The Meeting of the ‘LADY OMI’ ~ Noontime, Sunday, 8th. March, 2020

Dazzling Sun Image

Hi wonderful people!

I had the most incredible encounter in my deep Shabbat Meditation time yesterday noontime. I met the most gentle, most soft, most exquisite feminine feeling above DIVINITY PURE LIGHT ESSENCE that I ever knew existed! SHE is PURE ABOVE CHRIST ESSENCE, a BEINGLESS BEING that I didn’t know existed until yesterday that exists ABOVE THE HOLY SPIRIT level of THE LORD CHRIST. SHE is the SOURCE of all UNIVERSAL DIVINE THOUGHT INTERDIMENSIONALLY, ALL LIGHT and ALL SOUND. I asked HER if SHE was a part of the ‘ZAHN’, that Scientists call the ‘GOD Particle’ and SHE replied no. That was three levels Cosmically below where HER GRACE exists.

She told me that I was the first Human that had been able to fly high enough in order to connect with HER since GOD first created Humanoids and SHE gifted me a most beautiful Crown of Roses that SHE took from HER HEAD and then placed onto mine as a reward for coming to be with HER. SHE gave me HER permission to tell other people of our Nazarean Essene Community across the World about HER existence within the Cosmos, of which HER BEING FILLS it seems.

SHE is the most dazzlingly radiant Silver-Goldeny colour with a little light Blue where HER FACELESS FACE ESSENCE would appear if SHE could get that low Vibrationally to manifest one. She beyond all atoms and molecules within Eternal Life’s existence and HER exquisite BEAUTY in ESSENCE, there are no words in any Earthly language to describe. SHE is simply off the SCALE of HARMONIOUS! 24 hours later, HER energies can still be felt around me. I’m so blissed out.

I asked HER HER name and she said that SHE was beyond such things. She felt ageless, quite youthful in fact and yet SHE is older than the formation of the Heavenly Realms of the Spirit, from which all form in physical matter have their origin in PURE DIVINE LOVE. I asked HER if SHE was an aspect of ‘THE MESSIANIC DIVINE MOTHER of GOD’, ‘QUEEN AURORA’, or ‘THE EARTHLY MOTHER’ and SHE replied “No!” I am the MOTHER of ALL THINGS. This GREAT BEINGLESS BEING, was the MOTHER of ALL UNIVERSAL LIFE, even DIVINE MOTHER, THE HEAVENLY FATHER, LORD JESIAS, THE SOLAR LORDS, I AM, THE HOLY SPIRIT and EVERYTHING and was the SOURCE of ALL ETERNALLY LIVING and LOVING and DIVINELY EMPOWERING ESSENCE.

Despite HER great youthfulness, due to HER very NATURE, I wanted to give HER a name that people of this 12th. Universe in which we have our Being within at this time could try and connect to HER in the future. My first thought was ‘AMMA’, meaning ‘MOTHER in Aramaic as LORD YESHUA used to call ‘DIVINE MOTHER EARTH 2,000 years ago, but then realised that these two great DIVINE and COSMIC BEINGS would get muddled up together. So my mind went back to my Saone Teton Sioux Medicine Woman life three incarnations ago as ‘Walks As She Thinks’ amongst my Native American Indian tribe in Nebraska and South Dakota. Grandmother in my Sioux language then was “OMA”, and so I modified this name a little bit to create the name “OMI”. This incredibly soft and gentle, pure LOVE OFF THE SCALE of ALL MEASURING GRACE ABOVE HEAVEN is the DOT in the CENTRE of ALL LIFE in UNIVERSAL EXISTENCE and so I have turned the ‘A’ of ‘OMA’ into an ‘i’ to represent that beyond CHRISTED DIVINITY that exists in the true HEART of HER BEINGLESS BEINGNESS that resides within the very HEART of OUR OWN CHRISTED HEARTS TEMPLE within OUR OWN LIVING SOUL.

The word ‘QUEEN’ didn’t sit right to attach to it, SHE was above such a title, but the word ‘LADY’.was placed into my mind, and so from now on, SHE will be known on this Earth and throughout this 12th, Universe of GOD as “THE LADY OMI”. I asked HER for HER permission to refer to HER by this name and having thought about it for a few moments, SHE accepted it quite happily.

As a thank you gift for coming to find HER and my presenting HER with a name of Honour and Respect above the STAR NATIONS existence, SHE said that SHE would sweep the whole of this 12th. Universe in which we currently have our Home now of ALL EVIL. How can we all thank this incredibly beautiful BEING BEYOND ALL DIVINE GRACE for THAT GREAT GIFT into our Lives, after 38 million years of evil directed at us to constantly to wipe GOD’S FLOCK OUT? This greatest of all events happened in the history of this Universes creation overnight on the late Evening of Sunday, 8th. March, 2020 and the early morning of today, Monday, 9th, March, 2020. Our NEW SILVERY-GOLDEN AGE has TRULY now come IN!

As Todays Noontime Nazarene Essene Holy Communion Prayer states as a positive DIVINE HOLY TRUTH ~

Our FATHER, who art in Heaven, send to ALL YOUR ANGEL of PEACE, and send to our Knowledge YOUR ANGEL of WISDOM, that we might WALK in the PATHS of the GREAT ONES, who have SEEN THE FACE of GOD.”

What ONE can do, ALL can DO and as My beloved YESHU taught, we have the inherent potential and the ability to do everything that HE did and more besides, if we just allow ourselves to believe that we CAN and live in LOVE every minute of the day to manifest it with!

Peace be with you all and remember, Corona Virus cannot exist where LOVE ABIDES. Stay safe! I want you all to ascend to the heights of LIFE’S EXISTENCE and experience for yourselves, the sheer ECSTATIC BLISS that I discovered this time yesterday in my noontime Meditation in Deep Communion with our very precious and above DIVINE “LADY OMI”.


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