KING ARTHURE’S New Autobiography Part I Audio CD is Released Today ~ 17th. August, 2018

The new KING ARTHURE Speaks Through The Looking Glass Part 1 Audio CD has been released this week through the coming together in a partnership with John Morrissey a professional storyteller of Divine Truths of GOD. He attended my Spirit Medicine talk in Glastonbury last April at The Sweet Track Centre and contacted me afterwards about it.

20180810_150453 (1)

He has just founded the Storywheel Publishing Company here in Glastonbury to try and bring people back into Communities once again around the World through the ancient and very important Sacred Art of Storytelling, an art that sadly seems to have died out in many cultures around the World in modern times. As John’s first venture with this new company that he has founded, he is now travelling the land teaching the ancient Nazarean Essene Divine Truths and true history about the many lives of the famous, very courageous and mystical KING ARTHURE and THE HOLY GRAIL of the South-West of England, much of which has been lost, twisted, or gone into myths over the past many centuries. The new ARTHURIAN Essene Audio CD is based upon the first manuscript that ARTHURE channelled to me back in October 2016 during a visit to Tintagel Island in Cornwall that I published the following May. See for further details.

The Audio CD contains some additional Spiritual Teachings to Part 1 of KING ARTHURE Speaks Through The Looking Glass published edition and also is followed by a guided Arthurian themed Meditation led by myself, Rev. Sister Dominic. As John and I sat and listened quietly to the finished production of the CD together, the Meditation exercise sent Gandalf into a totally relaxed state!

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Copies of the new ARTHURIAN Audio CD can now be purchased here from the Living Waters Truth Centre Bed & Breakfast and Spiritual Retreat Centre, 6 Bere Lane, Glastonbury, BA6 8BA, United Kingdom and from Gothic Image Bookshop in Glastonbury High Street. Price £14.99. It will also shortly be available to purchase on As with all my Spiritually Channelled productions here at this Centre for GOD, all revenue from the sales of these CD’s will go towards the costs of founding a new Avalonian Nazarean Essene Charitable Trust to protect these precious GOD TRUTHS for the future generations yet to be born. The Audio CD’S sold by my friend John Morrissey, the funds raised will go towards his new storytelling venture.

An early Christmas present maybe for all of your friends this year to gift with Divine Love and Truth to their Hearts?

Peace be with you.

Our Friends Angelika & Werner Return Again from Austria to Stay, & Mukti & Koen from Belgium also ~ 17th. August, 2018

Some of our regular Nazarean Essene Community friends have recently been back to see us again to stay. Mukti and Koen from Belgium and Angelika and Werner from Austria that many of you know already. It has been a lovely reunion time. Angelika presented me with a photographic book that she had made herself and commissioned specially for me of her stay here at the Centre last year as a surprise gift and she did a beautiful job of it as well. A book to keep and treasure for the future of our early days here. Thank you very much Angelika.

Meeting Matiu Te Huki of the Maori & Learning the Traditional Haka & Hongi ~ 7th. August, 2018

I spent all yesterday afternoon with an amazing Maori young man called Matiu Te Huki. He has over 20 years experience as a Maori language and performance teacher, he is a playwrite, musician, facilitator and leader amongst his own communities.

It reconnected me very deeply to a past life that I have had a very very very long time ago as a Maori Medicine Woman/Spiritual Healer on The Island of the Long Cloud (later named New Zealand). It was very interesting to observe how his beautiful songs and ancient heritage traditions were so similar in many ways of the Nazarean Essene Therapeutae and Native American Indian healing arts of Spirit Medicine.

20180816_172625 (1)

This interactive workshop covered traditional Maori practices including the art of introduction, song, haka, sharing the breath of life, story and more. The theme of the workshop was to leave people attending with ancient yet practical tools to support them in the way they stand, speak, listen, connect and move powerfully through life. This workshop also delved into the realms of the dance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. It provided powerful healing and growth for men and women and many women there were reduced to tears just letting go of the injustices done against them during their lives. It was an interesting exercise! I thoroughly enjoyed it and if you ever get the chance to attend one of his international workshops, I highly recommend it. He has a terrific sense of humour and well as a really divine singing voice.

The traditional Māori greeting, the Hongi is done by pressing one’s nose and forehead, at the same time, to another encounter. It is used at traditional meetings among Māori people and on major ceremonies and serves a similar purpose to a formal handshake. In the hongi, the ha (or breath of life), is exchanged.[1] The breath of life can also be interpreted as the sharing of both people’s souls.

20180816_172635 (2)

Through the exchange of this greeting, one is no longer considered Manuhiri, a visitor, but rather Tangata whenua, one of the people of the land. For the remainder of the stay, one is obliged to share in all the duties and responsibilities of the home people. In earlier times, that may have meant bearing arms in times of war or tending crops, such as kumara.

When Māori greet one another by pressing noses, the tradition of sharing the breath of life is considered to have come directly from the gods. In Māori mythology, woman was created by the Gods moulding her shape out of the earth. The god Tane embraced the figure and breathed into her nostrils. She then sneezed and came to life, creating the first woman in Māori legends, Hineahuone.

KING ARTHURE Calls Me Bright & Early Back to Cornwall to Receive More of HIS Legendary Teachings ~ 8th. August, 2018

The Glastonbury Nazarean Essene Centre here in Glastonbury has been so busy of late, it has been impossible to find the time to sit down and keep my Facebook page up to date with events happening here and also Spiritually Universally. It has literally been FULL ON! This Centre just gets busier and busier, not only with people wishing to stay here at the Centre to learn more about our LORD YESHUA’S True Teachings, but people coming to the door having felt the CHRIST ENERGY encapsulating this CHRIST Centre and just simply curious about what we actually do here, apart from the Spiritual Teaching, Readings, Counselling, and Nazarene Healing treatments on offer. Their Souls just unconsciously recognise it as the Divine Source of their own Peace and Healing and want to know more. Staying in touch with many of you internationally now that have stayed here once or on many occasions now by e-mail answering your many and varied questions as you truly begin to experience the deep Beauty that comes to your Soul when you walk in LORD YESHUA’S ‘Nazarean Way’ as so perfectly, purely and joyfully demonstrated, also takes much of my time, but it brings great joy to me to see you all so transformed by walking in this CHRIST led ‘Way of Light, Love, Truth and Life.’

At 5:30 a.m. one Thursday morning, I was awoken by the legendary KING ARTHURE/ the LORD ARHURA, also known as St. JOSEPHUS The Arimathean LORD YESHUA’S Great-Uncle to get up and drive down to Tintagel to go and receive another download of Divine Teachings from HIM. I had been discussing it oddly enough with Felicity, another dear member of our Essene Community the day before as a possibility to do on the cards soon and then this Divine Instruction came in to me. Dear Valentina said that she would jump in bless her and meet the guests for me that day already booked in here and look after them in my absence from the Centre until we returned back the following day. I telephoned Felicity, naturally an early riser, and we went very early in the morning down to Cornwall for the two and a half hour drive from this Avalonian Essene Centre to HIS birth place as KING ARTHURE.

Sure enough as HE promised, HE met me there and I spent the entire happy very hot day channelling more of HIS amazing autobiography Part 2 for HIS next book. Well worth the effort and the lack of sleep!

In all of the years that I have been driving down to visit Tintagel, one of my homes of 1,500 years ago (and it still feels like this to me even now), I have never seen the sea there at Tintagel Island look so turquoise in colour and beautiful to behold. It was real treat and the sea water was absolutely crystal clear. It was like being in the Azores! Stunning! Thank you dear Angel of Water for this gift this day and lovely memory for me! Peace be with you and to all of your Waters of this Earth.

Record Temperatures Here In Glastonbury Fulfilling LORD YESHUA’S Prophecy to St. John ~ 7th. August, 2018

With record temperatures in Europe recorded during July and August 2018 ~ 38.9’C in South-West England, 44’C in Germany, 45’C in Spain, 46’C in Portugal and 51’C in Algeria ~ this prophecy of LORD YESHUA’S flashed into my mind. I wonder if this is happening now or is still yet to come! Too busy to ask Spirit at this time. Hm…m…m! One to ponder over when I can take a breather!

“And the fourth Angel poured his vessel over the Sun, and it was given him to scorch people with fire. And the children of men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God who has authority over these plagues, and they did not repent to give him glory.”

(The Aramaic Bible. The Book of Revelations According to St. John 16: 8-9.)

“33’C. is just too darned HOT when I can’t take my fur coat off!!!” Merlin.