A DIVINE CALLING to Visit Glastonbury Abbey Today to Keep a 2,000 Year Old Promise to a Disciple of LORD YESHUA Friend. 25th. September, 2017

Had a really strong impression from Spirit to drop everything at this Nazarean Essene B & B and head down to Glastonbury Abbey last Thursday afternoon.

It was well worth the visit and I re-connected to a lost 2,000 year old manuscript that I have been asked to bring back into our World by a very dear friend at that time. I have been sitting every day since as the pilgrim/ minister tourist trade is starting to slow down a bit now for the year and it is absolutely spell binding to say the least, the information slowly being revealed page by page coming forth. Great! I know what I’LL be doing all this Autumn, Winter and Spring now for GOD! More fun in my free relaxation time! Bring it ON!


I thought Part 2 of King Arthure’s Autobiography was to be the next book to be published for GOD, but now I am starting to wonder. I’ll have to see what instructions I’m given from ‘Upstairs’ in the coming days, weeks and months.

More info later on.

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