The Legendary King Arthure Makes the Front Page News of the June 2017 Glastonbury Oracle International Magazine with the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel, U.K. (Avalon)

For probably the first time since 1549 when King Henry VIII plundered the Nazarean Essene treasures from our Order and had burnt down the famous Glastonbury Abbey, this international Essene Order are making headlines again here in Avalon today.

With KING ARTHURE’S new book launch, we have made the front page of The Glastonbury Oracle and got LORD YESHUA back where HE truly belongs, back in full prominence before the World internationally in this famous magazine in this Avalonian town that founded this town originally in the Beginning times of this Planet before It took solid form. About time too! Welcome back LORD! We even have a short article published inside also.


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