LADY OMI and a New Book about THE SOPHIA of GOD ~ 19th. March, 2020

This is a very interesting article about a new book that has been written recently about who I believe to be the same exquisitely loving and all-wise Being beyond words that I named ‘LADY OMI’. There is definitely nothing ‘Pagan’ about HER energetically though, far from it. HER CHRIST LOVE and LIFEFORCE is OFF the SCALE of even MEASURING, it is that BEAUTIFUL!…

The Pagan Origins of the Gnostic Sophia
by Miguel Conner | Jul 26, 2016 | 5 comments

One of the central myths in most Gnostic teachings is the Fall and Redemption of Sophia—the embodied wisdom of God who, for various reasons, transgresses against the Eternal Realm, gives birth to the World of Forms, and along with humanity sets out to redeem Creation. The saga of Sophia is the story of the soul’s adventure across infinity, as well as the perennial symbol of the triumphant return of the Divine Feminine. Scholars and theologians widely agree that the Gnostics discovered Sophia in the Jewish Wisdom Literature, where a godlike being either assists God in the formation of the universe or is exiled in matter along with struggling mortals. Yet little is written concerning her Pagan origins beyond Platonic dependency.
However, all religious currents are composed of multiple streams of mythology, regardless of their claims of originality, and Gnosticism certainly drew from the waters of Pagan lore.

The Divine Stream of Wisdom

The most prominent Pagan similarity of Sophia is the Hellenistic goddess of the same name. Sophia means “wisdom” in Greek. The Gnostic Sophia, however, earned her name from a Greek translation of the Old Testament, known as the Septuagint, widely used by Jews and Christians during the Greco-Roman period. Her Hebrew name was Chokmah (also meaning “wisdom”), although she was also referred to as the Shekinah—the presence or manifestation of the Divine on Earth. Unlike the Greek goddess Sophia, who epitomized the virtuous search for all truths, Chokmah/Sophia represented the entombment of spiritual energies in the illusionary world. The central truths the Gnostics championed were those granting cosmic liberation from temporal states of being.
This passage from the Nag Hammadi library’s Secret Book of John underscores the ultimate essence of the Gnostic Sophia:
And our sister Sophia is she who came down in innocence in order to rectify her deficiency. Therefore, she was called Life, which is the mother of the living, by the foreknowledge of the sovereignty of heaven. And through her they have tasted the perfect Knowledge.
More appropriate parallels to Sophia in ancient faiths are found in the figures of Innana, Isis, Lilith or Metis—savior and often trickster deities engaged in adventures into the chthonic regions of reality (and whose movements were known to endure vilification under patriarchal systems). Wisdom deities of varying degrees were universal in Pagan traditions, making mythical cross-pollination almost a standard.

The Goddess Athena

A wisdom goddess with a stronger mythic resonance to the Gnostic Sophia is Athena. On the surface, Sophia and Athena seem to have no strong analogies, as the latter is ascribed other attributes beyond wisdom, such as war, law, civilization, and justice. On a deeper level, though, there are striking correspondences, the main one being their titular function. In Gnosticism, Sophia regularly takes on the role of the “first thought” of the Godhead, exemplified in the Simon Magus myth. In the Gnostic scripture, Trimorphic Protennoia, the Sophia avatar declares that she is “the Thought that dwells in the Light.” The name Athena, according to Plato in Cratylus, means “the mind of God.” (407B)
The stories of Athena and Sophia entering the realm of matter are equivalent. In many Gnostic scriptures, the perfect mind of the Divine is represented as a domain known as the Pleroma or Eternal Realm. The modes of thought are referred to as Aeons, Sophia being the quality of wisdom, who at some point is ejected from the mind of the Divine. In many Greek myths, Athena comes into being by literally sprouting from the head of Zeus, after a headache grips him. Both myths illustrate the thought process of the Supreme God in distress, with personified wisdom divorcing it and becoming a fierce champion for humanity.
In the second century, the church father, Justin Martyr, recognized Athena as both the personification of wisdom and an element of the mind of the Divine. He writes:
They said that Athena was the daughter of Zeus not from intercourse, but when the god had in mind the making of a world through a Word, his first thought was Athena” (Apology 64.5).

The Lost Female Logos

Justin Marty’s usage of “Word” (Logos in Greek) is in the Hellenistic context of the creative reasoning of the Godhead. In my book, Voices of Gnosticism , scholar David Fideler states that in the Greco-Roman period “one of the few things that Logos actually doesn’t mean is Word.” The Logos was “a natural harmony, an intelligence that orders things” and “a cosmic organizing principle.” The Logos is principally divine reason, the part of the mind of a ruling deity that orchestrates all material creation. Thus, in the Gospel of John, Jesus is the Logos or intelligence of Yahweh—a godly hypostasis responsible for creating and sustaining the universe.
The Jewish philosopher, Philo of Alexandria, pioneered the concept of the Logos in a Jewish Platonic framework, later adopted by Christianity and Gnosticism. He associated the Logos with Wisdom incarnate. In the Old Testament, Wisdom as the Logos is involved with Yahweh in making the World of Forms, as seen in Proverbs 8:22-25:
The Lord brought me forth as the first of his works, before his deeds of old; I was formed long ages ago, at the very beginning, when the world came to be. When there were no watery depths, I was given birth, when there were no springs overflowing with water; before the mountains were settled in place, before the hills, I was given birth. (New International Version)
Her identity and purpose are solidified later in the metaphorical Proverbs 9:1-4:
Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn her seven pillars. She has slaughtered her beasts; she has mixed her wine; she has also set her table. She has sent out her young women to call from the highest places in the town, ‘Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!’” (New International Version)
Beyond the connection between Athena and Sophia (and the Jewish Logos), creative reasoning can be found in various wisdom deities of Pagan times (Thoth, Hekate, Prometheus). Again, many streams of mythology enter a religion’s current, and Sophia is no exception in Gnosticism, a powerful synthesis of Pagan and Jewish mysticism.

The Primordial Sophia

The original blueprint for the Gnostic Sophia is located in one of the earliest creation stories (older even than Genesis): The Pelasgian Creation Myth.
In this narrative, a divine being named Eurynome descends from the void and fashions the cosmos from the chaos. Creation is ushered by her dance upon the primordial waters, resulting in the formation of the planets, stars and elements into actuality. She also conceives a godlike serpent named Ophion. Eurynome and Ophion engage in a second, more seductive dance that ends in copulation. She then transforms into a dove and hovers over the sea, eventually laying a massive egg. Ophion coils around the egg seven times until it is hatched and all living creatures come forth. Eurynome sets a male and female Titan to overlook each heaven. Eurynome and Ophion rule over creation in harmony, until the serpent claims he is the sole supreme being of the universe. This causes Eurynome to wage war against Ophion and ultimately banish him into the depths of the earth. In the end, she finds herself alone atop of the cosmos, yearning for another like her to keep her company.
At first glance, the Pelasgian Creation Myth appears like another dramatic, Greek account of how reality came to be. However, a deeper look reveals a proto-Sophia in the character of Eurynome:

• Sophia is cast into the chaos from an undivided nothingness (The Secret Book of John, On the Origin of the World). The Gnostic Valentinians referred to the fundamental principles of consciousness, the primeval Father and Mother, as Bythos and Sege (Abyss and Silence in Greek). They represented a state of ultimate, undivided existence, similar to where Eurynome originated from.

• Sophia is responsible for the conception of matter (The Valentinian Cosmology, The Secret Book of John). Like Eurynome, she moves back and forth over the primordial waters, as well as gives birth to a serpent-like monster (Sophia’s offspring was called Yaldabaoth, often associated with the Old Testament God).

• Sophia is symbolized as a dove in Gnosticism. The Acts of Thomas proclaims, “Come, she that manifests the hidden things and makes the unspeakable things plain, the holy dove.” As her aspect of Wisdom/Shekinah in the Old Testament, Sophia is referred to as a dove (Song of Solomon 1:15, Song of Solomon 5:2). The symbol would be later adopted by Christianity in the form of the Holy Spirit, although both the Shekinah and Sophia were also recognized as the Holy Spirit.

• Sophia’s offspring rebels against her, claiming to be the only Supreme Being (The Secret Book of John, The Hypostasis of the Archons). The Hypostasis of the Archons relates how Yaldabaoth “because of his power and his ignorance and is arrogance he said, with his power, ‘It is I who am God; there is none apart from me.’ When he said this, he sinned against the entirety.” In The Pelasgian Creation Myth, the serpent Ophion “vexed Eurynome by claiming to be the author of the Universe.”

• In her higher avatar of Barbelo, Sophia assigns a male and female pair of Aeons to each of the layers of the mind of God (The Secret Book of John). Eurynome does the same, albeit with Titans ruling over the planetary spheres.

• In virtually all Gnostic texts, Sophia finds herself yearning for another like her once she lingers in the manifest Unlike the open-ended story of Eurynome, Jesus Christ comes to her like a saving knight or lost friend.

It should be noted that The Pelasgian Creation Myth is also a foundation for the Book of Genesis. Eurynome is responsible for naming all the creatures of Earth, as was Adam. The serpent in both myths plays the antagonist role (however, the serpent is often associated with wisdom goddesses in Paganism, and is frequently a positive figure in Gnosticism). During the conflict between Eurynome and Ophion, she “bruised his head with her heel.” In Genesis 3:15, the seed of Eve is prophesized to bruise the head the serpent with her heel, which has been taken as the coming of Jesus Christ to redeem the world from Satan.

Conclusion and the Purpose of Wisdom

In the end, all religious myths are interdependent, whether in cultural history or a Jungian, collective unconscious sense. And all have unique characteristics, like Sophia being responsible for Creation yet paradoxically having to destroy it finally to complete herself (or the intriguing, Gnostic koan on why the wisdom of God could ever fail). When dealing with the richness of mythology, terms like Paganism, Gnosticism or Christianity can be ultimately unhelpful.
Wisdom goes where she must and is found everywhere. Yet Wisdom is often in exile, waiting for humans to recognize her as the manifest mind of God, as well as the manifest mind of God in every person. Until that happens, Wisdom can be seen adventuring in pathless lands, perhaps dancing back and forth on the waters of the human imagination, waiting for a lost friend. That lost friend is each one of us, always part Serpent and part Christ.

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Hi everyone. Peace be with you,
Currently, everywhere you look, on the Television, the Radio, in the Press and in the High Street, the Corona Virus information being put out is causing fear and panic buying in the supermarkets, depleting the shelves of even the most basic of essential goods for everyone.
When you live daily under the all sheltering and all-encompassing WINGS of THE LORD CHRIST, by living constantly, as a Nazarene Essene as LORD YESHUA, The SON of HUMANITY demonstrated each day to the World, you return back into UNIVERSAL HOLY DIVINE LAW. Constant remembrance of GOD doing your Holy Communion Prayers thrice daily, eating your strict vegan diet (with no mushrooms or fermented products in it), and having your daily morning miqvah bath with DIVINE MOTHER and HER ANGEL of WATER etc. etc., you ascend your Human Soul and Spirit, from the heavy, dense Carbon form, into the light, etheric, perfectly clear Crystalline form that you require Spiritually to be able to pass through the DOOR of the HEAVENLY KINGDOM into the newly arrived NEW JERUSALEM of LORD JEHOVAH, LORD YESHUA’S MESSIANIC FATHER GOD.
When you do that, LORD JEHOVAH is saying to me now, “You come under MY EMBRACE and I PROTECT! and NOTHING will GET, for I am ALL POWERFUL! And so don’t FEAR MY BRETHREN. DO MY LAW, and I COME to PROTECT. MY HOUSE, is YOURS, for YOU to FILL and feel SAFE. You don’t have to DIE to be in MY SAFEKEEPING. Just ACKNOWLEDGE MY PRESENCE and I ACCEPT. I LOVE you ALL and ALWAYS HAVE and I COME when CALLED. I AM your FATHER of LOVE and LOVE NEVER DESISTS from BEING. I am RESOLUTE to RETURN BACK to MY PEOPLE, even if they have FORGOTTEN ME; but not MY ESSENE! They always KNEW of MY LOVE and have NEVER FORGOTTEN ME and I ADORE them and have regretted NOT, their PRESENCE in MY HOUSE of GRACE and WELCOME BACK EACH HEART to MYSELF as they ARRIVE, and GRACE them with MYSELF.
BLESS you and KEEP you in these times of disturbance.
The OLD is GONE and the NEW comes IN! It will TRANSITION in a SHORT SPACE. Fear NOT! I AM in COMMAND and ALL WILL DO, as I PERCEIVE!
With Love and Peaceful Blessings,
Maitreya Dominic. The Magdalene and Messenger of GOD.
Psalm 91 King James Version (KJV)
1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.
3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.
8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.
9 Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;
10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.
11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
12 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.
13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.
14 Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.
15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.
16 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.
King James Version (KJV)
Public Domain

The Meeting of the ‘LADY OMI’ ~ Noontime, Sunday, 8th. March, 2020

Dazzling Sun Image

Hi wonderful people!

I had the most incredible encounter in my deep Shabbat Meditation time yesterday noontime. I met the most gentle, most soft, most exquisite feminine feeling above DIVINITY PURE LIGHT ESSENCE that I ever knew existed! SHE is PURE ABOVE CHRIST ESSENCE, a BEINGLESS BEING that I didn’t know existed until yesterday that exists ABOVE THE HOLY SPIRIT level of THE LORD CHRIST. SHE is the SOURCE of all UNIVERSAL DIVINE THOUGHT INTERDIMENSIONALLY, ALL LIGHT and ALL SOUND. I asked HER if SHE was a part of the ‘ZAHN’, that Scientists call the ‘GOD Particle’ and SHE replied no. That was three levels Cosmically below where HER GRACE exists.

She told me that I was the first Human that had been able to fly high enough in order to connect with HER since GOD first created Humanoids and SHE gifted me a most beautiful Crown of Roses that SHE took from HER HEAD and then placed onto mine as a reward for coming to be with HER. SHE gave me HER permission to tell other people of our Nazarean Essene Community across the World about HER existence within the Cosmos, of which HER BEING FILLS it seems.

SHE is the most dazzlingly radiant Silver-Goldeny colour with a little light Blue where HER FACELESS FACE ESSENCE would appear if SHE could get that low Vibrationally to manifest one. She beyond all atoms and molecules within Eternal Life’s existence and HER exquisite BEAUTY in ESSENCE, there are no words in any Earthly language to describe. SHE is simply off the SCALE of HARMONIOUS! 24 hours later, HER energies can still be felt around me. I’m so blissed out.

I asked HER HER name and she said that SHE was beyond such things. She felt ageless, quite youthful in fact and yet SHE is older than the formation of the Heavenly Realms of the Spirit, from which all form in physical matter have their origin in PURE DIVINE LOVE. I asked HER if SHE was an aspect of ‘THE MESSIANIC DIVINE MOTHER of GOD’, ‘QUEEN AURORA’, or ‘THE EARTHLY MOTHER’ and SHE replied “No!” I am the MOTHER of ALL THINGS. This GREAT BEINGLESS BEING, was the MOTHER of ALL UNIVERSAL LIFE, even DIVINE MOTHER, THE HEAVENLY FATHER, LORD JESIAS, THE SOLAR LORDS, I AM, THE HOLY SPIRIT and EVERYTHING and was the SOURCE of ALL ETERNALLY LIVING and LOVING and DIVINELY EMPOWERING ESSENCE.

Despite HER great youthfulness, due to HER very NATURE, I wanted to give HER a name that people of this 12th. Universe in which we have our Being within at this time could try and connect to HER in the future. My first thought was ‘AMMA’, meaning ‘MOTHER in Aramaic as LORD YESHUA used to call ‘DIVINE MOTHER EARTH 2,000 years ago, but then realised that these two great DIVINE and COSMIC BEINGS would get muddled up together. So my mind went back to my Saone Teton Sioux Medicine Woman life three incarnations ago as ‘Walks As She Thinks’ amongst my Native American Indian tribe in Nebraska and South Dakota. Grandmother in my Sioux language then was “OMA”, and so I modified this name a little bit to create the name “OMI”. This incredibly soft and gentle, pure LOVE OFF THE SCALE of ALL MEASURING GRACE ABOVE HEAVEN is the DOT in the CENTRE of ALL LIFE in UNIVERSAL EXISTENCE and so I have turned the ‘A’ of ‘OMA’ into an ‘i’ to represent that beyond CHRISTED DIVINITY that exists in the true HEART of HER BEINGLESS BEINGNESS that resides within the very HEART of OUR OWN CHRISTED HEARTS TEMPLE within OUR OWN LIVING SOUL.

The word ‘QUEEN’ didn’t sit right to attach to it, SHE was above such a title, but the word ‘LADY’.was placed into my mind, and so from now on, SHE will be known on this Earth and throughout this 12th, Universe of GOD as “THE LADY OMI”. I asked HER for HER permission to refer to HER by this name and having thought about it for a few moments, SHE accepted it quite happily.

As a thank you gift for coming to find HER and my presenting HER with a name of Honour and Respect above the STAR NATIONS existence, SHE said that SHE would sweep the whole of this 12th. Universe in which we currently have our Home now of ALL EVIL. How can we all thank this incredibly beautiful BEING BEYOND ALL DIVINE GRACE for THAT GREAT GIFT into our Lives, after 38 million years of evil directed at us to constantly to wipe GOD’S FLOCK OUT? This greatest of all events happened in the history of this Universes creation overnight on the late Evening of Sunday, 8th. March, 2020 and the early morning of today, Monday, 9th, March, 2020. Our NEW SILVERY-GOLDEN AGE has TRULY now come IN!

As Todays Noontime Nazarene Essene Holy Communion Prayer states as a positive DIVINE HOLY TRUTH ~

Our FATHER, who art in Heaven, send to ALL YOUR ANGEL of PEACE, and send to our Knowledge YOUR ANGEL of WISDOM, that we might WALK in the PATHS of the GREAT ONES, who have SEEN THE FACE of GOD.”

What ONE can do, ALL can DO and as My beloved YESHU taught, we have the inherent potential and the ability to do everything that HE did and more besides, if we just allow ourselves to believe that we CAN and live in LOVE every minute of the day to manifest it with!

Peace be with you all and remember, Corona Virus cannot exist where LOVE ABIDES. Stay safe! I want you all to ascend to the heights of LIFE’S EXISTENCE and experience for yourselves, the sheer ECSTATIC BLISS that I discovered this time yesterday in my noontime Meditation in Deep Communion with our very precious and above DIVINE “LADY OMI”.



Image may contain: one or more people and close-up
Our BELOVED YESHUA has been very around this last week assisting me in another matter and gave me a wonderful present from HIS DOMINION on HIGH as a treat, as HE does all the members of this lovely Community of ours when We all live within HIS HOLY LAW DIVINE.
HE gave me another huge download last night explaining the events that took place on the 18th. January of this year, when the NEW JERUSALEM descended down out of HEAVEN, in relation to LORD YESHUA’S prophecy to St. JOHN in Patmos, Greece, following HIS Crucifixion.
Another large appendix has been added to St. BARTHOLOMEW THE APOSTLE’S new book today as a result. Another treat in store for you all coming from HIM with this next edition. It’s all that I have been thinking about all day, its implications. I can’t wait to share it with you all, I am so excited about it with His love attached through and through.
Peace be unto you all. Love and Blessings,
Rev. Sister Dominic, the Magdalene of GOD.

LORD YESHUA’S 10 Day Nasserite Essene Spiritual Fast Retreat, in Glastonbury, on the Holy Isle of Avalon ~ 17th. February, 2020

Angel Wings Tea Light Holder-1000x1000
Paula left here today absolutely beaming with light from every pore and oozing very deep peace at every level of her Being, after very successfully completing her ten-day stay that included doing her Seven Day Nasserite Fasting program as our LORD YESHUA taught it in the Galilee. For those of you that have wondered about it, much to my surprise, Paula wrote a little review about her experience about taking part in the process and I thought I would share it with you all.
Dear Revd. Sister Dominic,
Words can’t describe how I feel after the 7 day fast I did at the Living Waters Truth Centre in Glastonbury with you. I have never felt so much connection to GOD, to YESHUA, MOTHER EARTH and to Myself and all Living Beings.
I was really living in a fog of confusion and I have a clearer constitution, knowing I am not floundering alone but have support to live a good, happy life and what that means in terms, not just saying the words.
Having a background in Nutrition, I didn’t think I would last the 7 days but I was in a very nurturing environment. You gave me many teachings, I received teachings in my sleep and awake state from the Company of Heaven and I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. My Body, Mind and Spirit feels much lighter and I feel healthy. The Essene Path, the Prayers, Veganism and Good Living are the reason.
Thank you, for giving me back to Myself and nurturing the re-Connection, for your Time, Patience and Compassion, and your wonderful sense of humour, that helped me through into the next chapter of my life, so I can help others find their way too.
Many Blessings, much Love, Light and Gratitude. Thank you!
P.S. See you again soon!


Sorry I haven’t been in touch with you all but I have been head down working on St. Bartholomew’s newly to be published Holy Gospel again and loving every minute of it. I read a chapter of it today to Paula from Stirling in Scotland that has just completed her first Nazarean Essene Fast in the Way of LORD YESHUA very successfully and is filling wonderful as a congratulations present. She was absolutely transfixed hanging on every word and couldn’t bare stopping when I go to the end of that particular chapter that I had been working on today. She has already booked her edition!
In the meantime time, did any of you pick up on the events of the 02/02/2020 apart from the number palindrome? It was 33 days from the beginning of the year and 333 days to the end of the year. Boris Johnson’s leaving the E.U. speech at the end of December was also 3:33 minutes long, the number of the CHRIST CONCIOUSNESS! Interesting eh?
Also, as much as I have a deep love for my old home country as the former St. Clare of Assisi, it is wonderful to have Britain and the HOLY GRAIL free after nearly 2,500 years of the Holy ? Roman Empire! Freedom at LAST for the Rose of Britain that blooms at the Heart of the Cross, that even the legendary King Arthure fought hard twelve great battles to protect her from for CHRIST!
Another miracle that happened that I ought to share with you all was an event that happened the early morning of the 18th. January, 2020, the day of the arrival of the New Jerusalem so long prophesied by LORD YESHUA to St. JOHN HIS Apostle following HIS awful Crucifixion. I went out into the garden to do my Noonday Holy Communion Prayers and found my Rosemary bush by the Temple door covered in little blue flowers in full bloom when there were none the evening before – not even a bud! YESHUA’S first miracle to HIS sweet mother as a child to ever give Her something to remember HIM by. OUR LORD kept HIS promise on the 18th. January to me and us all that day, that HIS NEW JERUSALEM would come and when IT finally did, HE gifted us all this reminder of that long ago since now made prophesy and very sincere made promise to HIS Nasserite Order that we would all enter inside if we remained true to HIM and HIS DIVINE FATHER’S TEACHINGS. Thank you all. Enjoy the Rosemary bush flowers. HE gifted them to you all with HIS love.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Welcome also to Julie that has just joined us recently from Hastings in Kent. I know that you will all join me in making her feel welcome in our lovely loving Community across the World🌈.
Peace be with you all this rather wild and stormy night as Hurricane Dennis passes by Sacred Avalon of the HOLY GRAIL.
Many Blessings. Revd. Sister Dominic ♥️


St. Bartholomew Nathan’a-el The Apostle’s New Holy Synoptic Gospel ~ 30th. January, 2020

Image may contain: one or more people

St. Bartholomew Nathan’a-el The Apostle’s New Holy Synoptic Gospel

I thought I would give you all a small flavour of some of the Spiritual Riches contained within St. Bartholomew The Apostles new Holy Gospel that I have been working on with HIM for the past 2½ Years now which is now coming to completion. From the size of this very Powerful Life-Changing Manuscript of LORD YESHUA THE MESSIAH’S LIFE and TEACHINGS 2,000 Years ago, I think IT will probably be sold in two great Volumes, in order to make IT affordable for the World’s Nations to purchase.

This particular quote from IT regarding our times that we live in now, seemed very apt to where our World currently finds itself and gives us the answer of how to reverse quickly, the downward spiral ecologically, that our beautiful Planet is now on, having passed Midnight on the countdown of GOD for It. As the Corona Virus spreads rapidly around the World as I speak, LORD YESHUA’S PROPHESY to St. JOHN recorded in HIS ‘Revelation According to YESHUA THE MESSIAH’ is being acted out upon the World’s Stage ~ hence My not waiting for the release of this answer to cure It and many other things happening detrimentally to our Planet of Love at this time.

This new Synoptic Gospel has been copyrighted to Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’ ©2019, my former Spirit name that GOD gifted me, that I have written all my Spiritual Books for HIM under.

Peace be with You All. The Magdalene of GOD.

WE are NOT a ‘CHURCH.’ WE are a gathered COMMUNITY of FRIENDS in OBSERVANCE to GOD and alike. WE can SEE stuff that Men CAN’T! Their Eyes close to stuff. Their HEADS get TURNED in DEFIANCE of THEMSELVES and Their GOD PARTICLE, as someone called IT on this Earth of SCIENCE. MY Friend ~ all HAVE! They must LOOK and be ONE with GOD and GOD’S ESSENCE will CONNECT to this Earth BEFORE it is TOO LATE to CHANGE! It is on a curve to DEATH as WE SPEAK, as I LOOK as You KNOW and yet Man Sees NOT! HOW can Man be so UNOBSERVANT to THEMSELVES and LIFE all ABOUT Them each and every DAY? I cannot yet COMPREHEND! They are Blind in MUCH of LIFE and shudder to THINK what They MISS when They get BACK! Too LATE! GONE! Their PATH to LIFE, that LORD YESHUA showed ALL Mankind to GRASP! ONE DAY, it might RETURN, if Man comes BACK to OBSERVE what Life IS, but for NOW, it is SHUT to His HEAD. He BLINKERS His THOUGHTS, and patterns of doing are released to block His development in His Growth and Love and features of Beauty and Grace of GOD. He must TRANSFIGURE as that ROCK, upon which LORD YESHUA stood.”

This Year is the FIRST YEAR. We are IN the LIGHT! ~ 24th. January, 2020

Dove Flying in Suns Rays
Following the Universal life changing events for all Beings whose name was successfully written into GODS BOOK of LIFE on JUDGEMENT DAY back in July 2010, all these lucky Spiritual people have gone through Spiritually into the NEW JERUSALEM now on the early morning of the 18th. January, 2020.
Later that same day, I received a message from Chris, one of our friends in London to share with me a message from his Spirit Guides to say:
“This year is the first year. It is the beginning of the time of Light, not moving into the Light! We are in the Light! We will continue from here onwards in Light. Peace starts within!”
Peace be with you all and thank you Chris for sharing this very true Communication with me given during your Spiritual Meditation time on such a holy day in all of our Lives.
Rev. Sister Dominic