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6 thoughts on “Courses

  1. sir/madam i am a 61 year old married man who would like to stay at your holy house and gain some insight in your way of life . i am a practising church (protestant).

    • Hello William. Welcome to my Nazarean Essene website. It is nice to hear from you. You are most welcome to come and stay here at the Centre as our bookings so allow. Do you have any idea when you would like to come, for the Centre closes just for accommodation purposes from mid-October to May to allow me to spiritually channel books from the GODHEAD as a part of the Book of Revelations According to St. John prophecy that we are currently living through now and the long foretold apocalypse. We are only open for spiritual readings, teachings and healing treatments during these months in order to do this work. The Summer and Autumn months are just too busy here to focus on it properly.

      The ‘Essene Way’ that our LORD YESHUA taught and practiced is not a ‘religion’ but a Spiritual Philosophy with Sacred Practices like Buddhism that has its origin in It (as the majority of main stream Earthly World Religion’s when you really study THE MASTER’S divine teachings thoroughly. They have all grown up around one or several Essene Truths and been added to over the millennia. Being currently a practicing Protestant Christian is not a problem to follow in the ‘Essene Way of THE NAZARENE our LORD.’ As The Gospel According to St. Matthew states in chapter 2 states, “HE will be called THE NAZARENE!” HE studied at the School of the Prophets at Mount Carmel in Northern Israel with the Nazarite Brotherhood there prior to HIS famous ministry work around the Holy Land and the New Testament is all Nazarean Essene teachings but very few Earthly Churches practice what HE taught 2,000 years ago and ever since now and do their own thing sadly. LORD YESHUA’S divine teachings are all inclusive and segregate none. They unify all, of all colours, creed and nation and bring true inner peace, a deep seated inner joy, and healing to all that practice them that practice them ‘HIS Way.’

      You don’t mention whereabouts in the World that you currently live William, but if you put into Google you will be able to see the Centre come up with numerous booking providers websites, or else you can book with me directly here at the Centre by e-mailing me at the

      Peace be with you William. Many Blessings.

      • I am thinking about scheduling a beginners Nazarean Essene Course here in Glastonbury on the Isle of Avalon in October if you would be interested in attending that also as another option?

        Rev. Sister Dominic

    • Dear Bill,
      I haven’t received enough interest at present to make it viable to run a full beginners course at this time other than from a few people in the USA. I am planning to schedule another one in the Spring and I will contact you again in due course. Sorry to disappoint you at this time. Peace be with you. Rev. Sister Dominic

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