The Super Blue Blood Moon Prophesy. 31st. January, 2018

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Spectacular pictures of tonight’s once every 150 year sighting of a super blue blood red moon, also seen in an eclipse throughout Asia.

What is a Blood Moon?
A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the sun and the moon. This blocks the sun’s rays from reflecting off the moon as normal. However, some of the sun’s rays curve around the earth causing the moon to appear red during a total eclipse. Because of its vivid color, a total lunar eclipse is often referred to by NASA as a Blood Red Moon. The occurrence of blood moons is quite common, normally happening at least twice per year. Most of us have seen the moon when its appearance has changed to red. When four blood moons happen in close succession, NASA refers to this as a tetrad. Tetrads are rather rare, only taking place fifty-five times since 1 AD.

The Teaching of the 4 Blood Moons
The teaching of the four blood moons has recently captivated the attention of the religious world. This teaching states that, when four consecutive blood moons fall on Jewish feast days, a major event affecting the Jewish people will occur in close proximity to that time.

This phenomenon of four consecutive blood moons coinciding with Jewish feast days has only occurred ten times since 1 AD and only three times since 1492 AD. The three times since 1492 are as follows:

Tetrad of 1493-1494
Tetrad of 1949-1950
Tetrad of 1967-1968
Major events affecting the Jewish people have occurred in close proximity to all three of these tetrads.

The Prophecy of the Moon being Turned Into Blood
There are several prophecies foretelling that the moon will be turned to blood in the endtime.

Joel 2:30-31 states: “And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.”

Revelation 6:12 also prophesies that the moon will become as blood: “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.”

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Sadly my two photographs of it taken tonight here in Glastonbury didn’t have the same lovely red glow to them. The first was taken at 21:00 hours above Glastonbury Tor, super bright and beautiful as Grandmother Moon was and the second image was taken over The Jesias Temple of the Silver Rose at 22:30 hours also here in Avalon.

THE LORD CHRIST I AM’S Spiritually Channelled Trance Teaching Gifted on the 21st. June, 2017 through Rev. Sister Dominic/ the former Mary Magdalene, is Uploaded onto YouTube Today. 28th. January, 2018

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Well today, with a small group of our Essene Community that were here visiting me here at this Nazarean Spiritual Retreat Centre last Summer to assist in the recording of I AM THE LORD CHRIST speaking through me in the Spiritual Trance state, using a more unusual form of it called Solar Thought Transference and my friend Lisa from Bali’s intermittent help, I have produced my first YouTube video that went live tonight at LORD YESHUA’S Command and to HIS great excitement. It is something that I never thought I would master, computer movie making programming, but a miracle has truly happened. This computer dinosaur just took a big leap into 2018 technology! CHRIST’S MESSAGE is a World Announcement to Humanity everywhere and very profound. When I played it back after all my Nazarene friends had left to listen myself to what had been said through me, it left me very emotional. Many things I had known previously through my private Meditation conversations with HIM over the years, but I didn’t expect HIM to go public with some them but I guess now is the time. HE wanted this uploading onto the internet last year but I didn’t have the skill mix to manage it myself at that time, but now it is finally there. Thank you to all of you that assisted THE LORD CHRIST of our Community from all over the World that came together this day from Russia, Jamaica, Holland and even Britain to make it possible. Maybe we can do some more sometime when we next meet up to bring another CHRIST BLESSING into our World.

Maitreya Mary Magdalene in Trance Speaks Live. The Peace Path by I AM THE LORD CHRIST

Peace be with you all. Rev. Sister Dominic. x

Shirley ‘Medicine Eagle’s Funeral Today ~ 18th January, 2018

Shirley with Afghans Beguildy

Today was my dearest and oldest friend Shirley ‘Medicine Eagle’s’ funeral. Medicine Eagle had always had a deep love for all kinds of birds of prey and an hour before her funeral service my head was turned to the left hand side by Spirit to look into a field. There was sat the largest, biggest Buzzard I have ever seen in my life and certainly a bird that you do not see in this area. Then I heard Shirley say to me, “I sent it!” It was her way of saying that she was okay with her funeral arrangements taking place today. She has been in touch frequently since she died and is thoroughly enjoying spreading her wings fully and flying high in the Spirit Realms of Heaven now enjoying her new found freedom. If you feel something angelic fly passed you at speed, I can guarantee that it will be Shirley with rocket boosters fitted to her wings!

This beautiful music was played at Medicine Eagle’s funeral today. Enjoy.

See you again soon Medicine Eagle. x

Rainbow Glastonbury Tor

The Passing of My Dear Friend Shirley ‘Medicine Eagle

Shirley Cropped_Brians Naming Ceremony

I have some sad news for you all I am afraid. I had a very strong impression to telephone Shirley last night. I hadn’t had a Christmas card from her this year for the first time in 25 years and that wasn’t like her. Her husband answered the phone and told me that she never recovered from a bout of Pneumonia fully that she had before Christmas and she sadly died at 3:30 a.m. in his arms in bed at home on the 28th. December, 2017. Shirley had been involved in this Community all that time and worked tirelessly with me fundraising for my Native American Indian Charity St. Clare’s Mission based on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in the USA for nearly a decade to train a Sioux Indian in Medicine, in order to get a doctor onto the reservation that was so bad the conditions that no doctor would work there. We raised the money to put Brian Swallow the son of a Chief on the res. through Chadron College in Nebraska and turn life around for 25,000 Indians then living on that reservation, the worst in America. It is currently suffering Winter temperatures of -40 degrees. Most Indians there have no heating in their trailers and many have to sleep in their cars due to Government policies and benefit cuts having cut their annual benefit payments to $1800 a year to live on and purposefully kept employment away from the area to drive them off their own land that a hundred years on they have never paid them for!

Like myself, Shirley had had many Native American Indian incarnations like myself, acting as a Medicine Woman to the Tribe. In her last incarnation, she was Many Horses, Chief Totanka Yotankas/ Sitting Bulls daughter Many Horses, a friend of one of my twin sons Chief Flaming Sky or Chief Red Cloud as Custer knew him that led the Red Cloud Wars in the States.

Anyway, a few days after the event, her husband had to drive into Morrisons the nearest supermarket in Leominster to get some food in for himself as he had been housebound with Shirley being so ill and while driving down the lane from the farm towards the main road, an adult Goshawk flew down and landed on a fence post at the side of the lane in front of him. Normally these very rare protected birds in Britain fly away as a car approaches them being so timid. Not this day. He slowed down as he drew really close to it and it just sat there. As he became parallel with the bird in the car, it ducked its head down and looked into the car and looked at Shirley’s empty seat as if to acknowledge her passing as he drove by. There are currently only fourteen nesting pairs of Goshawks in this country and over the past 40 years, Shirley has probably been key to half of those getting themselves re-established back into the wild having been over hunted and almost exterminated from existence by farmers and hunters. Shirley had them nesting on her farm land and literally protected them day and night like a hawk and in acknowledgement of that fact as myself, was inaugurated by the Goshawk people into their own Bird Tribe, a great honour, and on this occasion of her passing back to the Spirit Realms, this rare member came to pay her homage and give his gratitude, and show his respects for her life’s work for his peoples survival in our world.


When he got to Morrisons in Leominster, two white doves he said came and flew right in front of his car, a sight that he had never seen in that car park before in all the 40 years that they have been shopping there once or twice a week and stopped him in his tracks. He knew then that it was Shirley telling him that she was okay.

She always loved to heal all Life quite naturally. It was second nature to her and I know full well that ‘Medicine Eagle’ will be doing exactly the same now on the other side of life, welcoming and healing her two-footed winged ones, Animal and Nature Kingdom Friends back as they pass back into the Higher Life from this uncaring World. This former Veterinary Nurse, Sioux Medicine Woman, phenomenal Herbal and Crystal Healer, and trainer of U.K. Vets in how to heal all the animals that they would just put down for lack of knowledge will be very sadly missed by us all. She was a first rate Nazarene Therapeutae and I am not one to give praise like that lightly. She truly was the best and this World is a much poorer place today for her loss.

Sorry it is such sad news but I just wanted to let you all know. She has already been back in touch from the other side through her powerful Mediumship skills and sends her love to all that knew her.

Much love,
Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’
x x x

A True Story about one of my Experiences with Sister Goshawk  from my first book “Listening With Light. The Gospel of GOD”  by Dominic ‘White Eagle Star Copyrighted ©2007.

bird-species-goshawk400x400“The ‘Medicine Feathers’ to place on My ‘Spirit Talking Stick’ arrived several Months later. ‘GREAT SPIRIT’ One Morning ‘Asked’ Me to drive to a local market town about Thirty miles away. I needed to go to the Bank anyway, so decided to incorporate the Two journeys into the same visit if possible. About Three-Quarters of an Hour later I arrived in the town and waited for further ‘INSTRUCTIONS from CREATOR’. Nothing! Odd I remember ‘Thinking’ to Myself having got there and ‘Asked’ why I had been ‘Requested’ to travel There that particular Morning? Again, came nothing back, so still puzzled, I set off to the Bank and completed My business There. I returned to the car park, and still having been ‘Told’ nothing set off for home.

About Six miles down the road, I normally take a right turning at a junction, but as I indicated to turn right, ‘GREAT SPIRIT’ came through, ‘SPOKE’ to Me and ‘COMMANDED’ Me not to turn off here but to continue straight on down the road I was currently on. This I did as ‘INSTRUCTED’. I had never been on this particular stretch of road before and hadn’t really a clue about where I was going, let alone why? But ‘GREAT SPIRIT Knew’ so I left ‘HIM’ to navigate! After all, ‘HE Knew’ where We were going!

A few miles further on, I rounded a bend and ‘Saw’ the reason for this rescue mission. I ‘Saw’ something fall down in front of Me. There lying at the side of the road was a very ‘Beautiful Lady Goshawk’, which upon examination had not a mark on ‘Her’. Goshawks are very rare in Britain and You never see Them, let alone on the Ground of all places, other than swooping down as They do so very gracefully to catch Their Prey with Their strong Talons. ‘This magnificent Soul’ was lying Head down on a Grassy Bank with ‘Her huge Wings’ tightly closed. This made no sense to Me at all, for if ‘She’ had been hit by a car or shot there would have been injuries to ‘Her Body’ and there wasn’t a mark on ‘Her’. This young looking ‘Goshawk’ had literally fallen ‘Head’ First out of the Tree where ‘She’ had been sitting on the Branch above My Head. It had literally just happened; ‘Her dead limp Body’ still warm to the touch. I said ‘Healing Prayers’ there and then for ‘Her’ very distressed Husband calling to ‘Her’ and for ‘Her’ Two Children, watching attentively, flying and circling above My Head and then very carefully placed ‘Her’ in My car. I ‘Knew’ at that moment what I had been waiting for to occur while sitting in the nearby town car park. ‘She Knew’ that ‘She’ was very ill and that if ‘She’ died, ‘She’ didn’t want ‘Her Sacred Body’ (being ‘Bird-Tribe’), to be eaten by a hungry Fox, or worse still, being scavenged by black Crows. This ‘Special Wingéd-Lady’ had sent ‘Her Prayers in Her Own Language to the GREAT SPIRIT for Help’ and ‘HE had Heard Them and Responded’, and came to ‘Her’ rescue. I was it, albeit to Me it seemed at the ‘Time’ a bit too late in the coming!

Anyway, I got ‘Her Safely’ home, ‘Singing Spirit Healing Songs’ all the way and placed ‘Her Body’ before My ‘Healing Altar’. ‘She’ was so shocked by what had happened, that ‘Her Spirit’ was still attached to ‘Her’ Physical Body, so the First thing to do was to release ‘Her’ and set ‘Her Spirit Free’ to ‘Fly back to the GREAT SPIRIT’ which ‘She Loved so much’, (as all the ‘Bird-Tribe People of Her Nation Respectfully’ do). ‘Sacred Prayers’ were said over ‘Her’ and further ‘Healing Songs Sung’. As a ‘Spiritual Healer’, I took ‘Her’ shock away from ‘Her Spirit’, and then ‘Watched Her’, with mutual ‘Gratitude’ as ‘She’ regained ‘Her Strength’, soar up into the vast ‘Blueness of SKY WORLD’. ‘She’ then turned back to ‘Look’ at Me and as a “Thank You” presented Me with the use of ‘Her Sacred Feathers’. ‘She Knew Instinctively’ that I would not abuse ‘Her Being’ through My having ‘Them’. It was ‘Her Parting Gift’ to Me for ‘Answering Her Prayer for Help’.

A few Years previously, I had led a ‘Purification-Lodge’ on My Friend ‘Medicine Eagle’s’ Land where She ‘Protects Them’ from hunters and Egg collectors. I had said ‘Special Prayers’ during that ‘Lodge to Protect the Goshawk Bird-Tribe People Spiritually’ that Day. Unknown to Me at that ‘Time’ following that ‘Sacred Ceremony’, the Goshawk Nation made Me a ‘Guardian of Their Kind’ and agreed to ‘Share’ some of Their ‘Sacred Spirit Teachings’ with Me out of ‘Respect for Their People’. I ‘Felt so Honored’ to have been ‘Received by Them’ in such a lovely ‘Way of Peace’. As a result, I was the One that ‘GREAT SPIRIT Chose to Serve HIM and Her’ that Day in ‘Service to LOVE’.

When ‘She’ had arrived ‘Safely’ back in ‘SKY WORLD’ and was ‘Rested’ later on that Afternoon, I ‘Received a SPIRIT Message’ to ‘Say’ that “She was at Peace” and was ‘Given’ a lovely “Thank You” for My intervention and ‘Help’. Medicine People ‘Heal’ not only Humans, but are ‘Healers of ALL UNIVERSAL LIFE’. When ‘Called’, We ‘Answer’, whether They be Feathered, Furred, Hoofed or Clawed, or to other ‘HOLY KINGDOMS’ for that matter. To Us there is no difference. ‘ALL LIFE needs HEALING’, as ‘Lady Goshawk’ needed Mine that Day.

Two Days later I was ‘Thinking’ about this event and ‘Asked Mrs Goshawk’s Spirit’ what ‘Her Name’ had been on Earth. ‘She Replied’ that ‘Her Name’ when ‘Spoken’ was ‘Given to Her in a Sacred Language of GOD’ and that only Goshawk People were allowed to ‘Speak It*’. I ‘Asked Her’ if ‘She’ could translate ‘It’ into My ‘Earth Language of English’ and ‘She Replied “Yes”’. ‘It’ meant “Mother of Love”.

[* If You have a very, very ‘Old Agéd Soul’ as Your ‘Spirit Guide’ or ‘Teacher’, do not be surprised if when You ‘See Them Standing’ in front of You very clearly ‘Clairvoyantly’, and You ‘Ask Them’ politely ‘Their Name’, ‘They’ do not ‘Reply’ to You. ‘They’ are not being discourteous to You or downright rude. It is just that ‘Their Medicine Names in Their Own Native Languages of the SPIRIT’ are often ‘too PRECIOUS and too REVERED to be Spoken out loud’.

When I went to Clearlake in Northern California to do a ‘Peace Ceremony’ There by the clear ‘Reflective Waters’, a very old, Two Thousand Year old ‘Pomo Indian Watched’ Me very ‘Intently’ as a ‘Spirit Protector of His People’s Native Lands’. I ‘Asked Him’ Who ‘He’ was, but ‘He Said’ nothing. From the terrific ‘LIGHT-LOVE-ENERGY Radiating’ out from ‘Him’ though, I ‘Knew’ that ‘He’ was a very ‘Powerful and Beautiful Medicine Man’ that once ‘Served His People’ well. ‘He’ was still doing it. ‘He’ has remained in touch with Me ever since, as My ‘Teaching-Healing Ways are in HARMONY with those of Himself and His Ancient People’. I ‘Know’ I am very highly ‘Honored’ to have been ‘Respected in this Way’ by this ‘Beautiful Gentle Soul’, but to this very Day I do not ‘Know His Name’. It is ‘too Sacred to Speak’ of, just like that of ‘Mrs Goshawk’. It is just ‘Their Way’ of maintaining the ‘Peace of PEACE’. ‘PEACE’ is worth ‘PROTECTING’. Despite the lack of that piece of information, ‘He’ made Me most welcome and invited Me back to do ‘Ceremony’ on Pomo Indian Land whenever I could return, and no doubt, ‘He’ will join with Me to do ‘Them Bless Him’.


This applies to Wales and around the British Isles, just as much as it does in and around the Americas, and other parts of the World.

Secondly ~ Some Countries have Earthly laws in place that cover the owning of certain Birds’ Feathers, especially Birds of Prey, e.g. North America, even if You have just picked Them up naturally in the wild while out Walking. This is done to Protect the Birds from illegal smuggling by unscrupulous criminals in the ‘Bird Trade’ to collectors around the World. £20,000.00 fines per Feather are not unheard of, unless a special License has been obtained from the appropriate Licensing Authority to hold Them. Be warned if You ‘Live’ in such a Country! No matter how ‘Good Your Intention’, You must stay within the laws of the Country. See and for further information.]

As ‘She’ was still tired from ‘Her’ trial, I didn’t want to question ‘Her’ for too long, so I ‘Asked Her Spirit Guide’ and ‘NATURE MASTER’ that ‘Cared for Her Standing next to Her’ what had happened to ‘Her’?

‘He Replied, “She was Two Years Three Months when betrayed by the Earth ~ Poisoned!*”’

It seemed that a Man had put down Rat poison on His Land and by not ‘Thinking’ ahead and ‘Thinking’ through the ‘Consequences of His Actions Karmically’ to both Himself and to Others by the doing of that reckless ‘Act’, had committed murder in the ‘EYES of GOD’. All He needed to do ecologically was to employ the services of a Neighbor’s Cat or a local Fox. They would have been more than ‘Happy’ to oblige.

[* Although this Goshawk’s death was reported to DEFRA (the UK Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), it was Three Days before They contacted Me about ‘Her’, by which ‘Time’ it was too late for Them to do tests to establish which poison had been used to kill ‘Her’.]

‘Mrs Goshawk’ then ‘Said’ that ‘She’ would stay with Me where ever I went to ‘Watch over Me Spiritually from Her HOME on HIGH’ and to ‘Help Me Teach’ through the ‘Gift of Her Feathers ~ Her Nation’s Way of Peace’, so that this ‘Act’ of reckless murder would never take place again. (This ‘Promise She’ has kept and returned to Me from the ‘SPIRIT WORLD’ during the ‘Heart of the Rose Sundance Ceremony’ in Wyoming in July, 2004.)

As a result, some of ‘Her Sacred Goshawk Feathers’ have been sewn onto My ‘Spirit Talking Stick One by One’ that Those with ‘Ears to Hear’ may ‘Hear Her Sacred Language Speak’ to Their Hearts of a “Mother’s Love”.”

LORD YESHUA’S New Year Eternal Resolution & Daily New Resolution New to the Nazarean Essene ‘WAY of CHRIST’ in these Last Days Long Foretold by HIM. 1st. January, 2018


From The Gospel of the Holy Twelve. Chapter 47. v. 1-25

The Transfiguration on the Mount
The Giving of the Law

1. AFTER six days, when the Feast of Tabernacles was nigh at hand, Yeshua taketh the twelve and bringeth them up into a high mountain apart, and as he was praying the fashion of his countenance was changed, and he was transfigured before them, and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.
2. And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him and spake of the Law, and of his decease which he should accomplish at Jerusalem.
3.. And Moses spake, saying, This is he of whom I foretold, saying, A prophet from the midst of thy brethren, like unto me shall the Eternal send unto you, and that which the Eternal speaketh unto him, shall he speak unto you, and unto him shall ye hearken, and whoso will not obey shall bring upon themselves their own destruction.
4. Then Peter said unto Yeshua, Lord, it is good for us to be here; if thou wilt let us make here three tabernacles; one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias.
5. While he yet spake, behold a bright cloud overshadowed them, and twelve rays as of the sun issued from behind the cloud, and a voice came out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.
6. And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their faces and were sore amazed, and Yeshua came and touched them and said, Arise and be not afraid. And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man, save Yeshua only. And the six glories were seen upon him.
7. AND Yeshua said unto them, Behold a new law I give unto you, which is not new but old. Even as Moses gave the Ten Commandments to Israel after the flesh, so also I give unto you the Twelve for the Kingdom of Israel after the Spirit.
8. For who are the Israel of God ? Even they of every nation and tribe who work righteousness, love mercy and keep my commandments, these are the true Israel of God. And standing upon his feet, Yeshua spake, saying:
9. Hear O Israel, JOVA, thy God is One; many are My seers, and My prophets. In Me all live and move, and have subsistence.
14. Ye shall not take away the life of any creature for your pleasure, nor for your profit. nor yet torment it.
11. Ye shall not steal the goods of any, nor gather lands and riches to yourselves, beyond your need or use.
12. Ye shall not eat the flesh, nor drink the blood of any slaughtered creature, nor yet any thing which bringeth disorder to your health or senses.
13. Ye shall not make impure marriages, where love and health are not, nor yet corrupt yourselves, or any creature made pure by the Holy.
14. Ye shall not bear false witness against any, nor wilfully deceive any by a lie to hurt them.
15. Ye shall not do unto others, as ye would not that others should do unto you.
16. Ye shall worship One Eternal, the Father-Mother in Heaven, of Whom are all things, and reverence the holy Name.
17. Ye shall revere your fathers and your mothers on earth, whose care is for you, and all the Teachers of Righteousness.
18. Ye shall cherish and protect the weak, and those who are oppressed, and all creatures that suffer wrong.
19. Ye shall work with your hands the things that are good and seemly; so shalt ye eat the fruits Of the earth, and live long in the land.
20. Ye shall purify yourselves daily and rest the Seventh Day from labour, keeping holy the Sabbaths and the Festival of your God.
21. Ye shall do unto others as ye would that others should do unto you.
22. And when the disciples heard these words, they smote upon their breasts, saying: Wherein we have offended. O God forgive us: and may thy wisdom, love and truth within us incline our hearts to love and keen this Holy Law.
23. And Yeshua said unto them, My yoke is equal and my burden light, if ye will to bear it, to you it will be easy. Lay no other burden on those that enter into the kingdom, but only these necessary things.
24. This is the new Law unto the Israel of God, and the Law is within, for it is the law of love, and it is not new but old. Take heed that ye add nothing to this law, neither take anything from it. Verily I say unto you, they who believe and obey this law shall be saved, and they who know and obey it not, shall be lost
25. But as in Adam all die so in Christ shall all be made alive. And the disobedient shall be purged through many fires; and they who persist shall descend and shall perish eternally. ”

Now the long foretold Judgement Day has taken place by GOD THE I AM o’r HIS Twelve huge Universes of all Creation made manifest within Christendom inter-dimensionally, these strict Disciplined Practices within our lives daily as HIS True and devout Essene Brethren Community have never been MORE IMPORTANT than NOW!



Rev. Sister Dominic, ‘The Migdalah of YESHUA.’