Sorry I haven’t been in touch with you all but I have been head down working on St. Bartholomew’s newly to be published Holy Gospel again and loving every minute of it. I read a chapter of it today to Paula from Stirling in Scotland that has just completed her first Nazarean Essene Fast in the Way of LORD YESHUA very successfully and is filling wonderful as a congratulations present. She was absolutely transfixed hanging on every word and couldn’t bare stopping when I go to the end of that particular chapter that I had been working on today. She has already booked her edition!
In the meantime time, did any of you pick up on the events of the 02/02/2020 apart from the number palindrome? It was 33 days from the beginning of the year and 333 days to the end of the year. Boris Johnson’s leaving the E.U. speech at the end of December was also 3:33 minutes long, the number of the CHRIST CONCIOUSNESS! Interesting eh?
Also, as much as I have a deep love for my old home country as the former St. Clare of Assisi, it is wonderful to have Britain and the HOLY GRAIL free after nearly 2,500 years of the Holy ? Roman Empire! Freedom at LAST for the Rose of Britain that blooms at the Heart of the Cross, that even the legendary King Arthure fought hard twelve great battles to protect her from for CHRIST!
Another miracle that happened that I ought to share with you all was an event that happened the early morning of the 18th. January, 2020, the day of the arrival of the New Jerusalem so long prophesied by LORD YESHUA to St. JOHN HIS Apostle following HIS awful Crucifixion. I went out into the garden to do my Noonday Holy Communion Prayers and found my Rosemary bush by the Temple door covered in little blue flowers in full bloom when there were none the evening before – not even a bud! YESHUA’S first miracle to HIS sweet mother as a child to ever give Her something to remember HIM by. OUR LORD kept HIS promise on the 18th. January to me and us all that day, that HIS NEW JERUSALEM would come and when IT finally did, HE gifted us all this reminder of that long ago since now made prophesy and very sincere made promise to HIS Nasserite Order that we would all enter inside if we remained true to HIM and HIS DIVINE FATHER’S TEACHINGS. Thank you all. Enjoy the Rosemary bush flowers. HE gifted them to you all with HIS love.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Welcome also to Julie that has just joined us recently from Hastings in Kent. I know that you will all join me in making her feel welcome in our lovely loving Community across the World🌈.
Peace be with you all this rather wild and stormy night as Hurricane Dennis passes by Sacred Avalon of the HOLY GRAIL.
Many Blessings. Revd. Sister Dominic ♥️


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