This Year is the FIRST YEAR. We are IN the LIGHT! ~ 24th. January, 2020

Dove Flying in Suns Rays
Following the Universal life changing events for all Beings whose name was successfully written into GODS BOOK of LIFE on JUDGEMENT DAY back in July 2010, all these lucky Spiritual people have gone through Spiritually into the NEW JERUSALEM now on the early morning of the 18th. January, 2020.
Later that same day, I received a message from Chris, one of our friends in London to share with me a message from his Spirit Guides to say:
“This year is the first year. It is the beginning of the time of Light, not moving into the Light! We are in the Light! We will continue from here onwards in Light. Peace starts within!”
Peace be with you all and thank you Chris for sharing this very true Communication with me given during your Spiritual Meditation time on such a holy day in all of our Lives.
Rev. Sister Dominic

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