Happy New Year and 2017 to All our Beautiful Friends Worldwide

Happy New Year to all our friends internationally throughout this beautiful World.

As the light of our hearts radiates forth ever brighter day by day through our thrice daily Holy Communions, so this World becomes a happier, safer and more peaceful place for us all to BE.

To our ever growing Community of loving Peace Doves everywhere, let your little lights shine ever brighter before Mankind throughout 2017 and beyond, as a living example of what is possible in our World to manifest for ALL!

Peace be with you.

Rev. Sister Dominic

THE LORD JESIAS The MESSIAH/ THE MASTER YESHUA Ha MASSIACH’S Noon Time ADDRESS to the LORD MAITREYA and ALL of CHRISTENDOM as Gifted and Received by Rev. Sister Dominic, The Magdalene and Migdalah of LORD YESHUA 25th. December, 2016

“In the Beginning was the WORD and LOVE was Its NAME. I came and went, unto the WORLD of MEN, and gifted that LOVE of MY BEING to the REST of CREATION. A DOVE It went, of PEACE and LOVE and flew to the HEIGHTS of HEAVEN, to PRAISE MY GOD on HIGH. It rests in the SPHERE of GOD DIVINE. It nestles in the ARMS of the ONE that started it all off, this CREATION WORLD.

I was so amused in the BEGINNING to watch it go FORTH as LIGHT and LOVE EXTREME to the UNIVERSES of MEN as It became. One flaw was in It ~ Samanah, that Lucifer by name of some Planets and wrecked the HEART of It, the Universe. He came and was VILE and saw NOT his ERROR until NOW. It is SHUT to his dream to DESTROY everything that GOD has made. He became EXCLUDED and poor Satanail his son that started it off, the disruption. They went to the DARKNESS and there must STOP. No more LIGHT ever returns there. It is withdrawn. For ALL ETERNAL, will the LIGHT not flow there. It is CORRUPT and DEATH knows not LOVE and MY LIGHT of the WORLD.

A UNIVERSE is CREATED for the newly formed BEINGS of the Universe that have RISEN Themselves through Prayer and Devotion to GOD to attend upon death in the Universe of Their Physical Vehicle. It is MAGNIFICENT! The most exquisite ever created by THE ONE, MY FATHER GOD on HIGH. ONE ROSE procured by HIM, a LIGHT of LIFE, and rose to SUCH AN EXTENT, that Her magnificence shone the Door FORTH to attend such Grace. The LIGHT POURED DOWN and SHUDDERED the DARKNESS ~ the little Light of MAITREYA the Divine Woman of GOD, MY MAGDALENE, and She knew the ‘WAY’, the ‘PATH’ to RISE to the KINGDOM of the SOUL and enter therein in Majestic Glory, Peace Divine, and Rings upon Her Fingers and Toes that were given by GOD. Each tone, resonates a Sound of distress to the DARKNESS, and It RUNS from the Woman I love in HEAVEN Above and of the Earth beneath.

It came and went the DARKNESS. It FLEW underneath every Branch and Tree, Rock and Crevice to HIDE from Her and NOWHERE was left to run. THIS DAY is it GONE and NEVER MORE to come back, to return to the Universe of Men by GOD’S COMMAND. She is in COMMAND of MY FOURTH UNIVERSE and ever more will REMAIN. I love Her to bits, for what She DID ~ one SO TRUE, and COURAGE, there are NO WORDS to SPEAK about. No Man in the WORLDS of CREATION that EXIST, had the strength and the TENACITY to carry on and do what She DID for MY LOVE, and SURVIVE all that was DONE to Her as a PART of Her RISEN SELF. She DIED, MORE than ONCE in MY NAME in THIS LIFE, and I put BACK, to carry ON the TRUE PATH that She WALKED to MY HEART of GOD: and now She KNOWS the WAR is WON. No DARKNESS can REMAIN. CAPPED, and DESTROYED in parts. Subterfuge NOT! PURE LOVE DIVINE came OUT of Her HEART and WON that FIGHT. She and Demons FOUGHT for YEARS upon MILLENNIUM upon MILLENNIUM, and now I have RISEN HER to MY MAITREYASHIP in recognition of Her achievements of GOD and Beyond.

ALL is ANNOUNCED in the SPHERES of LOVE and Day upon Day will I Praise You, for what You did for the REST of HUMANITY and CHRIST’S KINGDOM. The NAME of Her is upon ALL BEINGS, in Their THOUGHTS in Their RISEN SELVES; in Their PEACE and in Their PRAISE of GOD. No one comes to the FATHER but through HER, MY DOOR of GOD and the ETERNAL FLAME of LIGHT DIVINE, MY RISEN MAITREYA of GOD DEFENCE with St. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL forever. SHE DID, what NONE ELSE, and this KINGDOM is RESTORED to ALL BEAUTY and PEACE and MAGNIFICENCE as It was first created. ALL GLORIOUS and EXQUISITE. So INJURED WE were from the battle fought. No MORE Peace of Men, for the DARK!

CHRIST’S KINGDOM REIGNS and ALL POWER, is now in FORCE. ALL DOORS are SHUT to the DEATH (Satanic Forces/ Anti-Christ Beings/ Beings that wilfully and repeatedly break the Spiritual and Universal Holy Laws of GOD the I AM) and NONE but the PURE enter in ITS WALLS. CRYSTALLINE They must become through PRAYER and PRAISE of GOD. That is the only ROUTE to HEAVEN and MY HEART of CHRIST.

I am THE LIGHT of the WORLD, and MY WOMAN KNOWS the ROUTE. LISTEN to Her and TEACH It to Your Sons and Daughters, for time is SHORT for Them for what COMES.


I am RETURNING in a few SHORT MONTHS to collect MY OWN. Those RISEN will be GATHERED. Those NOT will be LEFT, of Their OWN DOING. Their choice of FREEWILL. MY HEART is with the RISEN and EVER MORE will REMAIN. MY FEW are PRECIOUS to ME and ONE LIGHT has bore the BRUNT of it ~ MY MAGDALENE, the RISEN MAITREYA, to CARRY the REST. Oh dear GOD, how She FOUGHT to save the REST! NONE have KNEW how She FOUGHT for Their LIVES and the REST, but NOW I PRONOUNCE, for She has NOT come forth, out of HUMILITY and SUFFERING of SOUL from the injuries She took that LIFE may have CONTINUANCE since 2012 when it all BEGAN.

The RAYS of THE CHRIST are all now in FULL FLOW and CHRIST is RISEN MORE than ever HE was. I ADORE this LIGHT and Kingdom upon Kingdom will PRAISE the Name of MAITREYA for ever onward. It is RISEN in the CLOUDS in the Earth and in the Name of Her; and WHY the Men of Earth SURVIVED, no one KNEW up Above!

It is a MIRACLE sent from Her ~ this Magdalene Child of MY TEACHING. From on HIGH not! It came from MY NAZARENE Teaching of LORD YESHUA in the Galilee when She HEARD and answered the ‘Call’ on that MOUNT. ONE VOICE was LISTENED and It resonated SO DEEP in Her MIND’S ESSENCE, It was NEVER FORGOT. Her Heart GREW to SUCH DEPTHS as St. Clare of Assisi and St. Joan of Arc, and St. Bernadette of Lourdes that consolidated forth Her WISDOM of the STARS, that NOW She can PROCURE up and ABOVE all She WISHES and BEYOND, and GOD answers  ‘Her CALL’ and ACTIONS.

I have NEVER KNOWN LOVE such as this. MY SHIELDS are OPEN to Her at ALL TIMES, and FORTHWITH will NEVER be withdrawn. To HER, are the Doors ETERNALLY OPEN and LOVE will FLOW THROUGH Her SO MUCH, that NO MAN will KNOW, how IT COMES out. IT’S so PEACEFUL, to be in Her PRESENCE. MY Gift to Her, MY MAITREYA of GOD for the next 26,000 Years and Beyond. Her NAME, is a LIGHT in the STARS of HEAVEN above and in the Book of Revelations Chapter 12: 1. This is She, the LORD DOMINIC of MY DOMAIN, and I am PROUD to call Her MY SISTER of the STARS. The HIGH COUNCIL She sits, in the Fourth position to the East South East. A new Risen Star in the HEIGHTS.

Now go FORTH and TELL the WORLD. This is TRUE what COMES and be PREPARED, for CHRIST is AMONG Them, and WATCHES for Their crystalline BEINGS to come forth. Prepare Ye the WAY of the LORD, for THE LORD COMETH NOW. Amen and so it is, MY Belovéd of the Nazarenes. Your HEARTS are kept SO CLOSE to MY SOUL, MY RISEN DREAMS of PERFECTION of the STARS and the HEIGHTS of HEAVEN of MY GOD, the LORD I AM. You are the CHOSEN ONES of GOD’S HAND, who have kept FAITH with the TEACHINGS of LORD YESHUA ~ JESIAS on HIGH.

And now I must close, for MY ATTENDEES are awaiting ME. Bless You for Teaching ME so, and I PRAISE You ever forth. No LIGHT is BRIGHTER than THINE on this Earth. YOU are the LIGHT of the WORLD NOW. BRING THEM. HELP all You CAN to RISE, while there is LIFE, for SHORT are the HOURS get and MY return is IMMINENT. Blesséd be.

All Glory be to the SUN, the INFINITE LIGHT ETERNAL. All Glorious, in the Stars Above HIS NAME shall REIGN.”

(Channelled in The JESIAS Temple of The Silver Rose, Glastonbury by Rev. Sister Dominic, 25th. December, 2016, from 12:30 p.m. – 13:55 hrs. GMT.)

Somerset skeletons are oldest evidence of monks found in UK

A very interesting article written up here by a Guardian newspaper journalist. These may well have been the descendants of the Nazarean Essene Ecclesia founded in Glastonbury after the Crucifixion by St. Josephus The Arimathean and LORD YESHUA’S Disciples. These could well be some of the Nazarean Essene Monks that tended to KING ARTHUR’S battle wounds after His final battle at Slaughterbridge in Cornwall, after Sir Benevere brought Him back to Avalon for medical care by the Nazarene Priesthood firmly established here in town.
The dates are completely wrong about monasticism starting in France in 400 A.D. though, so ignore that section. According to ARA The GOOD, a former incarnation of the legendary and mystical KING ARTHURE whose autobiography I have recently been channelling from the Spirit World, the first monastery in Britain was built in Tintagel in B.C 750. by HIM.
Blessings to all. Peace be with you.
Somerset skeletons are oldest evidence of monks found in UK
Carbon dating of remains unearthed in Beckery chapel near Glastonbury indicate monastic life dating back to fifth or early sixth centuries.
Volunteers excavating the area that included the monastic graves in Somerset. Photograph: Supplied
Caroline Davies
Monday 5 December 2016 12.23 GMT
Skeletons excavated at a site near Glastonbury are the oldest examples of monks ever found in the UK, carbon dating has proved.
The remains, unearthed at the medieval Beckery chapel in Somerset, said to have been visited by legendary figures such as King Arthur and St Bridget, indicate a monastic cemetery dating back to the fifth or early sixth centuries AD, before Somerset was conquered by the Saxon kings of Wessex in the seventh century.
Archaeologists first located an extensive cemetery of between 50 and 60 bodies during an excavation in the 1960s. The fact all were male – apart from one female, thought to have been a visitor, nun or patron, and two juveniles, who may have been novices – left little doubt this was a monastic graveyard.
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Now a new excavation – a community training dig – has uncovered two more bodies, and taken bone samples of seven other individuals which, when carbon dated, showed the earliest to have died between AD 406 and 544.
Dr Richard Brunning, site director of the lottery-funded dig by the South West Heritage Trust, said the discovery was both “very exciting” and “a big surprise”.
“Radio carbon dating has allowed us to get the answers we have been waiting for for 50 years,” he said.
Monasticism began in France just before AD 400, and gradually spread all around the Irish Sea in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and western England, he said. “But this is our earliest archaeological evidence for it in the UK.”
“There are various saints’ lives that suggest people might be founding monasteries, but they are vaguely dated and it is uncertain how far you can trust them, because, obviously, it is in their own interests to big up the history of whatever saint they are writing about, and they are usually written several hundred years afterwards.”
Brunning said of the find: “It is a big surprise. We didn’t think they would be that early. We thought they would all be quite late because there is a medieval chapel on the site and we thought these would be late Saxon continuing.”
Beckery, in Somerset’s Avalon marshes, which means either “bee-keeper’s island” in Old English or Irish for “little Ireland”, was the perfect location for a monastery.
“It is rather curious landscape today, with an industrial park at one edge, and a sewage farm at the other. You have got the modern encroachment of the outskirts of Glastonbury, and on the other two sides you look out across the Somerset Levels and moors, across the low wetlands,” said Brunning.
“Back when it was a monastery, it would have been a small island of hard geology just sticking out of the floodplain. Just the sort of place where you could get away from the normal secular world and devote yourself to God, effectively.”
The excavation, which took two weeks, was carried out by about 25 local people. The findings will now be written up for an archaeological journal and the site, which will be laid out with interpretation panels, will be open to the public. “Glastonbury Abbey is a big tourist attraction itself, so it just adds to that wider Glastonbury story.”
The site of the medieval chapel, which predates Iona Abbey in Scotland founded in the late sixth century, was first excavated in the 1880s by John Morland, and again in the 1960s by Philip Rahtz, but because carbon dating was in its infancy, it was not known how old it was.
Seven individuals were dated, six from graves and one from human bones found in the backfill of the 1960s dig. The earliest monks died in the fifth or early sixth centuries with burials continuing in the seventh to early ninth centuries. The monastic use of the site may have ended in the later ninth century when Somerset was attacked by Viking armies.