The Spiritual History of our Lord Jesus in Glastonbury on the Sacred Isle of Avalon DVD film.

DVD front cover -Copyright 2014

DVD front cover -Copyright 2014

Have you ever wondered, what it is that calls to all of Humankind at some point in their Life to make a Spiritual Pilgrimage to Glastonbury on the ancient Sacred Isle of Avalon? Or why the Planetary Heart Chakra is situated there in the Summerland of the South-West of England?

Legend has it, that our Lord Jesus/ Yeshua went there as a Child with His Great-Uncle St. Josephus the Arimathean, built a simple Temple there out of Wattles & Daub, & performed some of His earliest Miracles in this place.

This DVD for the first time reveals some of the historical events that led up to those monumental occasions in World History & what followed on afterwards, following The Masters Crucifixion 2,000 years ago upon this all-sainted Isle of the legendary King Arthur & the Holy Grail.

The former Nazarite Disciple of Jesus, St. Mary of Bethany, reveals part of Her untold Living Gospel during a private address to Open & formerly Dedicate the new Nazarean Essene Temple of the Silver Rose in Glastonbury, (a Nazarite House of Prayer & Meditation), built upon the direction of Her life long Lord & Rabboni Yeshua Ha Massiach, with the Nazarean Essene Brotherhood of Jesus the Messiah. She reveals the 8 million year Spiritual History of Glastonbury & of some of Her lives lived with the Messianic Son of God in England, Italy & the Holy Land, & unveils what Jesus meant, when He taught,

“I AM the LIVING GOD, the LIGHT of the WORLD.

Whosoever follows ME shall not walk in darkness, but shall find the LIGHT of LIFE.”

(St. John 8:12.)

This film documents an unforgettable historical event that took place on the Summer Solstice of the 21st. June, 2014 on this Mystical Isle of legend. Travel back in time with St. Mary of Bethany, the younger sister of Lazarus that Jesus raised from the dead, & transform former legendary myths & legends into hard concrete facts of Divine Truth, Love & Eternal Wisdom.

Mary reveals for the first time Her flight to Glastonbury after the Passion with Her friend St. Josephus the Arimathean, some of Jesus’s Disciples, Her brother Lazarus & others, & how She played a great part in the founding of the first Nazarean Essene Training Seminary Centre in Europe, that later grew to become the World famous Glastonbury Abbey. This evolved some 300 years later in a much altered doctrine to become what we know of today as ‘Christianity’.

This Spiritual World Unity Film of Divine Love, timeless Wisdom & Peace

has been produced for

God’s Children of Light of many Colours, Creeds & Nations

that wish to learn Universal Truth & return once more into the

Heart & Inner Sanctuary of Love Divine in



Copyright ©2014 The B’nai Amen Temple of the Guardians of Grace Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel, Glastonbury, Somerset, U.K., Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’ & the Nazarean Essene Order of the Blue Rose. All rights reserved internationally. This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service.

A Solar Law of Love Production Film Quality HD High Definition, filmed in & around Glastonbury, Somerset, U.K.

Film Running Time 162 Minutes

Language. English

Music Featuring  “The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer” sung by ASHANA. Copyright © 2008 Angelic Tones/Barkawitz Music. Used with permission.

Singing bowls & Koshi Gongs. Copyright ©2014 Anne Heddes

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