As we remember today past historical events with a heavy heart and also great gratitude, this year brings Good Friday and Passover together on the same day.
GOD’S COMMANDMENT: Leviticus 23:5 says that Passover is to be celebrated on the 14th of Nissan at twilight.
LORD YESHUA’S OBEYANCE of GOD’S COMMANDMENT: Matthew 27:62 tells us that Yeshua died on the day of preparation for the Passover, which is Nissan 14.
YESHUA Lambs and Deer_Corbert Gauthier Artist.jpgA beautiful picture this Good Friday and Passover Day by Artist Corbert Gauthier. 
Very powerful personal recent Spiritual events relating back to my life as the Magdalene of YESHUA at the Crucifixion came up within me last February, having carried LORD YESHUA, THE VIRGIN MOTHER and HIS DISCIPLES through this time of horror and utter disbelief energetically of what was happening during these events through my GOD-Gifted gifts of Solar Spirit Medicine. It has sent me reeling in every level of my Being re-living it all again but has also allowed me to complete certain tasks in the now, that through my eventual exhaustion at that time I couldn’t complete. I had to help HIM through HIS Resurrection process of which the World currently knows not. This is why I have not been able to answer many of your e-mails as I normally would of late.
Letting certain things go now from the Passion event ripped a large hole in my heart chakra and I have had to seriously rest to remain on this Planet to complete my life’s work now, having been given Psychic Surgery from the GODHEAD. I have just had to step back and rest until now.
I have spent this morning helping LORD YESHUA recover from that event also. HIS Spirit and Soul Body recovered from HIS horrific ordeal but HIS Mind Body never did from the worst trauma to ever hit any Being that ever lived, and that is what I have been working on with HIM today. Easter is a time that HE has always hated ever since that event, with the banning of crucifixes in any shape or form Worldwide upon our Earth. HE will not visit any Church in our World that contains one! That is how incredibly painful that Roman symbol of torture and death that HE endured is! As a result, while the World walks carrying crosses up the Via Delarosa in Jerusalem sticking more nails and spears into HIS precious gentle Mind of Love, I am going to ask all of our lovely Nazarean Essene Community Worldwide instead, to radiate your deepest Heart-Felt LOVE back to HIM, in HIS time of need now to support me to help HEAL HIM in HIS MIND BODY TODAY! This is the best PASSOVER PRESENT that WE can collectively Gift to HIM ~ HIS ETERNAL PEACE of MIND, NOW and for ALWAYS! Thank you all.
As HE proved to us ALL, there is not a Tomb in the World that can contain HIM, for as THE MESSIANIC SON and LAMB of GOD, HE is ETERNAL, ONE with the RISEN SPIRIT of HIS FATHER-MOTHER GOD. Only HIS Physical Body died that Day, but HIS DIVINE PARENTS on HIGH were Crucified WITH HIM at that barbaric event as THEY bore WITNESS to It, and so if we can come together collectively as a NAZARENE WORLD ORDER of HIS loyal and devoted ESSENE BRETHREN of LIGHT and LOVE, we can help to not only HEAL our priceless RABBONI YESHUA, but likewise, also bring a Healing to HIS HEAVENLY FATHER and EARTHLY MOTHER today also.
“This is how we know what real love is: YESHUA gave His life for us.”
(1 John 3:16)
Today, it is time to gift OURS back to HIM to HEAL our heroic FRIEND and ORDER’S ETERNAL HIGH PRIEST!
I felt drawn to go out into the garden today and found my Holy Thorn Tree in full bloom, that grew from HIS Ministry Walking Staff that HE gave back to HIS GREAT-UNCLE St. JOSEPHUS The ARIMATHEAN prior to HIS Crucifixion. HE gave a prophesy when HE did so, that wherever It took root, HE was to continue to build HIS Nazarean Community and Ecclesia. It did this upon Wearyall Hill, here in Glastonbury, where HE had walked and played as a Boy with JOSEPHUS, and where HE directed me to establish HIS new Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel back in 2012. Unlike the English Hawthorn, LORD YESHUA’S Hawthorn flowers twice a year at the time of Passover and Christmas. Three times people have seriously tried to kill LORD YESHUA’S Holy Thorn Tree but the LIFE of OUR RISEN LORD can NEVER be KILLED, for HE LIVES ETERNALLY, as will all that truly FOLLOW HIM and follow strictly the Vegan Essene ‘WAY of CHRIST.’
Happy Passover everyone. Shalom!
Rev. Sister Dominic/ ‘Grace White Star.’


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