Happy Christmas & Happy New Year to You ALL. 24th. December, 2018.

Happy Christmas and Blessed Peaceful New Year Each and Everyone from here in Glastonbury, Avalon.


GOD is all you need. Let the Spirituality of LORD YESHUA’S Perfection be your New Year’s resolution. May GOD Bless you and keep you and I wish you all the Happiest of years ahead. GOD in your Life is ALL you need to Succeed! Forget the past and step forward into a New Beginning with Hope, Love, Faith and Trust.


Peace be with you ALL from Rev. Sister Dominic.
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What IS the TRUE CHURCH of GOD THE I AM? I AM’S Teaching about IT to Rev. Sister Dominic. 23rd. December, 2017

Belated Winter Solstice and Happy Shabbat Everyone.

In 2 Timothy 4:2 of the New Testament it is recorded,
“Preach the Word; be prepared in Season and out of Season; correct, rebuke and encourage ~ with great patience and careful instruction.”

LORD YESHUA Taught us upon each Holy Shabbat day like today to,
“Go by yourself and fast alone, and show your fasting to no Man.
The Living GOD shall see it and great shall be your reward.”
(LORD YESHUA. The Dead Sea Scrolls. The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1. Transcribed by Professor Bordeaux Szekely.)

This is one of the TRUE Christmas presents that you receive to your eternal Soul and Spirit each week as well as an even greater Blessing at this celebrated Christmas period of each year when you live within strict Holy Law: second only to the Divine Gift of HIS ONE and only begotten SON, LORD JESIAS or YESHUA as HE is known more upon the Earth to the World of Men ~ THE LIGHT of the WORLD.. None of all the tinsel, killing of millions of Turkeys, Chickens, Ducks, Cows and Pigs and Christmas trees all over the World and credit card debt to try and resolve for months afterwards.

With all the materialistic commercial madness of the CHRIST-mass season that is thrust at us all each year from July onwards each year, I was thinking about the e-Christmas card that I put up on our Nazarene Essene website with the symbol of a ‘Christian’ Church on it with a stained-glass Angel and my thoughts went back to one of LORD YESHUA’S Teachings 2,000 years ago to the Magdalene. HE said,
“I and MY Church are ONE!”

LORD YESHUA only ever built One physical Wattle and Daub Nazarean Essene House of Prayer here in Glastonbury, Avalon, with HIS own fair HANDS with St. JOSEPHUS THE ARIMATHEAN HIS Great-Uncle which later became the later largest Catholic overthrown Benedictine-Essene Abbey in Europe. I was led by Spirit today to an excellent explanation of what HE Truly meant by that comment made to me so long ago now and I thought I would share that with you, followed by a teaching that THE LORD ‘I AM’, THE LORD CHRIST gave me back on the 6th. November, 2017 while sat in amongst the Glastonbury Abbey ruins..

We Must Worship The Lord In His Church

“The Lord is to be glorified by the worship He receives in His church. In Ephesians 3:21 we read, “To Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus.” But how many churches does the Lord have? Jesus says in Matthew 16:18,”Upon this rock I will build My church.” The word “My” shows possession and that the church belongs to Jesus. How many churches did He say He was going to build? He said, “I will build My church”. The word church is singular not plural. The Lord only promised to build His one church.

In Ephesians 4:4-6 there are seven ones listed: “There is one body, and one Spirit, even as you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is above all, and through all, and in you all.” Just as there is only one God and only one Lord we also see there is only one body. The Bible says there is only one body; so what is this one body? In Ephesians 1:21-22 we find out what this one body is, “And He put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be the head over all things to the church, which is His body.” Here we see that the Bible says the church is the body. So if there is only one body and the one body is the church, then there can only be one church that belongs to the Lord.

In Colossians 1:18 in speaking of Christ, we read, “And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things He may have the preeminence.” Here again we see that the body (singular) is the church (singular). Again the Bible tells us that the Lord has only one church. We also see that in all things Christ is to have the preeminence. For Christ to have the preeminence in all things, we must follow Christ in all things and not follow man. If we follow men in some things then Christ does not have the preeminence in all things.

Since Christ only built His one church, we need to ask where did all these other churches come from? The only answer is they were built by men, so men could “attend the church of their choice”, and not God’s choice. We read in Ephesians 5:23, “Christ is the head of the church, and he is the saviour of the body.” Christ is only the saviour of His one body, His one church. In the Lord’s scheme of redemption, He has only planned to have one church. He is going to only save His one church.

Since we have seen in the Bible that the one body is the one church which the Lord built, and that Christ has only promised to save His one body, His one church, then what is going to happen to the hundreds of different kinds of other churches we see in existence today? Again let us let God answer this question. In Matthew 15:13 Jesus said, “Every plant, which my Heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted.” What will happen to all those churches that God did not plant? They will be rooted up. This is what God has said He will do.”

HE didn’t have anything to do with the tradition that we have now of building Parish Churches in every village all over the World. That was St. Paul I believe that started that one off that never met HIM physically during His lifetime and never understood obviously what our belovéd LORD YESHUA meant by that comment, for in reality, there is not one physical single ‘Church’ building of GOD’S built upon the Earth!

A few years ago I put LORD JEHOVAH’S Holy Teaching about this up on my website. Then the other day, I was sat in Glastonbury Abbey grounds looking at its ruins expecting to channel some more amazing Gospel manuscript from one of LORD YESHUA’S Disciples, when THE LORD ‘I AM’ appeared to me as HE does increasingly frequently these days GOD bless HIM, THE LORD CHRIST and gave me HIS Teaching about it to place in this future CHRIST Book publication I am currently working on.

“THE LORD CHRIST. I AM the LAW of GOD that speaks to Her. I have come in place of LORD SUMLAH (another incarnation name for St. Bartholomew the Disciple) at this time. He agreed with of respect. MY HOUSE is not THIS! Bricks and Mortar and Stone. I AM a HOUSE on HIGH, in the SPIRIT. I GIVE IT, to Those that share MY LIFE in the SPIRIT WORLD. It is a PEACE GIFT to the SOUL of MAN and comes NOT, to Those that REMAIN in DARKNESS! I am the POWER of IT and the Grace of GOD. All Friends are WELCOME in MY HOUSE of GOD of the SPIRIT REALM. I show NONE the DOOR that wish to ATTEND! MY LIFE is MY GIFT of which the LORD SUMLAH spoke. I share with MY Friends as Yourself and the LIFE of CHRIST. MY HOUSE is INFINITE! IT knows no Stars BOUNDS! IT can heave PLANETS, move Stars, Galaxies and the REST, ALL in MY NAME! I AM, the ONE that DOES in ALL CREATION! I AM the PLANETS GIFT and FUTURE ever AFTER. THIS HOUSE, was ONCE MY THRONE ROOM (Glastonbury Abbey site Nazarean Essene Light Temple where LORD YESHUA/JESIAS was ITS HIGH PRIEST eight million years ago here in Avalon). MY GOD has IT SHIFTED! IT is DESOLATE ~ NEGLECTED ~ BARREN ~ of what IT WAS!”

(I apologised to HIM at this point for the shameful neglect of it by ITS current owners, The Church of England that don’t practice our ancient Nazarite Holy Communion Prayers or Sacred Practices as of old thrice daily as I do here at this Essene CHRIST LIGHT Centre here in town.)

“It was not your FAULT, but THEIRS that has DONE! You are not a PARTY to it, nor LORD SUMLAH, St. Benedict or the REST of MY Companions of GOD. WE tend but NOT in the WAY IT WAS ONCE! On HIGH, IT is RISEN. Below IT is BARREN! So CORRUPT ~ just HORROR as I WATCH! I can’t BARE IT, to SEE IT now. Just FALLEN to Grace-LESS. Suffering and PAIN is in all those WALLS of SAINTS and PROPHETS of the kind, that gave Their LIVES to this and DEDICATED IT SOLELY to ME and MY SOLE PURPOSE.

I have risen You, for a PURPOSE OF MY SOUL to DO just what I REPEAT in a WAY that I DIRECT. You are now MY Law of GOD! It is PROFOUND what comes IN. Be AWARE of what COMES! It is IMPORTANT to LIFE on this PLANET! MY ESSENE is with for EVER MORE.

You are the One I CHOSE for this role for GOD for EVER. It was ARCHANGEL GABRIEL attached in this role BEFORE that (as GOD’S ‘Messenger of GOD’ to all of HIS 12 Universes of Creation), and you now WALK in HIS FOOTSTEPS. It is ANNOUNCED in this BOOK! The People will shock and think “What!” and DISBELIEVE, but You are MY SERVANT for ever ONWARD and I literally ADORE Her up ABOVE in the SPIRIT WORLD. MY HOUSE is Your DOMAIN, to RULE ever AFTER.

I literally curse the Men that literally do NOT MY REALM of LOVE with what COMES (The Second Coming referred to here.). It goes like a BULLET to Folks in Their HEADS and disappears in Their VEINS, to disperse and TRAVEL through the Hearts of CHRIST. It is in MY IMMINENT PRESENCE, what is about to HAPPEN……

(‘I AM’ then spoke a bit about my own Family members and so I have edited that part out here of HIS Channelled Teaching to me.)

“YOUR riches and MY FRIENDS, are in the SPIRIT WORLD, not of THIS Dominion of GOD! You never saw the LIKE of MUCH in Your Life in goods. It was of the SPIRIT You went unlike P. She will regret Her choice of selection of goods in this World. The main body of MEN will REGRET and WOMEN for that fact, not CHOSEN by Her MY MOTHER of GOD and SAINT of CHRIST! SHE SELECTED who CAME to HER DOMINION of GOD on HIGH, (when Judgement Day took place on the 25th. July, 2010), not I, Your LIGHT BRINGER in the STARS. I have ARISEN, ALL that have been SELECTED and not MORE come FORTH.
Peace be with You.”
(Copyright ©6th. November, 2017 of Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’ and The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel, U.K. (Glastonbury).)

And so as LORD YESHUA ‘The Nazarite’ instructed us all to do recorded as in the Dead Sea Scrolls, HIS Nazarean Essene Brethren,

“And more wise are the words and laws of your HEAVENLY FATHER and of your EARTHLY MOTHER than the words and the will of all Fathers by seed and by blood, and of all Mothers by the body. And of more worth also is the inheritance of your HEAVENLY FATHER and of your EARTHLY MOTHER, the everlasting Kingdom of Earthly and Heavenly Life, than all the inheritances of your Fathers by seed and by blood, and of your Mothers by the body. And your True Brothers are all Those who do the WILL of your HEAVENLY FATHER and of your EARTHLY MOTHER and not your Brothers by blood. I tell you truly, that your True Brothers in the will of the HEAVENLY FATHER and of the EARTHLY MOTHER will love you a 1,000 times more than your Brothers by Blood.”
(LORD YESHUA. The Dead Sea Scrolls. The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1. Transcribed by Professor Bordeaux Szekely.)

And as so as the Christmas Festivities rapidly zoom in upon us all, let us all remember silently in our quiet times of Divine Prayer with the LORD CHRIST Worldwide, who we really are as members of HIS Flock and Heavenly ‘Church’ of the SPIRIT REALM, HIS respectful, all honouring and abiding loving Servants of HIS LOVE.

As LORD YESHUA also Taught us recorded by dear St. Matthew in His Gospel 28: 19-20:
“Therefore go and make Disciples of all Nations, baptising Them in the Name of the FATHER and of the SON and of the HOLY SPIRIT, and teaching Them to obey everything I have commanded You. And surely I am with You always, to the very end of the age.”

I attended the annual Church of England Wells Cathedral Christmas Carol Concert tonight with another member of our Nazarene Order here in Avalon which was well attended.the beautifully carved stone building was built thirty years after the more famous Benedictine-Essene one here in Glastonbury. It was full in fact for the second night running for this event with 1,270 people in attendance each Service. All the candles in the Cathedral were lit and looking very beautiful twinkling in the light. The Bishop, Ministers and Choir all paraded in singing Once In Royal David’s City and the Service began. I waited for LORD YESHUA to arrive but HE didn’t. Nothing of HIS PRESENCE was there.

LORD JEHOVAH heard my thought and replied to me,
“YESHUA is not coming. They do not obey HIS Teachings here!”,
and sure enough, throughout the hour and a half long Carol Service, LORD YESHUA didn’t come. As the Choir started to sing beautifully though, LORD JEHOVAH then added,
“The Angels are with and all of GOD and know you know you are Maitreya.”
And sure enough flying above the heads of the Cathedral Choristers was LORD MIKAAL/ St. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL with the Heavenly Host all singing Their hearts out with us and it was beautiful to sing with Them.

At the end of the Carol Service as I and my friend were preparing to leave, LORD YESHUA spoke telepathically to me from where ever HE was at that particular time universally and said,
“This is not MY WAY. You are ESSENE. Now TEACH. I AM LORD YESHUA by Grace, and Life of GOD now present in YOUR WORLD. Be ME, in MY PLACE and SERVE.”
(Copyright ©23rd. December, 2017 of Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’ and The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel, U.K. (Glastonbury).)

HIS ‘Magdalene’ has truly been called forward even more now internationally in our Nazarene Rabboni’s ‘WAY’.

Have a lovely Christmas each and everyone and remember to follow your TRUE Nazarite Vegan PRACTICES as HE Taught us so long ago with temptation everywhere you look at this time and Love to you.

PEACE, JOY, LOVE and LIGHT be with you all, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR with festive blessings from
Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’, ‘The Magdalene of YESHUA’.


A picture I took of Wells Cathedral Candlelight Service tonight the 23rd December, a former Benedictine-Essene Cathedral five miles north of Glastonbury looking beautiful. It was built only 30 years after Glastonbury Abbey. Merry Christmas to you all. Peace be with you each and every One! Love Rev. Sister Dominic. X

Merlin Arrives Back in Glastonbury. 3rd. December, 2017

24785183_1563082760395067_5854327419482896912_o (1)

I’d like you all to welcome young 12 week old Merlin to the Living Waters Truth Centre here In Glastonbury today. Lord Yeshua gave him his name and he is already trying to do his best to fill the big hole here Uthyr left when he was killed back last July. Another little love bundle like Gandalf and so anybody that comes to stay here next year be prepared to have your love levels raised!
Peace be with you all.

The Fun of this Years Glastonbury Frost Fayre. 25th. November, 2017

It was Glastonbury’s great fun annual Frost Fayre party atmosphere all day on Saturday, the 25th. November, 2017 and everyone was in town from the Town Crier, to the Saxons, to the Glastonbury Morris and local Musicians playing and singing in the streets. The Glastonbury Peace Candle was marched around the town as always to help manifest and maintain the Peace in our troubled world. There was even a book for sale on a sale with the word ‘Peace’ cit very cleverly into its pages edge. So cleverly done by a lady in Glastonbury.



A Highly Recommended Blissful Meditation to Buy. Highly Recommended. 16th. November, 2017

This meditation is one of the most powerful meditations I have ever done, using Hebrew tuning forks developed by my friend and Franciscan Seminary director and teacher James/ Jimmy Twyman about ten years ago now. He also used them in The Moses Code. They take you to a very deep place as ascendance as nothing else I know upon this Planet and manifest a really deep seated sense of Inner Peace within the Heart’s Soul. Enjoy! Warning! You may never come down again, or want to!

Peace be with you. Shalom. x

Building a New Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Station on the Edge of a Tectonic Plate is Madness! Please Sign this Petition Urgently. 16th. November, 2017

Hi Everyone,

For the sake of ALL LIFE present on this beautiful Planet now and hopefully in the future, by signing this petition today, hopefully, we and ALL THE FUTURE GENERATIONS YET TO COME will still get the opportunity to LIVE in it free of Cancer caused from nuclear toxicity from waste products pumped out by these dangerous plants in our World.

Building it on the edge of a tectonic plate that provided us an earthquake registered at 5.2 on the richter scale about three years ago is totally brainless as well. We could have a worse disaster than Fukushima on our hands here in Britain, only 16 miles from Glastonbury and all that is SACRED here in AVALON, the MOST SACRED PLACE ON THE PLANET and this TWELFTH UNIVERSE of GOD’S CREATION.

DIVINE MOTHER has ALREADY BANNED HER ANGELS from working in that area SHE told me when I visited that area 18 months ago due to the VERY DANGEROUS FALLOUT LEVELS NOW from the nuclear plant already there and the SEA WATER and SHORELINES are DEVOID of LIVING THINGS. Our Precious Seas are dying already from Man’s thoughtless pollution and destruction of everything they touch. This is OUR HOME! We have nowhere ELSE to GO! We must look AFTER our PLANET and no longer KILL IT through our indifference, laziness, selfishness and sheer GREED to pay dividends to shareholders in electricity companies.

I know that the Nazarene Essene Order internationally DO CARE about LIFE UNIVERSALLY, KNOWING that we truly are ALL ONE and what we DO to our DIVINE MOTHER, we DO to OURSELVES, since we are ONE WITH HER and ALL LIFE. As the loving, kind, caring and very responsible people that you are, will you all please sign this petition yourselves and forward this onto all of your friends? If we had another Fukushima scenario here, due to the strong South=Westerly winds that blow generally in this area, England, Wales, Scotland, Scandinavia and Europe would cease to be and become devoid of ALL LIFE. There are MUCH SAFER WAYS to produce electricity in our world than this.

Thank you.

EDF are planning to dredge up mud contaminated by the previous Hinkley power stations to make way for a new power station, but this mud may be dangerously radioactive.

For Dear Didymus, St. Thomas The Disciple, One of our very Dear Community Members at this Time. 14th. November, 2017

This is for you my dear friend Didymus Judas Thomas and an exceptionally hard working member of our Community currently in very dedicated service to our much beloved LORD YESHUA still. He has travelled on foot to practically nearly every Country in the World over the last ten years following his Divine Instructions and gathered in each what was required leaving himself destitute in order to achieve GOD’S set goal for him in this life. A wonderful and amazing man, that I am proud to call my dear friend again now. Keep going, complete in your devout Faith and get the task finally completed and then we will celebrate together!

Peace be with you now and always.
Rev. Sister Dominic

The Gospel According to Thomas, commonly shortened to the Gospel of Thomas, is a well preserved early Christian,…

The Best and the Worst of Glastonbury this Halloween. 31st. October, 2017

King Arthure’s very Spiritually LIGHT LORD CHRIST Nazarean Essene History of Britain and the Truth about the HOLY GRAIL was on display in the front window of a book shop here in town and at the other end of the scale, Satan’s worst! How can peoples thoughts be directed at such opposite poles of existence within this world is beyond me? NOBODY can live without CHRIST’S LIGHT and LOVE in their lives.

Peace be with you all living within the LIGHT REALMS of CHRIST’S LOVE from here in Avalon tonight.