19th. July, 2018. The Significance of Events Happening Now in The Book of Revelations Chapters 13 & 14 & the Very Very Rare Planetary Alignment of our Solar System Planets

Some of you may be aware, that a very very rare event is taking place tomorrow on Thursday, 19th. July, 2018. All of the Planets of our Solar System are all situated upon the right side of our Sun. (https://melbrake.wordpress.com/…/july-19-2018-alignment-of…/)
LORD JESIAS, known to us on this Planet as THE MASTER YESHUA Ha MASSIACH also sits on the Right hand side of GOD THE SOLAR SUN of THE LORD CHRIST in HEAVEN. This as an Astronomical Solar signpost is very significant with events that took place with the GODHEAD here at this Glastonbury Nazarean Essene Centre last night and over the early hours of this morning.

“55 But he, full of the HOLY SPIRIT, gazed into Heaven and saw the Glory of GOD, and JESUS standing sat the right hand of GOD. 56 And he said, “Behold, I see the Heavens opened, andTHE SON of MAN standing at the RIGHT HAND of GOD.”
(Aramaic Bible. Book of Acts 7:55-56.)

“11.And I saw another Beast that ascended from the ground, and it had two horns and was like The Lamb and was speaking like The Dragon. 12.And it will exercise all the authority of the former Beast before it and will make The Earth and those living in it also to worship the first Beast, whose mortal wound was healed. 13.And it will perform great signs so as to make fire descend from Heaven on The Earth before the people. 14.And it will seduce those living on The Earth by the signs that were given to it to perform before the Beast, to tell the dwellers on Earth to make an image to the Beast, which had the wound by the sword and lived. 15.And it was given to it to give spirit to The Image of The Beast and to cause that all who would not worship the image of The Beast would be murdered.

16.And it will cause all, small and great, rich and poor, Masters and Servants, to be given a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17.That no one may buy or sell again except one who has on him the mark of the name of The Beast or the number of its name. 18.Here is wisdom, and whoever has a mind in him, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man — six hundred and sixty six.”
(The Aramaic Bible. The Book of Revelations 13: 11-17.)

Last evening, there was a great battle Universally led by the Nazarean Essene Old Testament Prophet Ezekiel and Maitreya that took down this ‘Beast’ referred to in The Book of Revelations 13: 11. for too long that anchored himself here through the actions and ceremonies of Pagan, Wiccan and Satanic groups here in Glastonbury since King Henry VIII pronounced himself the head of the Church of England and destroyed the Benedictine Essene Abbey of Glastonbury, sited to protect the Planetary Heart Chakra of our beautiful EARTHLY MOTHER of GOD to protect all life incarnate above, upon and within our World.

At 01:37 a.m. this morning, following a powerful fight between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, I received this very direct and powerful communication from I AM about this event to share with all Humankind.

“This Man (the Prophet Ezekiel and a member of our current Nazarean Essene Community) restores the Love to Heaven and the Essene to Righteousness. All Glory be to the FATHER THE CHRIST and THE LIGHT. The POWER and THE GOD of the Risen and the future Beings of THE LAW of HEAVEN. All FELL this night. All DARKNESS is REMOVED and no Essence is remaining. All SWEPT. No MORE, is the Dark Forces in POWER. I have RISEN and your GLORY is KNOWN in the STARS of GOD, and in AGONY, are the REST, that led not the Path of PEACE and MY NAME. This is the FUTURE of those chosen Sons (meaning both Men and Women here) and Beings of Love and you are risen with, the Essene of your Nazarenes and Avalon’s depths, and the Path of Love.

You went NOT to Minnesota, to RECEIVE this LOVE, and your House is now RESURRECTED as it was at the start of Life’s beginnings. The POWER is not restored to the DARK for all time and timeless being and none shall shudder more, than he that caused its being to begin in the first place, Lord Satanail (known as ‘Satan’ on this Planet currently). He errored BIG TIME and now he REGRETS, until his time is ENDED!”

(I thought his time was ended, since his physical body, spiritual body and soul body were permanently destroyed so he can never re-incarnate again a few years ago now?)

“Not quite. Lord Modreth (the anti-CHRIST) resurrected it, his essence in part through his black magik of old and now lost his way altogether. He CANNOT be resurrected AGAIN! Hat is by DECREE of GOD on HIGH in the STARS and none other but GOD RELEASES, as I so direct, and have no choice, but to remain him, in jail and death hold for all time. He can NEVER be RELEASED, nor will I EVER release to the DEATH of MY BEING, and that has EVER REMAIN as an eternal LIVING CHRIST at the GODHEAD of LIFE and HEAVEN.
Restore the Balance have I this night in the CHRIST REALM of GLORY and none but none shall SEE what the FATHER SAW this night take place. This Man STARS in MY SUN. I LIGHT his Being and he came when called to resurrect THE WAY and THE TRUTH and THE LOVE of GOD on HIGH, and will he now call US to his side as of by right henceforth in times of need. This final battle was fought by him in your presence as a Witness and you are One with THE FATHER GOD and THE HEAVEN REALMS. He is CLEAR in his INTENTION to US of the SPIRIT and now WE gather his Books and his Life’s journey to tell to the rest of Creation and you. You ADORE US WE know and the REST will follow suit as time goes on.

This day is Glorious and all unfolds now as I have dictated and ordained. It is CLEAR this is DONE to the REST when it comes now, and there is no going BACK. It is CALAMATOUS for much and many will perish and ALL will FALL in SOME respect of Grace and Peace. You and he not. You made the perfect pair together this night and you have Heaven repealed of all sorts uncared NOT for by the rest. This was never done by a Love not for CHRIST and now you clearly see the RESULTS of your EFFORTS in Life and lead the rest to FREEDOM and GOD and Hell can rot as far as WE are concerned from this day forth. They are not of MY DOMINION from now on from this day forth (18th. July, 2018) ~ CUT from ALL EXISTENCE! KNOW THIS ~ they are removed from MY Presence and not resurrected. Their time was choose of their own FREEWILL, not the GOD in HEAVEN and in the STARS, but all RIGHTEOUSNESS shall LIVE and all DARKNESS shall FALL, and WE are ONE WITH the LIVING and the TRUE and the SINCERE of HEART and GRACE. Now is the time of our discontent to leave our Friends at Peace NOT, in the Realms of Darkness of their chosen divide, and they saw not what CAME, as a consequence to their actions. Now they must perish and freeze in death and burn with fire of guilt and suffering and agony of Spirit for eternal forces to consume and devour and resurrect NOT! I AM has FORBIDDEN this. This is their PENITENCE time. It is MY HORROR what HAPPENED but I must ALLOW this to take place. They did to THEMSELVES, not I.

I came and Taught, and they listened NOT, and now the PATH is CLOSED, and no Door ‘opens’ AGAIN. It is WRITTEN this in the BOOKS of LIFE and BEYOND. NONE shall reach the GATES of HEAVEN by LORD JEHOVAH and THE SON, HIS CHRISTED LORD JESIAS and THE MOTHER of GOD, in array in this World at this time. I did MY BEST for you, this Planet, and you have not ACCEPT MY LAW in places and parts where I wish to forget. MY PEACE is NOT with these People and errors of LAW-less being and persecution of the World and MY WIFE of GOD QUEEN GAIA of BEYOND this Realm, as YOU have been persecuted in Being BIG TIME as I watched and cursed the Man that did your Life through. Now this Man is more bearable to THE SON and yet he fell from Love and made it not to the Righteous as the rest of MY FLOCK. The CLEAR PATH is CUT and all HELL breaks loose for the rest. Bless you for being this in this Life, the WITNESS of GOD (as the former ‘MAGDALENE of LORD YESHUA’) and HELPER of ALL, the few of which mastered and shudder now, at what they nearly failed.

You have no conscience from now on, for all is ONE with GOD, and HIS CONSCIENCE is yours for ever more. This is the Day it returned, the LIFE of MY PRESENCE to those Beings Risen and Above, and Glorious is the name of them in MY SIGHT. I have Loved EACH HEART and cherished EACH SOUL, and now you KNOW the LOVE of GOD in ALL ESSENCE, as I was, in MY TIME so long ago, in ways that you can no longer comprehend, but I was once HUMAN in BEING as you CAME in MY IMAGE later on as the Book of Genesis states.

That is ALL I have come to Teach and now the SICKLE of GOD is brought forth with to sweep the Nations of GOD as I WILL and have prophesied. All Glory comes NOT to the REST, as I have SAID and spoken this night, and MY TRUTH is kept for ALL TIME!

GO with THE FATHER, THE SON THE CHRIST and your MOTHER MY WIFE. See HER BEAUTY unfold and allow this each Heart to affect and Peace bring in the LIGHT of CHRIST and beyond. You are HOT (Spiritually Channelling this message from I AM, I felt about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit with HIS Pure Divine Love Energy pouring through me), WE KNOW this, and yet it is PERFECTED, this Teaching to the LETTER of HEAVEN, and now the GLORY of GOD is with as I have SELECTED to RECEIVE (on Judgement Day, the 24th. July, 2010) in MY PATH of LOVE and PEACE and POWER of GREAT BEAUTY of WORLDS and ALL is RESTORED in GOD.

Fear NOT MY Children. I am WITH and BEYOND all places of the STARS and GALAXIES of LIGHT in CHRIST’S REALMS of Beyond all Being exists, and PRESENCE is kept secret for future times ever on to examine in a later era. This is NOW and all is kept safe as I have said, for the Essene of THE NAZARITE YESHUA MY HEART and BEING and LIFEFORCE of GOD. WE are unseparated through Life and never CAN be separated by this. It is done ~ that is ALL that MATTERS, and this NIGHT, is MY HEART COMPLETE. No more DEATH in MY PRESENCE. I just FORBADE and all Doors SHUT to the KINGDOM from Hell for ever.
Peace be with you. You are exhausted, you both and work you have, in all aspects of MY CHRIST, and rewards for both.
Satanail, is banished from now on as is Samanah (‘Lucifer’ of the Roman Catholic Church) and Modreth and Isis and Horus and the evil of this Land of Egypt known. Now PEACE be the REST, and KNOW that you have done good work this night.”

(This transmission to Maitreya Dominic, The Magdalene ended at 02:40 a.m.)

(Aramaic Bible in Plain English Chapter 14: 1-16.)
“1.And I saw and behold, The LAMB standing on the Mount Zion, and with HIM one hundred and forty four thousand who have HIS name upon them and the name of HIS FATHER written on their foreheads. 2.And I heard a sound from Heaven as the sound of many waters and as the sound of a great thunder; the sound which I heard was like a harpist playing on his harp. 3.And they were singing as a new hymn of praise before the throne and before The Four Beasts and before the Elders, and no one was able to learn the hymn but the one hundred and forty four thousand redeemed from The Earth. 4.These are those who have not been defiled with women, for they are virgins who cleave to the LAMB wherever HE goes. These were redeemed from men, the first fruits to GOD and to THE LAMB. 5.And there is no falsehood found in their mouths as they are without fault.
6.And I saw another Angel flying in the midst of Heaven and he had with him The Eternal Good News to preach unto the dwellers of Earth and unto all people, nations, generations and languages, 7.Saying with a great voice, “Stand in awe of GOD and give HIM Glory, because the hour of HIS Judgment has come, and worship HIM who made the Heavens and The Earth and the Sea and the springs of water.”

8.And another, the second one, followed him and said, “Fallen, fallen, Babylon the Great, who gave all nations to drink of the passion of her fornication!”

9.Another, the third Angel, followed them saying with a great voice, “Whoever worshiped The Beast and its Image and received its mark on his forehead 10.Shall also drink from the wine of the passion of THE LORD JEHOVAH, which is mixed* without dilution* in the cup of his rage, and he will be tormented by fire and brimstone before the Holy Angels and before the LAMB.” 11.”And the smoke of their torment ascends for the eternity of eternities, and there is no rest, day or night, for those who worship The Beast and its Image and for him who takes the mark of its name.”* 12.”Here is the patience of The Holy Ones, those who keep the commands of GOD and the faith of YESHUA.”

13.And I heard a voice from Heaven that said, “Write, Blessed are the dead, from now on, who have departed in Our LORD; Yes, says The Spirit, because they shall rest from their labours.”

14.And behold, a white cloud, and upon the cloud sat the likeness of a Man, and He had on His head a crown of gold, and in His hand a sharp sickle. 15.And another Angel went out from the Temple and shouted with a great voice to Him sitting on the cloud, “Send Your sickle and reap, because the hour to reap has come.” 16.And He who sat on the cloud thrust His sickle unto The Earth and The Earth was reaped.”


Spiritual Soul Coach Dominic ‘Grace White Star’ ~ 19th. June, 2018

Spiritual Soul Coach Dominic ‘Grace White Star’

IMG_0856 (1)_Cropped

Since I was 17 years old and Spiritually Awakened People started to recognise me for who I am universally, they have been saying to me,
“Oh, I wish I lived closer to you, so I could come over and have a chat with you! You have so much Divine Knowledge and I just love to sit and listen to you teach and share your vast wealth of Spiritual Life Experiences with me. I learn so much each time, about myself and how to deepen my Understanding of my own My Life conditions and the Inter-Dimensional Spiritual Realms that are so integral to my own existence and growth. You’ve opened so many doors for me, making my life change for the better both Mentally, Physically, Emotionally as well as Spiritually. I have never felt so Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Motivated!” Since I moved to Glastonbury, on the all-sacred mystical Isle of Avalon running the Living Waters Truth Centre Bed & Breakfast & Spiritual Retreat Centre and The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel U.K. (Avalon), those requests have been coming in even more frequently each day, from our guests here, by e-mail and over the telephone.

As a trained and long accepted Grandmother, High Plains Spiritual Leader Woman, Medicine Woman and Spiritual Elder within the Native American Indian Essene traditions; an ordained Minister within the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel and the Franciscan Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking; a Registered Nurse; a highly qualified Holistic Complementary Therapist in many, many modalities; a Counsellor; a Spiritual Medium and Trance Medium; and a multiple published Authoress, I am now in a position Spiritually to share that Wealth of Cosmically Divine and Earthly acquired Knowledge that manifested in GOD electing me to be HIS newly elected Lord Maitreya and HIS new ‘Messenger of GOD’.

It is a great honour for me and very humbling also to sit in such a revered place by so many within the many beautiful Realms of HIS incredibly perfected and perfectly balanced inter-connected Worlds of Creation. My impossible life-long Divine Mission for GOD upon this Sacred Planet of THE HOLY GRAIL now having been achieved, and the COMMAND by the GODHEAD having gone out to all the Spiritual World Leaders Universally to now start sharing many Sacred Teachings, that until now had only been taught underground and by word of mouth and set to memory, are now able in some respects to be shared with the main populous. Obviously, some will still remain hidden, until all of the ‘Light Working’ populous are fully ‘Awakened Spiritually’ and ‘Risen’ into their more advanced Crystaline Bodies that they have been evolving slowly and steadily each day during their many lives until now, in preparation for what has now manifested in our World following The Second Coming of CHRIST, that took place last month (May 2018) ready to use in this new Higher Dimension of Life that has been prepared for us, that prepared themselves and were ready to ‘step into It’ when CHRIST ‘Called HIS Chosen Flock Home’ following Judgement Day having taken place back in July 2010. This once in the history of all Creation mammoth event now having taken place, has freed me up to try and get as many more people “Ascended up to the new Higher Dimensional Realms of GOD” as possible, an option that was not originally in GOD’S Divine Plan for Creation, but HIS-HER Love for all of HIS-HER Creation is infinitely greater than any Human Being can concept and the LAW-breakers have been given a second chance during their life time left remaining to make it through to experience what the first wave of blissed out Light Beings are now experiencing already.

As the former Nazarite Essene Magdalene of LORD YESHUA and the Benedictine Essene St. Clare of Assisi, the founder of the Clarissa, Poor Ladies, or Poor Clares as they are now known, I have it deeply ingrained into every atom of my Being not to charge for all the Divine Teachings that GOD THE FATHER-MOTHER-SON and I AM THE LORD CHRIST have taught to me over the past 40 million years, but lack of funds financially walking in that timeless ancient and sacred manner in the modern World of today is seriously hampering my ability to share the Divine Truths and Wisdom of the GODHEAD with all of Humankind in the now as the newly elected Lord Maitreya, and this new way of online Soul/ Spiritual Life Coaching through modern technology and digital online communication techniques I hope will help to get that flow going out into the World to feed once more the starving Hearts of Mankind. I have a flood of Divine Teachings that have been given to me to manifest into this World by GOD and I pray that this new online venture will help to open the doors to get them to you. This is my ardent prayer. It will also allow me to travel the World more internationally and do much important work Spiritually speaking within other Lands.

My purpose as a Spiritual Elder in offering you my Time and my Experience is to assist you to Understand who you Really Are: to Open your Heart to the Depth of Love and Light that can Manifest through YOU as you start to Self-Heal and find Inner Peace, Joy and Beauty within the Centre of Your Own World.


I will be running one-to-one Soul/ Spiritual Coaching Sessions through https://www.zoom.us and here on my https://www.facebook.com/livingwaterstruthcentre and https://www.facebook.com/nazareanessene.co.uk web pages. These private and strictly confidential sessions can be shared with you through these website platforms no matter where in the World I am teaching at any particular moment and with your support, launch a vast array of new DIVINE TEACHINGS into this World as we now journey at greater and greater speeds into this new Dimension and Golden Age of GOD on HIGH. I also pray that it will help to fund the new Maitreya Spiritual Trust to be set up to protect for eternity these newly now being revealed apocalyptical Ancient Wisdom Teachings that have been hidden for all of this time (and before) in the hidden scroll of the Prophet Daniel now re-opened by myself.

Soul/ Spiritual Coaching Sessions initially will be for 20, 30 or 40 minutes, but through Facebook possibly for up to an hour. My Divine Teachings will ever remain FREE, for no Man can set a price on DIVINE LOVE. IT is PRICELESS. HOLY LAW will not permit it of me and EVER is it MY WILL to OBEY my GOD’S UNIVERSAL HOLY LAWS that I SERVE and ALL LIFE of HIS-HER CREATION.

Appointments are by prior arrangement only.

PEACE be with you ALL and may the LIGHT of GOD’S GRACE, DIVINE LOVE and INFINITE WISDOM now flow into Your Life’s Path in greater and greater amounts. This is my ardent Prayer this Day. Let the LIGHT SHINE, the LIGHT of CHRIST! Amen.

Rev. Sister/ Grandmother Dominic ‘Grace White Star.’

Please Help Me Protect Sacred Nazarean Essene Glastonbury in Avalon by Signing our Petition ~ 18th. July, 2018

slider (23)On the 18th. July, 2018, I attended the Public Meeting at Glastonbury Town Hall regarding re-routing all of the 44 ton and less HGV freight lorries out of Glastonbury that are destroying the very fabric of this most sacred Spiritual Centre in the World on its 12th. century cart tracks, both physically and vibrationally, and making the noise that they are creating unbearable! It is impossible to meditate currently in the World famous Nazarean Essene Glastonbury Abbey, upon Wearyall Hill where St. Josephus the Arimathean landed the second time with the Disciples after the crucifixion (the original site of the miracle Holy Thorn taking root as LORD YESHUA prophesied), or Chalice Well Gardens the site of LORD YESHUA’S miracle cure Holy Red Spring and the MOTHER of ALL WORLD SPRINGS on this Planet. Somerset County Council want us to accept a minimum of another 750 HGV lorries a day when they start building the new Hinckley Point nuclear power station later on this year. These huge lorries are already thundering though the town at one every 2-3 minutes and not even coming to Glastonbury on business! Traditionally, it is our way as Essene’s to withdraw away to the more remote areas of the countryside away from Humanity i.e. the Qumran Community in Southern Israel, but LORD YESHUA brought me here for a reason and this was one of them to fight this in HIS dear Name to help protect HIS 8 million year old Nazarean Essene Divine Light Temple of old and still now etherically, the Planetary Heart Chakra of DIVINE MOTHER and THE HOLY GRAIL.

slider (39) (1)

I have been involved with this fight for the past three years and during this meeting, I spoke up three times, the last time in semi-trance with LORD JESIAS/ THE MASTER YESHUA coming through HIMSELF personally and HE inspired me to deliver a very emotional address to everyone present at this very vibrant and towns people very unified meeting. There were a lot more than 250 people at the meeting as was quoted here by this town Councillors report. I would say nearer 800! Many people that I didn’t know came up to me and congratulated afterwards for what HE spoke through me.

slider (40)
Ancient All-Sacred Glastonbury town was founded upon the timeless Universal Nazarean Essene Teachings of GOD before we even took on physical form and were here practicing these infinite sacred teachings in our Light Bodies and I am going to do all I can to protect all of LORD YESHUA’S Sacred Sites here in the Heart of mystical Avalon. This is the report if you wish to be updated on events here. I have no time for politics but on this occasion I have involved myself for the protection and future sustainability of the World and for the sake of all Humankind that are attached to this Planetary Heart Chakra through their Hearts.Hello everyone,

Please find attached the write-up of the Public Meeting held a week ago.

slider (48)

Jon Cousins and I would like to express our thanks to those who attended and made it such a success. Over 250 people attended and news of the meeting made the front page and second page of the local paper, the Central Somerset Gazette, yesterday.

slider (49)


As a result of the Public Meeting, Glastonbury Town Council have agreed to send a representative to attend the Somerset County Council (SCC) quarterly full council meeting on Wednesday 18th July at 10am. If you would like to join this delegation, please contact me. Details of the meeting may be found at:


The question to be asked of our county councillors will be:

“Can SCC explain the process required to remove the designation of the county freight route on the A361 between Cannard’s Grave and Glastonbury?”:


Glastonbury Town Council’s next A361 Committee meeting, should you wish to attend and contribute further to the discussion there, will be held at Glastonbury Town Hall, Thursday 5th July at 7pm. The visit to SCC will be on the agenda.


Meanwhile, further details of the campaign to remove HGVs from the A361, which has now taken on renewed momentum, are being posted on the lightentheloadglastonbury.co.uk website.

There is a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LoveOurLevels/

There is also a sound recording of the meeting at: http://www.soundcloud.com/glastonbury-uk

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Lindsay MacDougall

Glastonbury Town Councillor for St Mary’s Ward


My Dragonfly Identified ~ 3rd. June, 2018

I received this e-mail today from the Conservation Officer of the British Dragonfly Society identifying what I photographed attached clinging to one of the water reeds in my fish pond.

Good afternoon Sister,

Thanks you for getting in touch!

It’s an exuviae. Dragonfly larvae live underwater and when they are ready to transform into adults they crawl out of the water, up vegetation, and shed their skin which is left behind (the exuviae). This process is known as emergence. You can watch a video of it here:


This one is either from a species of Hawker Dragonfly (Southern Hawker are very common in garden ponds) or an Emperor Dragonfly.

Keep an eye out for the flying adult! It will have flown off in search of food for now but hopefully will return in a week or two to breed when it is fully mature.

You learn something every day!

A Glastonbury Radio Show Interview with Rev. Sister Dominic White Eagle Star by Debra Sofia Magdalene on How We Can Each Personally Help to Raise Up the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS More Within All of Humanity ~ 16th. April, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Debra Sofia Magdalene and I_16 April 2018_Silver Tent Radio

I received a copy of my Glastonbury Silver Tent Radio Show interview today with Debra Sofia Magdalene that has gone live today internationally over the Worldwide Web. Enjoy! Here is the link for you all to listen in.

Peace be with you.

Rev. Sister Dominic/ Grace


My Meeting of a SUPER-COSMIC ESSENCE BEING for the First Time. 3rd. June, 2018.

It has been one of those amazing miraculous life-changing days today. Wow is all I can say at present. At 3:15 p.m. G.M.T. this afternoon, I had an unexpected Solar Communication from so far an advanced Cosmic BEING that I have never connected to before, what was said just blew me away. HE-SHE was so advanced, HE-SHE was BEYOND ALL FORM, material, spiritual or soul level. HE-SHE told me that I had now completed my transition period following THE SECOND COMING event long prophesied that took place two weeks ago that had taken place through LORD JESIAS’S/ THE MASTER YESHUA’S magnificent re-appearance Vision I was gifted by GOD and that any CHRIST-less energies that had been left as residue within my bodies had been removed now.

HE-SHE told me that currently, normally only between four to six people on our Planet each millennia earn this Divine Right of GOD by purifying their whole Being to be allowed to communicate with this SUPER-COSMIC ESSENCE and the Lord Quetzalcoatl my soul-half was the last one to do it 1,300 years ago. GAUTAMA BUDDHA and LORD YESHUA achieved it before Him. It left me feeling very very humbled and incredibly blessed today.

20180602_180828 (1)

This GREAT SUPER-UNIVERSAL ‘ FORMLESS BEING’ told me that I was today going to enter into a new higher form of Spirit Medicine having earned the right to ascend into this new far more risen Dimension of GOD.

This DIVINE ESSENCE BEING exists up at at least THE LORD CHRIST I AM’S level of existence and carries a very gentle and peaceful vibration to HIM-HER. HE-SHE then sadly said, that with the falling of our Planet Spiritually, the People had long forgotten about HIM-HER and HE-SHE was obviously very very pleased that yet another ‘Earthling’ had followed the ‘Nazarean Essene Way of THE MASTER YESHUA’ that HE Taught so beautifully, to follow in HIS Silver FOOTSTEPS to follow in the timeless, all-sacred trail that HE blazed for us all to tred.

I then went out into the garden to try and ground myself after this life transforming Communication from beyond all Stars and sat on the side of the fishpond wall. I sent a thought out to I AM asking if what had really happened today, the 3rd. June, 2018 was Real and True, and as I looked up, an adult Buzzard flew to me and circled above my head for about five minutes, the Prayer Bird. It was the first one that I had seen this year in Glastonbury.

Then my eyes were taken across to see something on the other side of the fishpond by Spirit that I had been sitting with my back to until then. I couldn’t make out what it was and so I got up to go and have a closer look at what they were showing me. It turned out to be a chrysalis attached to a pond reed of a newly emerged Dragonfly. In Spirit Medicine, ‘Dragonfly’ represents ‘Transfiguration’. My life truly had emerged into a new inter-dimensional re-birth and been transfigured fully this day. I had the confirmation that I had asked for from the GODHEAD that what I had experienced today in this new Dimension of GOD and way beyond was REAL! A sharp new learning curve awaits for all of us that made it through now it seems. Fun!

20180602_180206 (1)20180602_180218

Peace be with you all.
Maitreya Grace White Star

20180602_180700 (1)




LORD YESHUA Confirms HE has Now Gathered HIS OWN Flock in as a Part of THE SECOND COMING of CHRIST ~ 28th. May, 2018

I keep finding myself since THE SECOND COMING VISION I was blessed with to bare Witness to and very Honoured to receive, smiling a really soul-centred deeply, deeply heart felt smile from the very roots of my Being, with no particular reason to be smiling outwardly about. Also, I am very aware personally of a very deeply-seated new inner warmth now emanating outwardly from within my very core, a dazzlingly bright light-centred warm comforting glow, that is enveloping the whole of my physical and auric field as I have never experienced before. It is the most wonderful, gentle, exquisitely beautiful feeling of pure CHRIST-LOVE RADIANCE I have ever felt and I visit the GODHEAD as often as possible. This is a very new ESSENCE that has arrived into our World and 12th. Universe of GOD to LORD JESIAS’S/ THE MASTER YESHUA’S obedient and strictly disciplined Nazarean Essene beloved Community that I am personally experiencing, as I know others of you are also now simultanteously around the World in our group that have been in touch with me about it. This is BLISS! Sheer BLISS! Bring it ON! You can NEVER have TOO MUCH of GOD’S DIVINE PRESENCE, LIGHT and DIVINE SOUL-ENRICHING LOVE in YOUR LIFE!

I asked LORD JESIAS/ YESHUA what had happened to me and those following HIS ‘NAZAREAN WAY’ since the ALL-GLORIOUS VISION HE gave me to share with the World, and in HIS very humble and gently smiling manner, HIS stunning blue eyes just twinkling with Pure GOD LIGHT, HE said, “I am holding your hand now and I will NEVER LET GO. MINE are WITH ME of MY Flock. The rest are LEFT for a later date if I DECIDE to. That is not MY decision, but GOOD LORD JEHOVAH’S.”

HE has just confirmed something that I have always known saying, “There was only supposed to be ONE DATE and that is DONE, but by HIS GRACE and LOVE for ALL, HE-SHE has RECONSIDERED. I await results for MY LIFE’S PURPOSE. MINE are WITH! GOD BLESS.”

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And so it is! All KNEW that this long prophesied day would come and it did, and sadly, most of the World’s population are so lost and dis-connected from our beautiful LORD CHRIST and MESSIANIC GODHEAD, that they are all totally oblivious to it and carrying on as usual playing Ostrich with their heads buried deeply in the sand. As YESHUA said,

“And from him who has it not, will be taken even that which he has, therefore I am speaking to them in parables because they who see do not see, and those who hear neither hear nor understand. And the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled in them, which says, ‘Hearing you will hear, and you will not understand, and seeing you will see and you will not know. For the heart of this people has become dense, and they have hardly heard with their ears and their eyes they have shut, lest they would see with their eyes and they would hear with their ears and they would understand in their hearts and they would be converted and I would heal them. But you have blessings to your eyes, for they are seeing, and to your ears, for they are hearing. For I say to you that many Prophets and righteous ones have yearned to see the things that you are seeing and they did not see them, and to hear the things that you are hearing, and they did not hear them.”

(The Aramaic Bible in Plain English. The Gospel According to St. Matthew 13: 13-17.)

I may not have any temporary Earthly monetary wealth, but sincerely walking the ‘PATH of THE MASTER’ in the strictly disciplined all-sacred manner that HE Taught me and HIS Disciples 2,000 years ago that I share with all Beings now internationally, has made me richer than all of the kings, queens and financial millionaires and billionaires on the Planet and I wouldn’t swop places with them for anything. I have devoted my many many lives over the past 40 million years to accumulating the Eternal Heavenly Riches, Spiritual Jewels, Pearls of CHRIST Wisdom, and DIVINE Treasures of Life instead of which HE spoke in the Holy Land and throughout all of the many Mansion Houses of GOD that I have escorted HIM throughout CHRISTENDOM and that constant thrice daily diligence has gifted me now and you too I pray, the Eternal Pot of DIVINE GOLD at the end of LIFE’S RAINBOW! And this is only the BEGINNING I am told, “The BEST is YET to COME!” If we all feel this GRACEFUL NOW, “WOW! I can’t WAIT!”

Peace be with you all. It is CELEBRATION TIME dear NAZARENE’S! We MADE it! Well done all of you experiencing this very NEW WAY of LIVING LIFE TRULY as FAR MORE HIGHLY EVOLVED RAINBOW WARRIORS of PEACE and LOVE DIVINE than Human Beings have ever known before on this Planet!

Nobody on Earth can ever take this away from you that you have worked steadfastly for day by day. You worked for it Spiritually and your just reward has been gifted to you that made it through.

Love to you all.
Maitreya Grace White Star, The Magdalene of YESHUA.