KING ARTHURE’S New Autobiographical Spiritually Channelled Book Launch Day on Radio Glastonbury’s Steve Lee Drive Thru Show, 10th. May, 2017

Hi Everybody.

Life has been going at a gallop here since King Arthure’s first edition new book launch and the book seems to be flying off the bookshop shelves from what I have witnessed in town, so I need to go into catch up mode with you all to inform you all of what has been happening here in Avalon, at this Nazarean Essene international Facebook webpage led ecclesia!

Here are the photos of me finally taken on the 10th. May, 2017 during the Steve Lee Drive Thru Show to announce the imminent book launch of King Arthure’s new autobiography.

An MP3 radio station recording of the interview will be uploaded in a few days time. They gave me a complete recording of the second half of the show with lots of music and guest stars speaking on and so I have got a computer expert editing it so you can just listen to the full 25 minutes of the show and not the whole second hour of the program for you to wade your way through, with all your busy lives to contend with for you to listen easily.

Steve was so fascinated in what I was speaking about, he gave me a 25 minute slot instead of my 15 minute pre-arranged time slot on the show to speak. That is the Divine Power that pours through the legendary King Arthure’s words from the Spirit Realms!

Enjoy the Divine Truths of the HOLY GRAIL and of the LORD ARHURA/ KING ARTHURE of Avalon, Wessex and Angleland.

Peace be with you all.
Rev. Sister Dominic

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