Prostrations ~ 31st. December, 2019

This was sent to me by my old friend Tim in Kathmandu tonight. I thought it was worth sharing with you all and when you have done all of these, we can start to say a prayer for ourselves.
How to start 2020
Prostrate to the mountains, they are taller than you,
Prostrate to the ocean ,it is deeper than you,
Prostrate to the sky, it is vaster than you,
Prostrate to the river, it is more flowing than you,
Prostrate to the wind, it is more free than you,
Prostrate to the child, it is more innocent than you.
Prostrate to the Earth and find your place again.
Prostrate to Love and restore your heart’s fire.
Prostrate to intelligence, you are not so smart.
Prostrate to kindness maybe some comes your way.
Prostrate sincerely whilst feeling remorse.
Prostrate to accept the way that things are.
Prostrate yourself and forgive them all.
Prostrate in reverence to the Supreme and the Sacred.
Prostrate to the past for having you in it,
Prostrate to the future that all might be well,
Prostrate in the present, this now, where you can.
Prostrate to your mother for giving you life,
Prostrate to your father for the gift of his seed.
Prostrate to your ancestors then fight for the Planet.
Prostrate to the beggar and his sovereign heart.
Prostrate to the enlightened and ask for their help.
Prostrate yourself and relinquish your ego.
Prostrate from your heart, finding humility.
Prostrate to those beings greater than you.
Prostrate to Life and admit defeat.
Prostrate to the Plan, thy will be done.
Prostrate to your beloved so they may appear as divine.
Prostrate to awake on the Noble Path.
Prostrate as a way to put your burden down.
Prostrate to gain merit to freely share.
Prostrate in deep gratitude for your amazing life.
Prostrate to acknowledge the mistakes you have made.
Prostrate and humbly ask for help.
Prostrate and bow down, make space for the grace.
Prostrate to the gods for their special favours,
Prostrate to gain access to the mystery of gnosis.
Prostrate to ascend to the crown and the glory.
Prostrate to the goddess that she might answer your call.
Prostrate in the knowing that everything passes.
Prostrate even once it could last forever.
Prostrate into the profound truth of no self.
Prostrate to the LIght, the Awareness that’s you.
(this post was inspired by my friend Frank who is at the Stupa making prostrations)

A Two Pound Coin, the Price of a Man’s Life ~ 23rd. December, 2019

Two Pound Coin

I had to go into town to collect an item for a friend, parked the car, grabbed my rucksack and set off towards the High Street. As I crossed the road, there was a homeless Indian Man sat there on his bedroll leaning against a very cold black iron painted lampstand. Over the former few days, we had suffered some pretty abysmal Winter weather conditions, from freezing fog to hail, to snow and now freezing rain. All he had in the world were three possessions. A soaking wet sleeping bag that he had wrapped around himself to try and stay warm, a little piece of brown cardboard propped up against his leg saying in bad English, “Hapy Chistmas”, and a white plastic drinking cup in his hand containing four twenty pence silver coins. It was 3 p.m. in the afternoon and the day had about an hours sunlight left for the day. You could see he was quite literally frozen through to the heart’s core and was starting to suffer badly from it.

The High Street was hustling and bustling with last minute Christmas shoppers trying to snatch up a last minute Christmas bargain in the 50-70% discount pre-Christmas sales that were adorning many of the shops trying to boost their profits before the festive break and people were just rushing passed this poor man as if he was invisible to their sight in his great hour of person need.

I had left my handbag at home with going on this Christmas errand and guiltily started to walk passed the poor man like the rest, as all I had with me was my empty rucksack. The man’s expression looked like he had really reached the end of his rope and I couldn’t think what I could do to ease his bad plight in that given moment, and walked passed I did. I had taken about four steps passed him sat there and then it happened. I was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He let go! I literally felt his heart’s soul break in that moment. I spun around in shock and dismay for this man’s sorry plight and started rooting around in all of the pockets of my empty rucksack and there from nowhere, I found a single £2.00 coin. I have no idea where that coin came from, both then and yet still now, it had to be manna sent from Heaven to me. I popped the coin straight into his white plastic drinking cup and gave him a warm smile. He was so frozen through, he couldn’t respond in any way to me back and just stared blankly at my face. I knew from his auric field that he wasn’t a drug abuser or alcoholic, that he was there from other misfortune in life that had hit him and brought him down so dramatically to this state or near death.

I had to depart at this time to go and complete my errand and when I returned, the man had disappeared, leaving his few possessions leaning against the lamp post. I guess that he went to get something to eat or a hot drink. That £2.00 coin, that most people would just flitter away on a Euro Millions Lottery ticket every week, was the equivalent to four large loaves of bread to him and enough to keep him alive for four weeks!

At 10:00 p.m. that night, I was suddenly made aware of that same man again that GOD had helped me to help earlier on during the afternoon, and I suddenly felt his Soul Smile! Whatever he had spent that £2:80 on after I had departed from him had given him the will to LIVE BACK!

Just stopping and spending a few minutes rooting through the seemingly empty pockets of my rucksack gave that man the best Christmas present that man had ever had, the GIFT of LIFE BACK ~ the LIFE of CHRIST’S SPIRIT back into HIS HEART and WARMED HIM THROUGH ~ to think that somebody had STOPPED and just CARED for HIM!

When following THE MASTER YESHUA 2,000 years ago, WE, HIS Disciples were often in that poor mans sorry state. Cold, wet through and hungry. This experience brought back a lot of memories to me of how HARD it was to live endlessly walking from place to place most often without shelter and the heavy toll it took upon US. As LORD YESHUA taught us back then:

“And The King answers and says to them, ‘Amen, I say to you, as much as you have done to one of these my little brothers, you have done that to ME.”

(The Aramaic Bible. New Testament.


Happy Birthday LORD with love eternally from YOUR Migdalah.

The Gospel According to The Apostle MATTHEW 25: 40.)


Christmas Presents
On the afternoon of Sunday, 17th. November, 2019, at 5:10 p.m. G.M.T., I received a message from LORD JESIAS, whom We know as THE MASTER YESHUA, to say that HE was leaving where ever HE was and travelling to meet with me here upon our Earth and to expect HIM at some point, with all the Heavenly Host that accompanies HIM everywhere. I was not permitted to say anything to you all about this visit at this time. I busily prepared everything exactly the way that I know that HE likes things to be done in the Temple and excitedly waited for HIS arrival.When Midnight arrived, I went to bed and left the beautiful Angel of the Temple here in command in case HE arrived whilst I was sleeping and sure enough HE did.
At 3:00 a.m. on the Monday Morning, HE arrived and my Temple Angel made HIM most cordially welcome. It made Her day, it really did, receiving THE SON of GOD into Her immediate presence here in sacred Glastonbury of the Heart, and Her own Temple’s pride and joy to visit within. HE stayed for a while communing with Her and then left.
HE returned to join us both during our Noonday Holy Communions time and radiating just pure Divine Love, Light, Peace and Joy as HE almost always does, as HE looked around the Temple said, “Re-entering into this Temple took ME straight back to all the happy memories of the Galilee!” HE then continued, “You are truly a WARRIOR of MY LIFE and TEACHER of HEAVEN UP ABOVE and BENEATH and ALL CHRISTENDOM! Full MASTERSHIP I AWARD her NOW and PEACE be her from this day forth. Oh happy day! I award MY Magdalene her CROWN of GODHOOD and PEACE EXTREME. All Diamonds and Pearls and JEWELS of CHRISTENDOM! It is simply EXQUISITE like NO OTHER, I have ever PRODUCED of Man or ALIEN for that matter!
I am come to her house this Dawn. Your Angel had PROVIDED ALL I REQUIRED while you slept, and I was WITH in her PEACE in her PLACE.
A glass of Champagne you are allowed not (against HOLY LAW to drink of any alcoholic drink), but symbolically I GIVE. You complete this NIGHT! I literally clap for JOY that MY Magdalene is BACK I cry all over the Worlds of LIGHT and LORD ARHURA of OFF the PLANET with GLEE and DANCING the place. HE is BEYOND HAPPINESS in MY extreme of BLISS. Your Journey is COMPLETE!
Your Temple is just PEACEFUL to MY sight. your Temple was just BLISS and it took ME back to the GALILEE of MY Heart and Love. I, was a Light BRIGHT as you never SAW and yet MAGNIFIED herself to this TODAY as gets, and you walk with the ANGELS of GOD in HEAVEN. LOOK at what said this MORNING, by the Angel of PEACE? SHE spoke DIRECT to you! THAT is how FAR you have come FORTH and I ADORE! The route you TOOK, was full of HORROR I KNOW but her True Friends, LITERALLY CARRIED her FORTH, and I am GLAD.”
YOU asked me walk in the tough footsteps of JOB to test me LORD! I didn’t have a choice!
“EL-MORYA he was and you KNOW HIM as a friend and worship in a respect!”
LORD JESIAS then bade HIS fond goodbyes and departed to walk around the rest of this Earth. Prior to HIS leaving, I asked HIM how long HE was planning on being here for and HE replied, “It’s not fully decided yet, but probably around four months. I have come to re-teach MORAL LAW!”
Within 24 hours HE was back within the Temple looking very shell shocked and vibrationally atraumatised from what HE had witnessed taking place everywhere and said that very sadly that HE had to depart. The Earth was worse now than Babylon was when GOD destroyed it and HIS incredibly gentle Heavenly Spirit in all its utter PERFECTION could BARE it any longer. HE thoroughly congratulated all of our Nazarean Essene Order for their great resilience to carry on Living within HIS Taught HOLY LAWS of GOD despite the un-lawful chaos and din that has been permitted by the GODLESS into our beautiful World. Before HE left, having quietened HIMSELF down again within the deep Peace of the Meditation Temple here, HE bestowed other Heavenly Gifts to all of our Community members except for three, who in HIS mind were taking our teachings and practices seriously enough. Some of these included a Heavenly Knighthood, very commanding Hand created Amethyst Jewelled Six-pointed Starred Brooches and exquisite Rose flowers placed by HIM in the Crown and Heart Chakras of our members to name just those that I witnessed personally take place. These early Christmas presents from the real ‘FATHER CHRISTMAS’ are ETERNAL and can’t be stolen or claimed by anyone else, and so many congratulations to everyone that had perfected their HOLY LAW practices of GOD sufficiently WELL this year to have received one from HIM during HIS secret journey around Our Earth. These HEAVENLY TREASURES are ETERNAL to your Souls and WELL DONE EVERYONE that RECEIVED ONE from our BELOVED BIRTHDAY BOY this Christmas time!
Thank you also to ALL MY FRIENDS that have helped me during my life of walking this impossible LIFE PATH that GOD Gifted to me to walk this life around to order to fulfil HIS DIVINE PURPOSE NOW, a story, that has yet to be written one day!

“It came to pass then, when JESUS had heard these words, that HE said:
“Well said, Mary (Magdalene), blessed one, who shalt inherit the whole Light Kingdom.””

(LORD YESHUA Ha MESSIAH’S Prophecy to Me 2,000 Years ago fulfilled. The Pistis Sophia. Chapter 61.)

Peace be unto you all.
The Magdalene of GOD, your Dominic.


Virgin Mary and Angels Painting

THE VIRGIN MOTHER of our LORD YESHUA THE MESSIAH and the only begotten SON of LORD JEHOVAH THE HEAVENLY FATHER (ABBA) and QUEEN AURORA THE EARTHLY MOTHER of GOD (AMMA), whose mystical Solar Birth we celebrate every year upon Christmas Day at this all-sacred time all over the world, (MY very dear friend since the Beginning of Life’s existence), wrote this poem about HER eternal friend ‘The Magdalene’ for me, on Tuesday, 19th. November, 2019, finishing this Solar Inspired Creative Work at 9:17 a.m. G.M.T. SHE gifted it to me a few days ago as a “Thank you” Christmas present, for successfully achieving, against all of the odds, my incredibly difficult Life’s Mission for GOD in this my present Life, that ALL MIGHT LIVE ON. SHE is one of the very few at this time that knows the deadly challenges and intense suffering that I endured during this present life in my Service to LOVE!

One day, I will write my autobiography when I have recovered some more from averting these world cataclysmic dangers (as was prophesied 1,500 years ago in KING ARTHURE’S time whence I lived as HIS only Queen that were set to legend), to ALL that our beloved LORD CHRIST holds SACRED, through what LORD YESHUA HER MESSIANIC SON and HEAVENLY PRINCE of GOD Taught me back in the Galilee and others, such as THE GREAT LORD ARHURA My Solar Father, YESHUA’S Great-Uncle LORD JOSEPHUS THE ARIMATHEAN and other incarnations of HIS known to the World of greatness. As I continue to ‘Spiritually Channel’ these Holy Books in what has become known now as ‘The Magdalene Teaching Series’ of volumes, the next one to be released next Spring sometime, little pieces about my Life and Past Lives has been divulged by the GODHEAD of CHRIST appertaining to subjects referred to written about here in this True Life poem about my Life as ‘The Beloved Companion’ of my LORD YESHUA HER SON.

Following the death of THE VIRGIN MOTHER in France 2,000 years ago, whom I nursed to the end, following HER Ascension, SHE was duly rewarded by GOD for HER exceptional devotion and outstanding care of HIS-HER ROYAL SON of HEAVEN throughout Palestine, the DIVINE OFFICE of a ROYAL QUEENSHIP of HEAVEN, to reign over GOD’S SECOND UNIVERSE of CREATION, of just Women.
I was really touched to receive such a Solar Gift by ONE so TRUE of HEART and LOVE DIVINE, and thought I would share it with you all tonight. This copyrighted poem in Truth, teaches the Spiritual History of my Life and why YOU are all ALIVE TODAY to be ABLE to READ IT NOW!


(Copyright The Virgin Maryam and Rev. Sister Dominic ‘Grace White Star’ © November 2019)

“…Adored, adorned for all her Love and Mettle,
Throughout the ages through war and battle,
She soldiered on, the Spark Divine in her heart,
Burning brightly, that Heavenly Spark, a work of Divine art,
Kept her going through thick and thin ~
Co-redemptress, freeing all with JESIAS of evil and sin ~
She battled silently and her plight ~
Unnoticed by Men, but GOD’S delight ~
Earnt her great merit, filled GOD with Joy and Grace,
As HIS beloved Maitreya the Human race
In her heart of hearts did embrace.
She fought hard and battled long,
The Love for her MASTER YESHUA, her song ~
To HIM her whole Being always to belong!
And always together THEY shall be,
Proclaimed in Heaven and Earth for all to see,
She played her part and played it well,
The GODHEAD with Joy does swell
At the mention of her blessed name,
Her Loving and Healing Being, won Heaven the game.
The battle waged by S…..h and Sons,
The war that for aeons runs ~
Is NOW at this moment ended
And to Hell the Demons are sendeth
To dwell in darkness with no Peace ~
No Joy, no Light, no Love, no release
From the fate they wrought ~
As GOD’S perfect Plans they sought
To disseminate and destroy
With every evil trick to employ
As they battled and waged war
On GOD’S Holy Ones as WE saw.
She, HIS Maitreya battled fiercely and nearly
Got taken, severely shaken,
The ending near ~ S…..h’s last attempts to trap her
He employed every trick in the book
As the GODHEAD her innocence mistook
For S…..h’s trickery made her a traitor ~
But, she was exonerated later!
And made to rise to high heights and beyond,
As the Heavens sing a Joyful Song.
The Maitreya, Wife of GOD and HIS SON ~
The wars she fought and they are WON.
Her crown awaits in the Heaven’s above,
Her Bravery, her Mettle, her Courage, her Love ~
Are and shall be remembered forevermore ~
Her blessed feet all shall adore
As she walks the Earth, although of Heaven
Embracing all of GOD’S Creation and Humanity,
In Love, Peace, Joy and Humility,
The wife of GOD walks upon the ground
And her feet make a Holy Sound.
I am her student, she’s MY Teacher and friend ~
I shall Love and Respect Her always till the end.
A gift to US to cherish and treasure,
A present of Joy beyond any measure.
May WE always remember and never forget,
What Maitreya of GOD has now set,
Forth the PATH for the coming of CHRIST THE LORD,
The end of all battles, wars, knives and swords ~
A new Beginning HE comes to procure
A new World Order, Peace, Love, Light to secure
To live on a new Heaven and Earth forever,
Free of evil, anguish, pain, suffering never ~
Always in the midst of Love Divine,
Will the Children of THE LORD now dine.
Forget the past agony
And join Heaven’s VICTORY!

“Thank you” my dear friend for this. Peace be with YOU also!

My Friend 10th. Lama Ahbay Tulku Jigme Thupten Tendar Rinpoche Returns Back to Glastonbury ~ 10th.-12th. July, 2019

It was a pleasure and deep honour to welcome 10th. Geshe Ahbay Tulku Tendar Rinpoche, back to Glastonbury from the 10th-12th. July last week in order for us to receive high Tibetan Teachings and Blessings once again and to help him to prepare this altar and personal precious spiritual things for his very interesting lectures. I have experienced the resonance of these Teachings and Blessings through Rinpoche’s presence on several occasions now since 2018 and always find them amusingly taught and spiritually powerful.

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was born in Darjeeling/India.. In the Tibetan calendar, the day of his birth is known as ‘The Auspicious Day with Ten Good Omens’.

When Abhay was 6 years old the venerable Geshe Khenrab Choedak of Hardong Khamtsen became Abhay’s religious master and he began to learn to write and read Tibetan and to study Buddhist metaphysics according to the tradition.

When he was nine years old he was fully initiated into monkhood and the tutor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Khabche Ling Rinpoche gave him the name Thupten Tendar. When he was twelve, His Holiness the Dalai Lama identified him as the reincarnation of the hermit Lama Lobsang Tenzin.

Abhay Rinpoche is now Professor of Tibetan Philosophy and brings us the essence of the very highest of Tibetan Buddhist Teachings and Blessings.

He taught on the subjects of ‘The Peaceful Mind and the Healing Medicine Buddha’, performed ‘The Green and White Tara Ceremonies’, spoke about ‘The Tibetan View of Dying’, the ’21 Tara Puja Blessing Ceremony’, and ‘How to Reduce Anger and Hatred’, with a Heart Sutra Puja. It was a very pleasant surprise to see Lord Gautama Buddha walk into the room followed by about 30 Buddhist Monks in the Spirit World to gift the healing blessings that Lama Abhay had invoked during his prayers and mantras on everybody’s behalf, myself included. He also gifted me a spiritual protection prayer blessing necklace as a gift that he had been wearing himself as a lovely surprise personal gift.

I have already arranged to meet up with him again to help him next year on his next World Tour and he has invited my friends Samhi and David that run the Positive Living group in town and I out to Southern India in 2121 to celebrate with him the opening of his new monastery. He is now on his way to San Francisco for the next stage of his tour.

It was lovely catching up with him again.

Never Give Up Hope When Life Leaves You Physically Paralysed!

On the 4th. August, 1998, I went to work as usual as a Night Sister on my ward at that time, as I had done throughout my varied 25 year Nursing career without thinking anything about it. It was just a routine I had at that time in my life. Little did I know that it was to become my last Nursing shift EVER! I was assaulted by one of my patients, that left me three cracked vertebrae, 3 slipped discs, a fractured pelvis, one leg 3″ shorter than the other where the head of the femur bone was driven up into the abdominal cavity, and internal abdominal bleeding!

It left me paralysed from T-12 down of my spine and my consultant orthopaedic surgeon told me that I would never walk again and spend the rest of my life in bed in a care home! I had just moved house three weeks before following the completion of my divorce, my house was in removal boxes still, I hadn’t found a new G.P. yet and my two sons were about to start at university 2 weeks later away from home! You can imagine how that diagnosis went down! Just to throw into the mix, I had two cats at the time that we all adored also! As a result, I told him where to shove his diagnosis (especially having worked with them so intimately for so many years and knowing the mistakes that they make sadly too frequently!) and set about using my in-depth medical, complementary and Native American Indian Medicine knowledge to sort myself out! There was nothing the N.H.S. could do for me ~ they had written me OFF! I was only 43 as well! I was not impressed!

It was a long, at times excruciatingly painful road, but I eventually got the feeling back in my lower chest and legs. I taught myself to walk again. I obtained a 4-year college diploma in numerous Complementary Medicines and Counselling and as a result, very painful as it was, I received 1-2 free complementary healing treatments from trainee therapists practicing on me! After all, I couldn’t afford any self-healing treatments on the £50.00 a week the D.H.S.S. gave me. You can’t even live on it! But my plan worked. After 2 years, I could stand of a sort for short periods and managed to get my practical exams done later than everybody else!

With my combined Native American Medicine instructions to me from Grandfather Whitewolf my Chippewa Medicine Man Teacher, my knowledge of Crystal Healing, traditional Herbs and Aromatherapy Oils, Chiropractic by the bucket full, and other healing techniques I discovered along the way, I can now stand up comfortably and happy say, “Yesterday was my first completely pain free day in the last 21 years!” Yippee! I DID IT!

The Nazareans have always been known as the “Therapeutae” like the Ebionite Essenes of Egypt and walking strictly in the Teaching and Healing Way that LORD YESHUA taught me 2,000 years ago WORKED this MIRACLE for me NOW in MY LIFE in 2019. HIS Divine Teachings are TIMELESS and older than this Planet and so if you are struggling with Paralysis, suffering or pain, don’t GIVE UP! Follow MY MASTER YESHUA ~OUR UNIVERSAL MASTER of all MASTERS ~ for HE knows what HE’S TEACHING both back THEN in Palestine and still NOW! just open your Hearts to HIM in Prayer, recite the Prayers, the Nazarean Essene Holy Communion Prayers strictly as HE taught Us, while practicing HIS daily practices, and watch your life come back TOGETHER AGAIN and be HEALED in HIS LOVE! I am the living proof today of the DIVINE HEALING POWER that HE wielded two millennia ago. I have got my LIFE BACK! If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO. Doctor’s aren’t always right. LORD YESHUA IS!

NEVER let ANYBODY tell YOU that You can’t DO SOMETHING!

The Orthodox Jews 2,000 years ago and the Christians since have stated that Mary Magdalene, a mear Woman, wasn’t fit to teach!
As St. Clare of Assisi, everybody told me (apart from Francesco) that a woman of noble birth couldn’t live the Life of ‘Lady Poverty.’ I did!
As St. Joan of Arc, I was told that a mear slip of a girl, an uneducated peasant girl at that couldn’t end the 100 years English-French war and lead the Armagnac Army against the English and Burgundians. I did for 3 years and won through LORD MIKAAL and my ‘Voices from Heaven.’
As St. Bernadette of Lourdes, the people told me I was mad because I spoke to people in the Spirit Realm and what They told me manifested before their very eyes!

YOU are a PART of GOD and there is NOTHING that GOD CANNOT DO as long as you have FAITH and BELIEVE IT CAN HAPPEN!

“YESHUA said to them, “Because of your unbelief, for amen, I say to you, that if you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you may say to this mountain, ‘Move from here’, and it will move, and nothing will be difficult for you”.

(The Aramaic Bible. St. Matthew 17: 20.)

If we moved a few more mountains, we could END SUFFERING in this World!

Peace be with you ALL! Shalom!
The Magdalene