Peace be with you all.

Hello dear friends.

Welcome and Peace be with You.

THE CHRIST ROSE SANCTUARY, is a new Nazarean Essene DIVINE LORD CHRIST, MESSIANIC and THIRTEEN SOLAR LORD of the UNIVERSES international and inter-dimensional World Solar Teaching platform, that LORD YAHWEH THE LORD CHRIST has asked me to found in HIS DIVINE NAME of LOVE and LIFE, at Noontime during my Nazarean Essene Holy Communions time, on Monday, 21st. April, 2020 here in Glastonbury, on the all mystical Isle of Avalon, in the timeless ancient Summerland of GOD.

I was given this new name for the work of The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel (Avalon), where our LORD JESIAS (THE MASTER YESHUA) studied prior to beginning HIS famous historic Ministry Work throughout Palestine back in the Summer of 2019, while teaching these Nazarene Essene Teachings of Eternal Love of THE LORD CHRIST at The Living Waters Truth Centre, my Nazarene lead Spiritual Retreat Centre and Bed and Breakfast since I was Commanded to move to Glastonbury by dear LORD YESHUA THE MESSIANIC CHRIST SON of GOD back in 2012. Prior to that, these Solar Universal CHRIST TEACHINGS were taught at my Spiritual Healing Firebird Medicine Lodge Retreat Centres in Liss, Hampshire from 1986, from The Eagle Star Healing Centre, my Spiritual Retreat and Healing Centre in Beguildy, Powys, up in the Welsh Mountains of mid-Wales from 1996, and from 2001 at Downton-on-the-Rock, in Herefordshire.

Following a professional career as a Nurse in the acute sector in various hospitals around Great Britain, a highly-skilled Complementary Therapist, and as a Native American trained Spiritual Medicine Woman, LORD YESHUA walked into my Advanced Meditation Group one evening in the Spring of 2012 and informed me that this was my last monthly Meditation Group Session. I was moving to Glastonbury tomorrow on HIS behalf! HE was serious ~ I had work to do there on HIS behalf ~ and my feet have never touched the ground running ever since!

HE led me to a house sited upon the Wearyall Hill Ridge, where HE walked as a teenager with HIS Great-Uncle St. JOSEPHUS THE ARIMATHEAN, and again as a young Man alone, and having spent six months renovating it, just as the builders were leaving, YESHUA shouted to me, “Don’t let them leave! I need them to build my new TEMPLE now!”, and it turned out that HE was deadly serious!

Having been recommended a good Architect, the footings were dug out on the 12.12.12 and the new Altar and Windows aligned with the sun for it on the 21.12.12, the first day of the new 26,000-year-old Planetary cycle. It was officially privately opened and blessed on the 21.6.14, in the immediate presence of LORD JEHOVAH THE HEAVENLY FATHER, QUEEN AURORA THE EARTHLY MOTHER, and LORD JESIAS (LORD YESHUA), the MESSIANIC SON, with an international gathering from every continent of the World of my ever-growing Nazarene Holy Order and the rest is history. It was named the Nazarean Essene ‘JESIAS Temple of The Silver Rose’.

From 8-5 Million years ago, existed Twelve Great Solar Light Temples of CHRIST with attached Divine Schools of Astrogenic Wisdom, where Their Initiates would very willingly attend to study 24 hours a day. 12 hours in the Spiritual Trance state being taught directly by CHRIST and 12 hours a day being taught by a specific Temple attached GREAT SOLAR LORD of LIGHT DIVINE of GOD’S ALL-RULING HEAVENLY COUNCIL; the days being much longer then in that time of our former, far more Heavenly evolved existence than now.

Since the last 26,000-year-old Planetary Cycle has now been completed, we are no longer on the cusp of the NEW GOLDEN-SILVER AGE of the LORD CHRIST, working as Spiritual Light-Workers towards the LIGHT, we are now IN IT! A few short years ago here in Glastonbury, I was asked to re-open the scroll that my Soul-half The Prophet DANIEL had been instructed by GOD to keep sealed, until the time of what is currently known as 2The End Times”. This I did as Commanded by THE LORD CHRIST and as a result, opened a ‘HEAVENLY DOOR within the VEIL of GOD’, to usher in the new APOCALYPTIC TEACHINGS of WISDOM from the HEAVENLY SOLAR PLANES of CHRIST. These have been flowing in to me almost daily ever since from these great SOLAR LORDS, ELOHIM, ARCHANGELS, SERAPHS, FIREBIRDS and ABOVE in the SOLAR, MESSIANIC and CHRISTED REALMS of existence ever since, whatever name you know THEM by, and as you are aware already, I have been sharing with you, what comes through from THEM, the HIERARCHY of HEAVEN in posts on my Nazarean Essene Website and Facebook pages of Love and Light for all these years now and now in Solar Books of intense Divine Historic Truths of GOD.

As I said, on this Monday just gone of this week, at Noontime, on the 21st. April, 2020, a great ‘DOORWAY’ opened from THE LORD CHRIST’S REALM down through the ROOF of The JESIAS Temple of The Silver Rose, here in LORD YESHUA’S dedicated Solar Light Temple, the first to be built specifically in the World in the last 2,000 years, since our MASTER YESHUA built HIS OWN one with HIS OWN HANDS personally here in Glastonbury, upon the very site where HIS original SOLAR LIGHT TEMPLE had formerly stood, in the very beginning of this Planets existence.

Glastonbury, is an Inter-Galactic Communication Hub and all those many Millennia old DIVINE COMMUNICATION LIGHT FIBRES needed re-connecting and re-energizing in order to function once again, and then vibrationally attach up with all of the other COMMUNICATING LIGHT STRANDS of LOVE and DIVINE GRACE throughout CHRIST’S TWELVE UNIVERSES of HIS many, many, countless WORLDS of CREATION and SOLAR PLANES of THE MORNING STAR of GOD. This was completed by myself in accord with these GREAT SOLAR LORDS of ALL CREATION shortly after the new JESIAS Temple here in Avalon was opened, with numerous other requests made of me, i.e. Re-Opening and re-activating THE HOLY GRAIL with THEIR incredibly powerful assistance, etc. As a result, the new CHRIST SOLAR TEACHINGS to spearhead this newly income GOLDEN-SILVER AGE of DIVINE LIGHT, LOVE and LIFE, have been flooding in to THEIR MAGDALENE, THE LORD CHRIST’S fairly recently newly appointed ‘MESSENGER of GOD’ for Humanity to now openly receive, in order to actively ‘Wake Them Up’ even more Consciously and fast track their ‘Spiritual Evolution’ into the ‘Ways of DIVINE UNITY, LIGHT and PEACE’.

These ALMIGHTY GREAT SOLAR LORDS of the UNIVERSES of THE ROUND TABLE of GOD, upon which LORD JESIAS/ THE MASTER YESHUA our LORD, the legendary KING ARTHURE and St. FRANCIS and St, CLARE of ASSISI emulated THEIR lives work upon, and our HEAVENLY TEACHERS of old, are as ALIVE, as ACTIVELY POWERFUL and as DIVINELY WILLING to TEACH us all, those pre-Adamic Solar Temple Light Teachings as of old, before we fell from GRACE and took on a more solid physical form. THE LORD CHRIST has -Re-Opened that HEAVENLY DOOR that lies between the WORLDS for these PURE SOLAR CHRIST TEACHINGS to flow once again as of old, in a far greater capacity, than in the past nearly six million years. We chose specifically to re-incarnate at this time, in order to openly RECEIVE, THEM, so we might be of SERVICE once again to LOVE up ABOVE, BELOW, WITHIN and ALL AROUND US as Nazarene’s of LORD YESHUA THE UNIVERSAL PRINCE of PEACE.

Since the NEW JERUSALEM descended out of HEAVEN as long prophesied, in the early hours of Saturday, 18th. January, 2020, a separation has taken place within all of GOD’S many differing Nations of Humanity into two groups.

1). Those that OBEY HIS HOLY Laws

2). and those that DON’T.

GOD has decreed, that all that HE-SHE has NOT MADE also within our World, will now systematically be REMOVED! Only LOVE, LIGHT, DIVINE WISDOM and HEART-FELT PEACE will be permitted to REMAIN here now henceforth. As a result, these newly incoming, formerly known and long forgotten by Mankind, ancient SOLAR CHRIST TEACHINGS and NEW ONES besides, are now being ‘DIVINELY CHANNELLED back to CHRIST’S MAGDALENE’, to re-manifest, these HEAVENLY ATTRIBUTES of the CHRISTED ONES UPON HIGH back into the Conscious Minds of Men as of old in our then HIGHLY ADORED and DEEPLY REVERED SOLAR TEMPLES of LIGHT, LOVE and WISDOM.

CHRIST told me last Monday, that I have another massive download coming in a few days time, regarding my instructions as to where HE-SHE is going to COMMAND me to lead HIS-HER LAWFULLY and RIGHTEOUSLY ATTENTIVE ever-growing NAZAREAN ESSENE now international Community to in the coming days, weeks, months and years ahead to. CHRIST is very excited at this very NEW BEGINNING and SOLAR VENTURE regarding the SPIRITUAL RE-EVOLVEMENT in the history of our present-day and future DIVINE EVOLUTION and HIS-HER excitement is now palpable! We Nazarene’s, live in exciting times, those that have foregone so much during this present Life, in order that we might LIVE NOW as ONE with our HEAVENLY CREATOR GOD ~ ETERNALLY in PEACE, SWEET PEACE!

As a result, the five different aspects of my Nazarean Essene Solar Teaching Work have been amalgamated by the LORD CHRIST into ONE name!

1). The Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel, Israel.

2). The ARTHURIAN Nazarean Essene School of Wisdom in former Tintagara/ Tintagel in Dumnonia/ Cornwall,

3). The Red Star Fourth Jaboucas Nation Nazarean Essene Teachings of the Native American Indians of North America,

4). The Egyptian Nazarean Essene Teachings of the Pharaoh AMENHOTEP IV/ AKHANATEN,

5). And the HOLY CHRIST Nazarean Essene Teachings of THE ORDER of THE GRAIL/ GRAAL here in Glastonbury, of which I am a Solar Guardian of in the Heavenly Realms ABOVE and BELOW for CHRIST. All four of these different aspects of my Nazarean Ministry Work for CHRIST, are all now to amalgamated under the new DIVINELY ORDERED new name of THE CHRIST ROSE SANCTUARY for THE LORD CHRIST LORD YAHWEH to COMMAND and DIRECT as HE-SHE so DIRECTS. Although I have been ‘Channelling CHRIST Teachings’ since I was but 5 years of age, what is about to come forth NOW, in the FUTURE, is going to take us all up to a whole NEW LEVEL of BEING and I can literally FEEL the great EXCITEMENT within the MIGHTY SOLAR PLANES of what is now starting to be returned BACK to us that was so very, very, precious and held so INCREDIBLY SACRED to our LIVES, prior to the terrible Fall of what we now know of as the SECOND AGE of ATLANTIS.

These new SOLAR LORD TEACHINGS, some old and some NEW as I have already stated, are going to fast-track our transition from the dense Carbon, to the exquisitely sweet and highly Spiritually reflective Crystalline Bodies that we need, in order to pass through the much higher vibrationing protective Walls into the new Fifth Dimension, as ‘I AM THE CHRIST SON’ promised us of this Nazarene Order would do if we remained TRUE to HIS HOLY LAWS of LOVE and LIFE last Summer. The Fifth Dimension is exquisitely BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT, unlike the intense mess that we as a race have done to desecrate the BODY of our BEAUTIFUL ALL CARING EARTHLY MOTHER here in this our current Dimension of Grace. As LORD MOSHEH/ MOSES lead the Israelites out of Satanic Egypt some 4,000 years ago now to the Promised Land of GOD, so through these newly to be DIVINELY GIFTED new SOLAR TEACHINGS, those of our Essene Community that haven’t already made that jump into our greater World of Joy and Loving Bliss, will be helped through CHRISTS ever-flowing GREAT LOVE for HIS LAWFUL OBEDIENT SONS and DAUGHTERS, to make that transition faster now, into their greater GOODNESS and DEEPLY HEART-FELT PEACE.

These new Solar Teachings of Love, Light and Grace, I am going to place within this newly ordered CHRIST ROSE SANCTUARY Facebook page, as we are now literally entering into a NEW WORLD of HOLY CHRISTED ADORNMENT by GOD. Please go to this link to learn more of this new Facebook Nazarene Private Group. Many thanks. THE CHRIST ROSE SANCTUARY. NAZAREAN ESSENE of AVALON for further higher teachings of our Order of THE LORD CHRIST.

Peace be unto you ALL and WELL DONE, for having MADE IT to this place in our SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION NOW.

In Light Everlasting,

Rev.d Sister Dominic, The Magdalene and Messenger of GOD.