The Austrian Nazarean Essene Groups are Flourishing. Wonderful!

I had a wonderful time re-connecting back to my Austrian Essene friends in Upper Austria over the Easter period and made many new friends from all over Austria during my stay. I found the Austrian dialects in the two areas that I was staying very challenging language wise at times, but was re-assured by Norbert telling me that even he can’t understand some of the dialects in his area and he has grown up in the area and lived there all of his life! That made me feel better. Two lovely Austrian English teachers stepped in to help me with my German GOTT sei danke at times which helped things flow with the Nazarean Essene teachings no end!

I had a wonderful birthday here spent in the foothills of a very cold Austria today. For breakfast, I woke up to be given a heart-shaped chocolate birthday cake with one birthday candle on and was gifted the most beautifully perfumed large flowered long stemmed creamy pale yellow rose. For lunch, I was surprised to have my favourite meal cooked for me also.


I spent the afternoon at Barbara`s house on the top of a stunning mountain surrounded by carpets of wild Alpine flowers overlooking the snow capped Alps and forests with lovely Essene friends and loved ones. A perfect day!



Vielen vielen danke zu aller! Danke schön!

Both workshops went very well and the teachings were loved by everyone, so much so, I have been asked to return as soon as possible to continue on with their Essene teachings. The pure Truth teachings of eternal Divine Love resonated so deeply at soul level with so many of the two groups, that they were reduced to tears of sheer Joy as all the pieces of their lives all started to click together for once, regardless of their ages, and their lives start to make sense. Pure gratitude to GOD and LORD YESHUA for what they received upon their workshops doesn’t even begin to describe what I witnessed take place in their Beings. It was a joy to witness and share in, as I witnessed LORD YESHUA teach the same eternal Truths 2,000 years ago in the Holy Land. Divine Truth never changes. It is the Rock of all life, the unmoved mover that all Humanity has to come to conform to in order to grow and spiritually evolve into our True Selves.


One workshop was a theory based Powerpoint theoretical Nazarean Essene teaching all about the Tree of Life, The Holy Grail and the Nazarean Essene Holy Communions and Archangels, and the other ended up as a practical (by request) pre-Atlantean 8 million year old Nazarean Essene MORNING STAR CHRIST SPIRIT Purification Lodge, that became in modern times, the Native American and Sami Sweatlodge. Something I hadn’t gone prepared to do, but we found some wonderful sweat rocks and everybody shared medicine herbs from their gardens to use in the pre-Adamic ancient ceremony. Everybody loved it and the land received a huge healing afterwards as a result. My Chippewa teacher Grandfather Whitewolf always taught me, “When you go to a place, leave it exactly the same way as you found it, or better if you can.” In other words, don’t leave rubbish all over it as a sign that you have been there. The beloved EARTHLY MOTHER is not for dumping your rubbish all over. She is SACRED! Austrian Alpen Eagles and Hawks blessed us with their presence before both workshops began to announce to me that the CHRIST SPIRIT was with me on both occasions before I started to teach in HIS-HER Name. LORD YESHUA was certainly there in HIS Spirit Body several times and made HIMSELF strongly felt by all present bless HIM.



The Austrians are such loving, kind and open-hearted people, they were just wonderful, opening up their homes and hearts to me, and driving me all over Austria to visit their favorite secret off tourist site sights all over the country, from the Alps, to the foothills of Upper and Lower Austria. They took me to some exquisite places tucked away in the World of MOTHER Nature. Thank you to everybody that gave of their love so unconditionally to me and to the benefit of ALL. Bless you all and I look forward to returning soon to carry on with further Nazarean Essene teachings to both groups as soon as my new book is published internationally now I have returned back to England.





Until we meet again in beautiful Austria, peace be with you all and keep up the teachings and practices of all that LORD YESHUA and I have shared with you.

Walk in Beauty,
Rev. Sister/ Grandmother ‘Dominic White Eagle Star’

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