HEALING IN THE WAY OF THE MASTER. A Nazarean Essene Gnostic 1-2 Year Modular Healing Course With Rev. Sister Dominic/ the former Mary of Bethany & Magdala, Known as The Beloved Companion of Yeshua, HIS Migdalah.

A Nazarean Essene Gnostic 1-2 Year Modular Healing Course
With Rev. Sister Dominic/ the former Mary of Bethany & Magdala,
Known as The Beloved Companion of YESHUA, HIS ‘Migdalah’
A Spiritual Leader of LORD YESHUAS Nazarean Essene
Grail Order of the Blue Rose of Bethany and Glastonbury.
Copyrighted © Rev. Sister Dominic & the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel U.K. (Glastonbury), 12th. January 2015
Course Fee £1,200.00.

(This can be paid in quarterly instalments. Rev. Sister Dominic donates her time for free. All Course Fees are Donated towards furthering the Work & Teachings of our LORD YESHUA and of the Nazarean Essene Glastonbury Holy Order.)


1. LORD YESHUA/ the MASTER JESUS instructed me that the Aims of this Course are to be “Purity of Being. Purity of Mind. Purity of Heart. Purity of Soul. The Four Contributes required for this.” Therefore there is a lot of work to be done in the Self-Healing of each Student Initiate/ Postulate Healer first as an integral part of this Course.
2. This Course has been divided into three separate sections for the Student Initiates/ Trainee Postulates to study. Each of these three main headings will be sub-divided into a series of Modules that can be studied at home at their own speed. The Course will consist of timeless theoretical Gnostic Sacred Nazarean Essene Teachings and then Question Papers that need to be completed successfully before being allowed to go onto the next Subject Module. There will also be three compulsory Intensive Practical Workshops at various times throughout the two year period to bring Student Initiates/ Trainee Postulate Healers together for Hands On Training with Rev. Sister Dominic at the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel UK here in Glastonbury, Somerset, in the United Kingdom. (For Trainee Initiates that live further afield in North and South America, and other far distant Countries from Great Britain, an Intensive Three Week Practical Workshop will be done to try and save them money on flight costs.) Upon completion of this 1-2 Year Gnostic Healing Course, a qualified Healing Certificate will be issued by the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel U.K. (Glastonbury). Twelve successful Patient Case Studies will have to be completed to gain this Professional Healing Qualification from this Nazarene Essene Healing Centre following the completion of all Three Sections of the Theoretical Course and the Three Practical Workshops. Our LORD YESHUA/ the MASTER JESUS will then and only then bestow with HIS permission and blessing upon each Student Initiate/ Postulate Healer the Solar Gift of the Lukhanic Healing Ray to weild as a Nazarene Essene Gnostic Healer in HIS Holy Name and in the NAME of GOD HIS HEAVENLY FATHER. Healing is a ‘Spiritual Gift’ and not an automatic right as many people in this World believe. You have to prove your worth to HIM to qualify as a Healer of the LORD of LOVE and LIFE at this Healing Training Centre as I did 2,000 years ago as HIS devoted Disciple then and ever since.
3. Who is your Trainer/ Spiritual Teacher and her qualifications to teach this Course? Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’s’ Spirit Medicine Teaching & Healing training recommenced with GOD the GREAT SPIRIT and the Realms of Light at the age of five years of age when I saw Clairvoyantly for the first time. My Parents, my Grandparents, my Great-Grandparents and Great-Great-Grandmother were all mediumistic and I grew up surrounded in a world of very gifted Mediums from all over the country that used to work in Christian Spiritualist Churches up and down the land; and with famous Spiritual Healers such as Harry Edwards, and Ray and Joan Branch of Burrows Lea, in Shere, Surrey that founded the National Federation of Spiritual Healing in the U.K. At the age of 18, I trained as a General Nurse at Southampton University Hospital specialising in ‘Pain Control’ techniques. I then expanded that knowledge in depth by returning to a Holistic College affiliated to Cardiff University for nearly 3 years to gain my Diploma in Complementary Medicine (Natural Pain Controlling/ Alleviating Healing Techniques). That led me on to study ‘Spiritual Pain’ and its alleviation through connecting to Traditional Native Spiritual Medicine Elders and across the World & the Franciscan Inter-faith Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking that led to my Master’s Degree in Divinity and Spiritual Ordination in Israel in 2008.

In the Native American tradition, Rev. Sister Dominic is known by the name of ‘Grandmother White Eagle Star’, and is a Purification Lodge/ Sweatlodge Leader and Singing and Sucking Doctor, a High Plains Spiritual Leader Woman, a Sundancer, a Pipe Carrier for the People, an international Spiritual/ Holistic Lecturer & Wisdomkeeper, & a Spiritual Author of ‘Listening With Light. The Gospel of God’ (www.amazon.co.uk). She has also made a Self-Development Meditation CD for her Students to practice with.

In 2011 she was ordained a Minister also with the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel in which LORD YESHUA/ the MASTER JESUS trained 2,000 years ago.

She is the founder of the White Eagle Healing Centre, the Firebird Medicine Lodge, The Little Church of the Sweet Flowers, Christ, the Trinity & All Angels, & the Living Waters Truth Centre. On the Summer Solstice of 2014 with other members of the Essene Brotherhood internationally in the U.K. the first Nazarean Essene Temple to be built in Europe for the past 2,000 years to continue on her work as instructed for her MASTER YESHUA the MESSIAH. It is known by the name of The Jesias Temple of the Silver Rose. In that former incarnation, she was known as the Nazarite Disciple Mary of Bethany, Magdala and Glastonbury, the sister of Lazarus that YESHUA rose from the dead and Martha, and was known as “The Beloved Companion” whom RABBONI YESHUA named “The Migdalah” meaning “The Watchtower”. YESHUA charged her with the Leadership of a new Nazarite Order called the Nazarene Essene Order of the Blue Rose, with Mary Cleopas and another Mary. Rev. Sister Dominic has also produced in 2014 the first Two-Disc Boxed Set DVD that tells the ‘The Spiritual History of our LORD JESUS in Glastonbury on the Sacred Isle of Avalon’, that tells the Nazarean Essene origins of the town from the Beginning Times of this Planet.

Her Healing Specialties Include: Nazarean Essene Morning Star Solar Energy Medicine in the Way of the MASTER YESHUA, Polarity Energy Medicine; Spiritual, Shamanic, Earth & Drum Healing; Nature Kingdoms Healing; Aromatherapy; Reflexology; Remedial, Holistic Body, Facial & Indian Head Massage; Purification Lodges/ Sweat Lodge Healing Ceremonies); Mediumship, Trance and Transfiguration; Spiritual Counselling & Guidance; Spiritual Relaxation & Meditation Techniques; Nutritional Advice; Exorcism.
4. What is the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel U.K. (Glastonbury) and the Order of the Blue Rose that is offering this Gnostic Nazarean Essene Healing Course? The Northern Israeli Nazorean Order of Essenes were known as the “B’nai-Amen” or “Children of God” and lived around the ancient and mystical B’nai-Amen Temple at Mount Carmel, into whose timeless Sacred Teachings YESHUA/ JESUS was born in fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy: “HE shall be called a Nazorean!” (The Gospel of Matthew 2:23). It was also known then as the “School of the Prophets”. This School was a place spoken of in great reverence by ancient Egyptian Priests; the place of the Oracle and Altar of Elijah the Old Testament Prophet; where the Greek Father of Mathematics and Philosophy the Master Pythagorus spiritually trained; where the LORD YESHUA/ the MASTER JESUS did some of HIS Nazarean Training and where a few of the Hebrew speaking followers of YESHUA created the Catholic Carmelite Order. To quote the North American Nazarite Orders website, “The Nazarenes of Mount Carmel consists of Men and Women of high moral character, dedicated to studying and teaching the ancient mysteries of the higher aspirations of the soul and applying the Nazorean Teachings of JESUS, the Nazorean. We are also dedicated to preserving the original texts as best we can. We do not condone tampering with the manuscripts of antiquity.”
5. All Trainee Healers will be expected to get two Auric Photographs taken at the beginning and upon completion of this Course.

Self-Preparation to Train to Become a Channelled Spiritual Gnostic Nazarene Essene Healer in the Way of LORD JESIAS/ YESHUA Ha MASSIACH/ the MASTER JESUS ~ “Physician Heal Thyself.” (The MASTER JESUS to St. Luke. The Gospel of St. Luke 4:23.)

1. Personal Development. The Breath. Relaxation. Meditation. Spiritual Awareness. Morning Breathing Exercise.
2. Thrice Daily Practices and Preparation of Self in the Gnostic Essene Way. Vegan Diet, the Mikvah, Prayer, Correct Thinking, Speech, Actions. etc. Fasting (One and Seven Day Fasts). Shabbat Observance.
3. The Kabbalistic Cross.
4. The Morning Star of GOD. The Nazarite Medicine Wheel Symbol. The Healing Power of the Rose Cross. Connecting to Angels. What are Angels? Who are the Angels of GOD? Archangels. Seraphim.
5. Creative Mind ~ The Nature of Disease. The Power of Thought. Its Relevance to Healing: The Argument. The Two Stages in the Process. Exercises on Creative Visualisation.
6. Psychic Self-Defence.
7. A Guide for Healing Development. Diagnosis. Two Methods. Touch and Intuition.
8. Sitting Correctly at the Feet of the Master
9. Exercise.

The Theory of Nazarean Essene Gnostic Healing

1. Who are the Essenes? What is the Essene Way?
2. The Morning Star Solar Medicine Lodge of the Silver Lily. The Silver Holy Graal Order of the White Brotherhood of Light. The First Universe of LORD JESIAS/ YESHUA/ JESUS. The Nazarean Essene Order of the Blue Rose of LORD JESIAS.
3. The Historical Background of Spiritual Healing and its Meaning. The Hippocratic Oath. Can Anybody Become a Healer? Can we Heal Ourselves? Modern Day Well Known Healers.
4. What is Gnosticism and Nazarean Essene Gnostic or Divine Healing? The Definition of Spiritual Healing. The Purpose of Spiritual Healing. Why People Request Healing?
5. The Healing Love
6. Healing Intent. How Can I Learn to Heal? The Healing Spirit/ Gift. The Fundamental Postulates that Govern Divine Healing. The Laws that Govern Spiritual Healing. The Healing Forces.
7. Spiritual Etiquette
8. The Art of Attunement. Who are you trying to Attune to? I AM/ EIN SOF, the HEAVENLY FATHER / ABBA, the EARTHLY MOTHER/ AMMA, the LORD JESIAS/ JESUS/ YESHUA, the SOLAR LOGOS, the LORD RAHAAL. Spirit Guides, Doorkeepers, Angelic Healers. Spirit Doctors. Power Animals. Nature Masters. The White Brotherhood of Light.
9. The Morning Star of GOD. Who is the Morning Star? The Morning Star/ The Beloved Companion Gospel Medicine Wheel. The Solar Rays of the Universe.
10. What is it? Joseph the Arimathean/ King Arthure and the Grail Vision. What is the Grail? How do we find it?
11. Holy Prayer. How to Pray Correctly.
12. The Art of Meditation. What is the Solar Science or Art of Astrogeny? Sitting Correctly. The Breath. Correct Breathing Technique and Radiant Holy Breath. Two Cleansing Breath Exercises for Healers and Patients alike x2. A Healing Secret.
13. Relaxation. Relaxation and CD Exercise. Connecting your Mind to your emotional body.
14. Creative Visualisation. What is Creative Visualisation. The Do’s and Don’ts of safe Creative Visualisation.
15. Meditation. Primordial Meditation.
16. What is Meditation Practice? Giving and Receiving Meditation, & also secondly in the Environment. Focus for Meditations. A Self-Development Meditation Exercise.
17. What is the Universal Tree of Life and where How we find it? A Tree of Life Meditation. A Kabbalah Meditation Exercise.
18. Opening and Closing Yourself Down again Spiritually afterwards Correctly & Exercise.
19. Spiritual Gifts to try to Develope to Become a Nazarean Essene Healer. Clairvoyance, Telepathy, X-Ray Vision, Soul Vision, Auric Sight, Throat Chakra Sight, Intuition, Clairsensience and Trance Work.
20. A New Dimension. Levels of Stillness. The Seven Main Chakra Energy Centres and Higher Levels of the Spirit Body.
21. The Connection of the Endocrine/ Exocrine Glands and Pineal Gland in Healing Work. Illegal Drug Use and Healing.
22. Causes of Disease. The Auric Field. Kirlian Photography of Students and Me. The Subtle Body and Interior Stars.
23. The Importance of the Spiritual Sun and Light Practice.
24. The Meaning of Colours Seen in the Aura.
25. What Colour are You?
26. The Pineal Gland and Endocrine Glands
27. Diagnosis
28. Healing Energies. Depletion of the Healers Energies and a Method to Overcome it.
29. YESHUA/ JESUS the greatest Master Healer and Healing. 1 Corinthian 13. The Three Holy Streams.
30. The Giving of Power. Belief is Key. The Power of Thought Essene Teaching. Thoughts are Things. The Power of Affirmations.
31. Other Aspects of Healing. No Limitation to Healing. Healing Quotations. Healing Hints.
32. What is Spiritual Healing? Who was Harry Edwards?
33. What is the Purpose Behind Spiritual Healing.
34. Spiritual Healing ~ Its Principles. More on its History and Meaning.
35. Why do people request Spiritual Healing?
36. The Symptoms of Stress upon the Body at Different Levels.
37. The Healing Spirit. Who is the Lord Rahaal? Lord Rahaal/ Raphael. The Lukhanic Ray of Healing. Contemplation on the name of St. Raphael. The Order of St. Raphael.
38. The Trinity of GOD and EIN SOF/ I AM.
39. Healing with the Names of GOD Vibrationally.
40. Healing Energies. Energy Healing.
41. The Healing Power of the Holy Angels of GOD, the Maggidim.
42. The Nazarene Rabbi YESHUA, the greatest healer to ever walk our planet.
43. Meditating on the Gospel Healings.
44. Healing Meditation with LORD YESHUA.
45. Meditation Practice Exercises.
46. A Healing Meditation. The Rose in the Heart of the Cross.
47. Healing Union with Lord Yeshua
48. Healing Centres in Spirit Life.
49. Masters of Wisdom. Spirit Guides. Spirit Doctors. Angels of Healing. Door Keepers. Power Animals. The Malachim: the Heavenly Messengers.
50. Healing Group Circles.
51. The Fundamental Postulates that Govern Spiritual Healing.
52. The Healing Forces.
53. Man’s Invisible Bodies
54. The Spiritual Nature of Man.
55. General Healing Information.
56. Spirit Consent and Consent Forms.
57. When you have Spiritual Healing… Some Answers to Patients Questions.
58. Healing Hints.
59. Are Patients Sometimes Worse after Healing?
60. Energy Depletion. Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency.
61. Ways to Overcome Energy Depletion.
62. Causes of Disease.
63. The Healing of Respiratory Diseases. The Healing Potential of Breathing. A Deep Breathing Exercise to Practice with Patients.
64. The Healing of Arthritis and Rheumatic Conditions.
65. The Healing of Internal Disorders, Functional Troubles, Growths, etc.
66. The Healing of Mental Stress Disorders.
67. The Healing of Spinal Conditions and Paralysis.
68. Comforting of the Bereaved.
69. Healers Problems. Healing Abroad.
70. After Effects of Receiving Healing.
71. Healing Ethics and the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel U.K. (Glastonbury) Community Healing Code of Conduct x2. The Oath of Hippocrates. The Three Categories of Healing Ethics:
72. The Relationship of the Healer to his Patient.
73. The Relationship of the Healer to Doctors and other Practitioners.
74. The Responsibility of a Healer to his Divine Gift.
75. The U.K. Law as it relates to Healing Practice. Spiritual Healing and the Law in England. The Legal Aspects of Treating Children and Animals. Trance Conditions. Cause of Animal Disease. Personal Indemnity Insurance. Confidentiality of Clients Medical Details.
76. Research Into Spiritual Healing.
The Practice of Gnostic Nazarene Essene Healing
Types of Healing
a. Hands On or Contact Healing.
b. Magnetic Healing.
c. Faith Healing.
d. Divine or Trance Healing. Psychic Surgery.
e. Colour Healing. The Meaning of Colours Seen in the Aura.
f. The Healing of Animals and Birds.
g. Absent or Distant Healing.
h. Plant and Tree Healing Techniques working in harmony with LORD ITHURIEL in the Nature Kingdoms, the Crystal and Mineral Masters, Elementals and Angels of Air, Earth and Water.
i. Earth Healing
j. Soul Rescue/ Earth Bound Spirits/ Raising the Dead e.g. Lazarus my Brother.
k. Exorcism

1. Safe Conduct of a Healing Clinic. Decoration and Furnishing the Healing Clinic.
2. The Effect of Colours Surrounding a Patient Upon the Patient.
3. The Use of Ionizers.
4. How to Create an Altar at Home and in the Worlds of Nature.
5. Flowers and Crystals as Spiritual Disinfectants.
6. Keeping a Healing Book. Prayer and Holy Anointing Oil in the Nazarene Tradition. The Consecration of Holy Healing Oil.
7. What Never to place on your Altar of GOD under Holy Law.
8. Consent Forms.
9. The Keeping of Case Notes/ Medical Records.
10. Holy Law and the Wearing of White Clothing.
11. The Importance of Hand Washing.
12. Reception.
13. The Organisation of a new Nazarean Essene Gnostic Healing Group.
14. Advertising a Healing Clinic. Dealing with the Press.
15. The Sale of Medicaments.
16. General Healing Information.
17. Healing Results. Non-Success with Healing. Why Symptoms sometimes Return a Cure has taken Place. Healing Success But….!
18. Choosing a Healer.
19. How to Make Ready for Contact Healing. LORD YESHUAS Healing Prayer. The Benedictine Essene Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. The Harry Edwards Healing Prayer.
20. Music in Healing.
21. Methods to establish a Link Between your Patient and Healing Helpers. Patient Etiquette.
22. Healing Development.
23. More Common Questions often asked by Patients about Healing Practice.
24. Hints for Healers.
25. Aspects of Contact Healing.
26. Healing in Hospitals. Advice to Healers.
27. Humour in Healing
28. Holistic Healing. Wholeness of Being. Flow of Energy. Harmony of Life.
29. Absent Healing.
30. Can Absent Healing be given by an untrained practicing Healer?
31. Distant Healing Prayer.
32. Healing.
33. Healers Beware!
34. The Church and Spiritual Healing.
35. The Sensitivity of the Hands.
36. Awakening the Healing Power.
37. An Energy Body of Light Practice and Self-Empowerment through the Love of GOD.
38. The Giving of Power.
39. The Use of the Hands for the Healing Purpose
40. Payment and Donations for Treatments.
41. Detachment.
42. How to make ready for Contact Healing and to Proceed.
43. Hints for Healers 1 & 2.
44. Methods to Establish a Link between the Patient and Healing Helpers.
45. Talking as an Aid to Healing. The Spoken Directive. How the Patient can Co-Operate. Help from the Family and Others.
46. Thoughts are Things.
47. Healing Prayer and Anointing.
48. Working with Spirit Guides, great Masters, Angels and SOLAR LORDS.
49. The Laying on of Hands ~ Giving and Receiving.
50. Aspects of Contact Healing.
51. Spiritual Protection of Yourself and your Patient during and after Treatment.
52. Healing Results.
53. Spontaneous Cures.
54. Recessions after Cures.
55. No Limitations to Healing.
56. Healing Success But!!!
57. Healers Problems.
58. Non- success with Healing Treatment.
59. Death of the Patient.
60. The Order of Lazarus. Healing of the Dying.
61. “MY Fathers house has many mansions.” (The MASTER YESHUA).
62. The Three Stages of Dying. Transference of Consciousness.
63. How to Prepare oneself for Working with the Dying and their Relatives as a Healer.
64. Creating a Shrine for the Dying or Deceased Person.
65. Taking on Patients Conditions.
66. The Washing of Hands.
67. Healing Practices. Healing by Blowing. Healing Pads. Long sweeping movements over the patient with the hands.
68. Course Questionaire.

Practical Intensive Workshops

1. The First Workshop will be focussing in on the Holy Prayer Daily Essene Communions; High Attunement to the Heavenly Kingdom, Astrogenic Solar Meditation and Exploration of the many different Levels of Being of Your Self and the Universes of GOD. General Questions and Answers Sessions.
2. The Second Nine Day Purification Workshop will consist of a Seven Day Fast as practiced by our LORD YESHUA and the Essene Brotherhood regularly as a part of Lawful Community Life to wipe away all past Karmic Debts.
3. The Spiritual Super Sensory Gifts of Attunement, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience in Relation to Healing within a Patients Auric Field. Applications of Directed Thought and Energy Medicine. Spiritual Hands On Nazarean Essene Healing or Contact Healing. Absent or Distant Healing in the Way of the Master Yeshua. Morning Star Solar Nazarean Essene Healing. Exorcism Techniques.

(Note ~ Dates for these Practical Intensive Workshops will be announced later. Limited Accommodation can be provided at the Glastonbury Centre for these.
Course Places are limited to Twelve Trainees per Entry Group.
Additional 1-2 Day Hands-On Healing Practical Days could possibly be arranged if required by some of the Group Members to enable them to gain further experience and to boost their confidence if wished.)

For further information regarding this U.K. based Course and future Gnostic Nazarene Essene Healing Courses taking place, please contact Rev. Sister Dominic at nazareanessene@gmail.com or on +44 (0) 1458 837801. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.)

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