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The ancient town of Glastonbury is placed upon a small island nestled between the three hills of Tor Hill, Chalice Hill & Wearyall Hill, on the ‘Isle of Glass in the Summerland’ of Somerset, England. Throughout legend, it has been known as the Vale of Avalon & is the site of the first physical Nazarene Essene Church built personally by the fair Hands of our LORD YESHUA HaMASSIACH/ LORD JESUS the MESSIAH and later Community prior to HIS Ministry 2,000 years ago. It also contains the burial place of hundreds of famous Saints i.e. St. Patrick the Apostle to Ireland, the first Bishop of Glastonbury, & the burial place of King Arthure & His Queen Guinevere of Wessex & the Angles. A Sacred place of Pilgrimage to both Essene, Christians, Pagans alike.


So Why do People from all over the World Come to make Pilgrimages to Glastonbury?

What is a Spiritual Pilgrim?

What is the Living Waters Truth Centre Bed & Breakfast & Retreat Centre?


Living Waters is a Nazarean Essene Order & Inter-Faith Healing Centre that offers a homely, warm & welcoming simple personal 3 Star Retreat House to Spiritual Pilgrims. It is centred in the heart of the ancient legendary town of Glastonbury on the Isle of Avalon, less than half a mile from the historic town centre, famous for its Tor & Abbey Ruins. CHRIST JESUS built HIS first Nazarean Essene Church here, upon the site that is now known as Glastonbury Abbey. The Cathedral City of Wells is just 6 miles distant.

We are a friendly, simple, hospitable, Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel,  Healing & World Peace Centre, embracing the Universal Truth at the Heart of all  Spiritual traditions.  We honour & support Peace-making & the awareness of our Unity of Spirit. Our Ministry work operates on a donation basis. We welcome everyone who feels called to deepen their Understanding & Awareness of True Self & Spirit & offer a warm welcome to all unconditionally. Residents are invited to share in most activities throughout the year if they so choose. We do not offer Phones, T.V’s or Wi-Fi & request that mobile phones are switched to silent mode at certain times of the day. Divine Light, Unconditional Love & Pure Spirit are gifted in abundance though.

A ‘Living Sanctuary’ to reconnect to the ‘DIVINE SPIRIT OF LIFE’ & experience the eternally flowing ‘Living Waters of the HOLY GRAAL’ as gifted to King Arthur.


Our Daily Practices

  • Ø We request that people coming on retreats wear white or light clothing as much as possible during their stay and that a white head covering be worn i.e. a white scarf or shawl if residents wish to join us at times of Holy Prayer.
  • Ø The Holy Orders days are centred around Prayer, Study, Contemplation & Meditation & we request that mobile phones are switched to ‘silent mode’ in keeping with our Orders times of ‘Silence’ at certain periods of the day & evening.
  • Ø That any music is not played loudly in visitors rooms to disturb others & the beautiful High Spirit vibrational
  • tranquillity of this Spiritual Centre.
  • Ø Residents are asked not to engage in harmful thinking, harmful speech, harmful listening, harmful reading, or engage in any harmful actions to themselves or others.
  • Ø We ask residents to nurture friendship, loving-kindness & care for the needs of others in a sensitive respectful manner.
  • Ø To abstain from all sexual contact while resident at the Centre for the Well-Being of All.
  • Ø Not to steal & to speak Truthfully at all times.
  • Ø That all members of our Community on full retreat willingly contribute an hour of the day towards helping the work of the Order.
  • Ø To “Love one another as I have loved you.” (The LORD YESHUA/ MASTER JESUS)

 Single Peace-White-Dove_Projector

 Accommodation & Payment

Bed & Breakfast:

Bedrooms ~ Both bedrooms are to be found upon the first floor of the house. Newly refurbished in September 2012, the clean, centrally heated, double-glazed comfortable bedrooms are fitted with polycotton sheets and hypo-allergenic duvets. Towels & hairdryers are provided.

  • Ø Double Room
  • Ø Twin Room

Dining Room ~ Breakfast is served to guests very simply sat around a communal table. Vegan & Vegetarian food only is served at the Centre. Organic home grown produce and preserves are served whenever possible.

Workshops & Retreats:

Please contact the Centre directly if you wish to attend one of our Daily, Weekly or Weekend Workshops, to make payment and to check the accommodation availability at:


Landline Telephone: +44 (0)1458 837801

Mobile Telephone: 07929 879 565



A lovely, gentle, peaceful energy permeates the whole Centre. We offer hot or cold traditional English or Buffet Breakfasts. Veganism is our speciality & organic homemade Preserves as available. We hold a strict no smoking/ non-alcoholic beverages policy upon the premises. Complimentary hot & cold drink making facilities are available throughout the day.

The newly refurbished, clean, centrally heated, double-glazed warm & light bedrooms, offer comfortable beds with polycotton sheets & hypo-allergenic pillows. The twin room has the added bonus of a great view towards Chalice Hill. Towels & hairdryers are provided in each room. Helpful information is always available to guests of how to find the historical places of interest within the town.

Complimentary Holistic & Shamanic Therapies can be booked by prior appointment. These include: Meditation, Aromatherapy, Facial & Remedial Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Native American Energy Medicine & many more besides around the town. Spiritual Counselling & some Sacraments are available to residents by appointment with the Abbess, with GOD’S permission.

Ironing facilities can be made available to residents by prior request.


Check-In Times: 16:00 – 18:00 hours Daily. (Residents are welcome to check in at other times by prior arrangement.)

Out-Out Time:    10:30 a.m.

Children: Well-disciplined quiet Children are welcome from the age of 12 years upwards.

No Smoking allowed on the premises.

No Alcohol allowed on the premises.

No Drug abuse allowed on the premises.

No Pets allowed on the premises due to animals already living on site.:


Disabled Facilities: Living Waters is not specifically equipped to cater for disabled visitors. It is a 1930’s styled home-based Centre, not a purpose built guest house. All bedrooms are on the first floor accessed by a staircase with two handrails. There is no ground floor toilet/ bathroom available either for residents. A wheelchair can be made available by prior request. Breakfast menus can be verbally described and discussed with the visually impaired.

Address: Living Waters Truth Centre

Bed & Breakfast & Retreat House

6 Bere Lane,




Websites: &


Landline Telephone: +44 (0)1458 837801

Mobile Telephone: 07929 879 565


Local Points of Interest

  • Ø Glastonbury Abbey ~ 0.3 Miles

Originally a simple (wattle & daub) circular building created in the ancient Biblical Essene tradition, built at the age of twelve years of age by our LORD YESHUA/ the MASTER JESUS the greatest Rabbi of our Holy Order, with HIS Great-Uncle, St. Josephus the Arimathean upon Josephus’s first trip to England to trade in Tin. This grew to become the most famous & at one time largest Abbey building to be found within Europe, as the site of the LORD CHRISTS’S first Nazarean Order Essene Church. The burial place of St. Josephus the Arimathean, King Arthure and Queen Guinevere and many famous Saints.

Guided tours are carried out by Glastonbury Abbey staff throughout the day, & by the Abbess of the Living Waters Truth Centre by prior arrangement and to people staying at the Centre for Nazarean Essene Retreats. The Abbey has a busy schedule of events throughout the year from Church Services & Pilgrimages around the Sacred Sites, to lectures, concerts and orchestral recitals.

St. Dunstan’s Car Park is immediately adjacent to the entrance & disabled toilet facilities close by. Disabled toilet facilities are also available within the Abbey grounds. Wheelchairs are provided by the Abbey staff upon request giving access to 95% of the Abbey complex, including the Ticket Office Gift Shop & Museum where can be found an excellent model of how the Monastery used to look in its heyday. The Abbey shop provides a vast array of religious artefacts from books to gifts of all kinds

Web Link:

  • Ø The Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree ~ 0.3 Miles

Properly known as ‘Monogyna Praecox’ is found naturally only in the Middle East, & unlike the English Hawthorn Tree flowers twice a year at Christmas & Easter. Prior to HIS crucifixion, our beloved RABBONI YESHUA/JESUS gave HIS  walking staff to HIS nearest living male relative St. Josephus t Arimathean as HIS next of kin & told Him to build HIS Holy Church where ever it took root. Following His Roman imprisonment, beating, trial & flight to England with some of the Disciples. Five minutes walk.

A place of special interest for Hill Walkers and Spiritual Pilgrims alike to visit the spot where LORD YESHUA’S Staff took root following the Crucifixion as prophesied by our LORD to HIS relative St. Josephus the Arimathean. A good look out place to view the town, Chalice Hill and Glastonbury Tor from.

Web Link: Thorn

  • Ø The Abbey Barn ~ 0.3 Miles

A magnificent 14th. century tithe barn and farm buildings of interest to people of all ages, that now houses the Somerset Rural Life Museum. It demonstrates life in Victorian times within the farming community through a museum and a series of  rooms laid out in keeping with the times. There is also a tea room and a museum shop. The barn that was used to store the grain for the Monks of Glastonbury Abbey and is located South of the Abbey in Bere Lane a few minutes[R1]  walk away. Entrance free.

Web Link: Museum.

  • Ø Glastonbury Tor ~ 0.9 Miles

Ten minutes level walk to the base of the hill. A local landmark hill that rises up from the Somerset Levels from which on a  clear day three Counties can be seen with spectactular views. Two footpaths lead up it but well worth the climb! The Tor is crowned by the tower stone remains of the Chapel of St. Michael. Telephone: 01643 862452 for further information.

A steep hill to climb with fantastic views for both keen hill walkers and pilgrims alike.

Web Link:

  • Ø Chalice Well Garden ~ 0.4 Miles

A delightful World Peace Garden garden set at the foot of Tor Hill where the Sacred Red Healing Spring can be found that was blessed by the LORD YESHUA/ MASTER JESUS  upon a trip to England 2,000 years ago with miraculous Healing Powers.A beautifully tranquil Garden to go and rest a while and drink of the Sacred Holy Red Natural Spring Waters blessed by MASTER JESUS to receive Divine Healing and Meditate. A place of Solace, deep Peace and Inspiration in the Vale of Avalon.   Events take place throughout the year there, from Religious Ceremonies of all Faiths, Days of Silence, Performances, Candlelit Music and Poetry Evenings. Tel: 01458 831154 for further information.

Web Link:

Local Amenities

  • Ø Strode Theatre, Street ~ 1.9 Miles

Strode Theatre is a theatre and cinema with 343 seats, a part of the Strode College campus in Street, near Glastonbury in Somerset. They promote a programme of live events, both professional and amateur, film and visual art for local people and visitors to Somerset.

  • Ø Greenbank Outdoor Swimming Pool  ~ 2 Miles

A local outdoor swimming pool to spend a pleasant afternoon relaxing and having fun.

  • Ø Glastonbury Tourist Office ~ 0.4 Miles

A great source for buying tickets, maps, and literature about the town, and for local information regarding events happening in the town, i.e. guided tours etc. throughout the year.

Retreat Rules


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