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Our BELOVED YESHUA has been very around this last week assisting me in another matter and gave me a wonderful present from HIS DOMINION on HIGH as a treat, as HE does all the members of this lovely Community of ours when We all live within HIS HOLY LAW DIVINE.
HE gave me another huge download last night explaining the events that took place on the 18th. January of this year, when the NEW JERUSALEM descended down out of HEAVEN, in relation to LORD YESHUA’S prophecy to St. JOHN in Patmos, Greece, following HIS Crucifixion.
Another large appendix has been added to St. BARTHOLOMEW THE APOSTLE’S new book today as a result. Another treat in store for you all coming from HIM with this next edition. It’s all that I have been thinking about all day, its implications. I can’t wait to share it with you all, I am so excited about it with His love attached through and through.
Peace be unto you all. Love and Blessings,
Rev. Sister Dominic, the Magdalene of GOD.

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