The Second Anniversary JESIAS Temple of the Silver Rose Thanksgiving Celebration & Garden Party

20160618_133336 (1)

The Second Anniversary JESIAS Temple of the Silver Rose, Glastonbury, Somerset, U.K. Thanksgiving Celebration & Garden Party 18th. June, 2016


The Angels of Air, Sun and Water were really looking out for us today. After a week of terential rain and dark heavy grey skies, the sun came out to bless us for the day for our Second Anniversary Temple Thanksgiving Ceremony and Vegan Potluck Garden Party afterwards.

Having performed our usual traditional foot washing ceremony before starting our day of coming back together and celebration from the many different parts of our beautiful World, we all came together to hold hands around the central Altar in the Temple. As we did this, I was given the most beautiful vision of a fully opened double Rose flower as big as the roof of the Temple covering the whole of the Temple building itself. It was breathtaking. It was named The JESIAS Temple of the Silver Rose on its opening day in the beginning and now it had been created in the etheric Spiritual Realms as well. What a gift. Then it got better. As I started to address all those gathered there, the Temple became surrounded by a complete circle of exquisite Angels about twenty feet tall of pure Divine Light standing with Their Wings to the Temple protecting the very high Spirit Light Energy within the building. Then it appeared like all of the Heaven Worlds joined us, lead by I AM/ EIN SOF, LORD JEHOVAH/ABBA and LORD JESIAS/YESHUA Ha MASSIACH/JESUS, and the energy in the room became palably electric and blissfully peaceful. So much so, none of us wanted to leave the Temple at the end of the Thanksgiving Ceremony!

This we managed to do eventually, after more visions received by those of our Community attending from GOD and enjoyed a very happy afternoon catching up on recent events and news of other members that couldn’t make it on the day to join us. Thank you to everybody that brought food along to share on the day and thank you again to Jose for all your fabulous cordon bleu food also. It was all delicious and well received by all.

We send love to all that couldn’t make it on the day for one reason or another i.e. car break downs, sick relatives to take care of etc., but we look forward to meeting up with you all again soon and have a Happy Summer Solstice everybody with DIVINE MOTHERS the Angel of Sun!

Peace be with you all.

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