, thy will be done.
Prostrate to your beloved so they may appear as divine.
Prostrate to awake on the Noble Path.
Prostrate as a way to put your burden down.
Prostrate to gain merit to freely share.
Prostrate in deep gratitude for your amazing life.
Prostrate to acknowledge the mistakes you have made.
Prostrate and humbly ask for help.
Prostrate and bow down, make space for the grace.
Prostrate to the gods for their special favours,
Prostrate to gain access to the mystery of gnosis.
Prostrate to ascend to the crown and the glory.
Prostrate to the goddess that she might answer your call.
Prostrate in the knowing that everything passes.
Prostrate even once it could last forever.
Prostrate into the profound truth of no self.
Prostrate to the LIght, the Awareness that’s you.
(this post was inspired by my friend Frank who is at the Stupa making prostrations)

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