LORD YESHUA’S 10 Day Nasserite Essene Spiritual Fast Retreat, in Glastonbury, on the Holy Isle of Avalon ~ 17th. February, 2020

Angel Wings Tea Light Holder-1000x1000
Paula left here today absolutely beaming with light from every pore and oozing very deep peace at every level of her Being, after very successfully completing her ten-day stay that included doing her Seven Day Nasserite Fasting program as our LORD YESHUA taught it in the Galilee. For those of you that have wondered about it, much to my surprise, Paula wrote a little review about her experience about taking part in the process and I thought I would share it with you all.
Dear Revd. Sister Dominic,
Words can’t describe how I feel after the 7 day fast I did at the Living Waters Truth Centre in Glastonbury with you. I have never felt so much connection to GOD, to YESHUA, MOTHER EARTH and to Myself and all Living Beings.
I was really living in a fog of confusion and I have a clearer constitution, knowing I am not floundering alone but have support to live a good, happy life and what that means in terms, not just saying the words.
Having a background in Nutrition, I didn’t think I would last the 7 days but I was in a very nurturing environment. You gave me many teachings, I received teachings in my sleep and awake state from the Company of Heaven and I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. My Body, Mind and Spirit feels much lighter and I feel healthy. The Essene Path, the Prayers, Veganism and Good Living are the reason.
Thank you, for giving me back to Myself and nurturing the re-Connection, for your Time, Patience and Compassion, and your wonderful sense of humour, that helped me through into the next chapter of my life, so I can help others find their way too.
Many Blessings, much Love, Light and Gratitude. Thank you!
P.S. See you again soon!

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